Spring is the THING! Enjoy This Street Style Slideshow & Playlist to Celebrate

There you are, springtime!


We did it, you guys. We’re over the hump. In just two more days winter will officially be done.

Two more days after that and these sentences will have to be read in the past tense, and yes, technically we could edit them, but that’s like choosing to leap over an obstacle when you could walk through a door: it’s more dramatic to hop the fence!

It’s also more dramatic to wear a shock of blue over black

Orange slides with a maroon hat

Red socks with a backpack.

(Ok so fine, that’s not that dramatic, but all of the above packs a punch.)

So does wearing a red floral shirt to run errands or grab lunch.

Spring is the season to YOLO-dress — what the hell

To blow up monograms on military jackets

To play: Vetements or DHL?

The weather itself can be confusing, but gingham is always right

Raincoats are always safe

And there’s nothing wrong with wearing white.

In New York City, in the springtime, people start wearing the clothes that they’ve been saving

Like shoes better suited for bare ankles

(But there’s still no point in shaving).

There’s exists the confusion of the in-between, of:

Do I bring a coat or take a risk?

But most opt for shedding layers, well-knowing spring wind can be brisk.

In Manhattan, in the springtime, what’s key is that anything goes:

A puffer coat (how Balenciaga of you), overalls



What are those?

Never mind, they’re my point exactly: anything your heart desires

Be it stripes, houndstooth, baggy, tight, camel, camo, pants or no…

In New York City, in the springtime, whatever sings to you is gold.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • This guy in pic 15 looks a lot like Terry Richardson.

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      It is…

      • Wasn’t quite sure at first, he could also be just an ordinary Texan guy for vacation and the first time in NYC, exploring the city with his extremely annoyed daughter to his right.

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  • I live in Chicago, and really love this city. HOWEVER, seeing pictures of NYC, as well as my visit to it last year (and upcoming one in May) have really been lusting over living in NYC. Never thought that would happen to me. These photos just solidify how much cooler New York is than the Chicago I know, at least.

  • Natty

    and what are the people wearing uptown?

  • Living Paula Blog

    So unique! I love the red socks!

    Paula- http://www.livingpaula.com

  • Senka

    Bath robe as the socially acceptable outerwear idea is an old one, and would actually love to see it become a thing. We need to be comfy, and why not being stylish at it. Also pajama pants as the bottoms, but we sorta agreed on it. Or pajama tops as the acual tops.

  • Don’t forget everyone’s favorite accessory this season–the smartphone.

    (What if they’re looking at ManRepeller on their cell phones in these photos and now they are on ManRepeller and I’m the one standing around phone-in-hand looking at them?)