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Breaking Down the Five Shoes You Need for Spring

Saks has your who, what, where, when and why of footwear nailed for spring


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Contrary to popular belief, this is not a barefoot barbecue! Hell no. This is a shoe-on sort of establishment (do what you will with your shirts). The thing, because it’s spring, is a wardrobe pulling itself in all directions: a blazer for your cold shoulders, shorts for your Vitamin D deficient legs — so what you need are good shoes to ground you.

And let’s make them sandals, because it’s time to show your toes.

So that leaves the question of what strappy sandies you should buy. There’s a world wide web out there pushing “200 spring styles,” which is nice, and I appreciate the effort, except online shopping should be a quick procrastination. Good for you with your 200 shoes but I do not have the time.

If we’re measuring cups of sugar in minutes, I have five. And if you’ve ever taken a journalism class then you know that the only other thing (especially when it comes to feet) are the Five W’s: who, what, where, when and why.


Manolo Blahnik suede peep-toe slingbacks

Who: Anyone who has ever fantasized about having high tea with the queen but fears “yasss” would slip out uncharacteristically upon royal introduction, like accidentally saying “y’all.”

What: Manolo Blahnik suede peep-toe slingbacks.

Where: Hard tea with your friends at an outdoor spot that lets you bring your own spike.

When: The minute you’re ready for cutoff jorts.

Why: They’ll make you feel put together, and no one can fact check that.


Jimmy Choo Halley mixed media lace-up flatform sandals

Who: Anyone who wishes they were a little bit taller, who may already be a baller.

What: Jimmy Choo lace-up platform sandals

Where: The kind of party that behooves you to see at least your friends’ eyebrows as opposed to their kneecaps.

When: Any time you want to wear fitted overalls but don’t want Amber from Clueless to liken you to a farmer.

Why: They’ll confuse those who take overalls literally, perhaps even yourself, and thus will make putting on pants more fun.


Valentino tribe gladiator mask lace-up sandals

Who: Anyone who feels like their most authentic self when dressed like a ballerina on spring break.

What: Valentino leather lace-up sandals.

Where: The Tulum of Russia (yet to be discovered, which means adventure and opportunity!)

When: With calf-length skirts and dresses, sort of like Leandra’s lace ups in this post.

Why: You have an awful lot of questions for someone who is shoe shopping!!


Chloé knotted leather ankle-wrap sandals

Who: Anyone who only brings one pair of shoes with her on vacation.

What: Chloé knotted leather ankle-wrap sandals .

Where: A destination by the water where the restaurants promise either free chips and guacamole, free chips and salsa, free olives or free-falling in love with your hot waiter who owns a vespa.

When: With those sundresses you bought prematurely, or your Bermuda shorts.

Why: Because your feet deserve to be basically naked.


Sergio Rossi Antibes braided metallic leather platform wedge sandals

Who: Anyone channeling Bianca Jagger in a disco.

What: Sergio Rossi metallic platform wedges.

Where: Not a disco, actually, because then you’d seem in-costume. Wear these with cropped, high waist flares. Promise you won’t look 70s because the coloring is nice and Art Deco.

When: You want to wear jeans but still need to look a little dressed up. Just in case a party happens.

Why: Because the definition of “party” is relative. Grab your best friend, a balloon plus these shoes; Instant fête.

As for the how? Uhm. Ok. Step one: make sure you do not have another pair of shoes on your feet. Step two: put your foot in vacant shoe. Step three: lace up, strap on or buckle in. Step four: GO OUTSIDE. It’s spring!

Explore the Saks Spring Shoe Event, #saksstyle; photographed by Krista Anna Lewis with creative direction by Emily Zirimis.


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  • Krista Anna Lewis

    I still wish all of these had been in my size tbh

    • Lauren Stephenson

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  • those Sergio Rossi sandals .. want them!


  • WHAT I WOULD DO for the chloes and the valentinos. anyone wanna make a donation?!

  • High heels don’t have to hurt

    I agree! LOVE those Sergio Rossi! My would look great in them!

  • dk

    I see the Valentinos and Chloes and think “Who has the time to put that thing on?”. I also think – summer heat – feet gets swollen – ouch. Pretty yes, but no thank you. Also, agree with the others – the Sergio Rossis are great

  • I’m so into thick heels. Those Chloé shoes are calling my name.


  • Anya van Wyk

    The Manolo Blahniks are calling me name!

  • chouette

    ugh can we get some outfits for these miserable high-40s days that are plaguing us? wanttowearsandalssobadddd

  • Jessica H

    I would love to see something about what you guys are coveting for spring/summer and what your must-haves are.

  • Karenkluge

    Love all, except Valentino lace- ups sandals.