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Sandals as the Quintessential White Tee for Your Feet

When I say “accessorize,” you say, “party!”


In partnership with Sam Edelman

Let’s take your white tee into consideration for a moment:

Beyond a swimsuit, a pair of shorts (although who cares if you forget those: free the butt cheeks) and some sunscreen, that white tee is the only thing you need to pack for a summer weekend away.

— If you need a minute here to pause because you’re still feeling the windburn of winter, I totally understand. It’s just that I literally can’t talk about sweaters anymore and need to start pretending it’s June. Denial can be healthy; my kind of Vitamin D.

Now, shall we?

Back to that tiny hypothetical summer suitcase, because I know Leandra’s warped your brains into the idea that life belongings can and should be packed into a paper bag: a white tee is well and good as far as outfits go but the stress, at least for me, lingers at the feet.

Because how many 8 billion pairs of shoes exist in this world that go with said white tee and short jeans?!

So first, I propose we make this easy. One pair of sandals. A pair that says, “I’m laid-back. I’m easy. Free the butt cheeks, free the nipples, free the feet!


Gigi Sandals by Sam Edelman

Let’s go with these ^. See? You’re a tropical exhibitionist already.

Like the white tee, the quintessential sandal is versatile. (Unlike the white tee, however, there’s no risk of yellow pit stains.) There’s room to accessorize with scarves, baubles, bingles and bangles…


And trees!


Or whatever you call these. Flowers? Is that what those are…ah! I see.

Let your sandals be the vehicles that carry delicious dip toward your mouth. (Only instead of dip to your mouth you’re carrying you to your destination.) They’re walkable canvases that beg to be painted on. Played with. Skipped in.

In an ideal world shoes wouldn’t even be required, but safety comes first. Accessorizing, second. Hence: sandals as a necessity. Now raise your hands if you’re ready for summer.


*And sorry, when I said hands, I meant feet.

In partnership with Sam Edelman Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis, creative direction by Elizabeth Tamkin and Emily Zirmis, modeled by Elizabeth Tamkin and Mekdela Maskal.


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  • Amelia Diamond

    Stickers on my feet, stickers on my feet, hi-ho the sandal-o, stickers on my feet. EVERYBODY!

    • Catherine Gans

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  • Damn it, now I’m totally suckered in to Sam Edelman’s website!!! There goes my lunch break, GUYS!

  • Love these pictures, and love the post!!

  • Charlotte Dallin

    Despo for summer now so I can tie a silk scarf around my ankle.


    That white gal (is that racist?) has ugly feet. Bad model for sandals.

  • @KAREN: Free the UGLY feet?