Five Cool Ways to Dress as Informed by Paris

Just in time for the rainy week ahead!


Trend recaps are cool — sure. But sometimes they can feel somewhat alienating. Not because we don’t “get” them, but rather because we don’t like them. Or find them all that beneficial for our multifarious body types. This is probably true of stories that lean on personal style, too. Just because I like the way a bikini top looks styled over a t-shirt means exactly nothing about how you might feel about a bikini top styled over a shirt and yet, these conversations tend to resonate better. Because they feel more makeshift, like they allow more flexible borders for you to take what you like and leave what you don’t. Trends feel so stringent, you know? Like chalk to a board: important in context but useless everywhere else.

Not sure if I lost you with that one, I’m confused too, so let’s move on.

Here are five cool ways to consider getting dressed as holistically informed by Paris Fashion Week: the shows, the street style, the clothes, the energy.

Shall we? Ok!

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1. Consider the awkwardly exposed sliver of skin. Try wearing a cropped jacket with low slung pants, as demonstrated at Sonia Rykiel.

(by Style du Monde)

Or! Look to street style for an array of instances wherein flat ankle boots are paired with cropped pants and this weird inch of shin is showing between the two. I don’t know it feels right, but it does. So try it! Or don’t. They’re your legs.

(by J'ai Perdu Ma Veste)

2. Wear a slip dress over a knit. There were lots of slip dresses shown for Fall, too, but because it is inappropriate to wear a light sheath with nothing under it, they were shown with lightweight long sleeve knits beneath them. This unusually did not give them a 90s edge and as a matter of fact felt quite fresh, so maybe we should try it. I’d add a pair of ankle boots, too, to approximate the aforementioned awkward sliver of shin.

(by Tyler Joe for Elle)

3. All hail the puffer coat! And it’s early enough to get a head start at like, Uniqlo or L.L. Bean. I will show you how to wear them! (With loafers and A-line mini skirts, or conversely with jeans and heels.)

(by Style du Monde)

4. Shin length skirts. This one is similar to the slip dress, but sometimes you just want to know that you can divorce item A from item B. Booties and awkward, exposed shin still apply.

(by J'ai Perdu Ma Veste)

5. So much patent leather. Or pleather! Fun fact about Rosie Assoulin: she owns a pair of fire-engine red pleather overalls, which she bought on eBay for $14.99 and wore to my 23rd birthday party. There were patent leather jeans and coats and skirts on the streets, so…give it a whirl.


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    • zellamaybe

      So many bonus points for a Pratchett reference!

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  • Kate

    so does anyone over size 4 attend fashion week? or are you just being ironic when saying things like “multifarious body types” then only having pics of thin women?

    • Leandra Medine

      yes, people larger than a size 4 attend fashion week HOWEVER my commenting on multifarious body types was actually in the context of saying that trend recaps from fashion week often don’t stick/resonate for people who aren’t a size -2

      • Kate

        but that’s my point! lots of these ‘cool ways to dress’ AREN’T resonating with me because, as a person who’s not a sample size, i know i will not look good in them. like c’mon, patent leather? with my thighs??

        i don’t think you can have a critique of typical trend recaps then essentially do your own trend recap and do exactly what you just criticized. maybe i’m expecting too much, but you gotta walk the walk.

  • I’m still trying to figure out whether or not I could actually pull off patent leather trousers or if it would simply turn into the Ross incident from Friends. Also, Leandra it was lovely meeting you briefly in Paris. As it was my first fashion week, what you said about it being both enjoyable and at times lonely really resonated.

  • Patent leather pants for when I want a little squeak in my step!

    (If only they sound as good as they look) :-/

  • Alice
  • Amelia Diamond

    Slip dress over a knit 4 me plz

  • Cool post! Some trends really feel alienating, but some are cool and easily’s always interesting to try the new trends on ourselves and find things to incorporate in our everyday wear.

    AGNESE from

  • I refuse to accept that the early 2000s are back

  • Natty

    patent leather pants… sounds like swamp ass waiting to happen. still game to experiment, though.

    • Anna Honor

      Yeah, I think if patent leather bottoms are coming back, we’ll all need to start using that anti-chafe stick that high school cross country athletes (like I was…shamefully,) used on our thighs.

  • Lua Jane

    I just wish I could see at least one picture of Emmanuelle Alt or one of her “altoids”. All this fun and joy is cool, but to me she’s the one to take style cues from, on how to wear your leather/,black slacks/jeans/masculine jackets/black suede everything on the daily basis, without being snoozefest.

  • rosyrobyn

    Fur is disgusting. Can you anally electrocute a fox or a bunny? Then, stop with the fing fur.

  • Julia Fuller

    oh… that was like Candy on this pain full postmemorialday workday. amazing pull, thank you so much!