Milan Street Style Will Make Your Parents Mad

They are not going to be happy about this. (But you will be!)


The concept of street style makes very little sense to anyone who doesn’t directly work in or follow the fashion industry.

“You mean to tell me that people…take photos…of other people’s clothes?”


“And they’re not celebrities?”

Not in the traditional sense, no.

“They just dress cool?”

Er, yes. 

So, I don’t blame anyone, really — and especially not my parents, nor my grandma — for not quite understanding this whole thing. For many, the runway is for fashion; the street is for walking and the paparazzi is for Ellen DeGeneres or The Beatles.

There’s this viral thing that I’ve seen on Instagram that’s like, “When you show your mom a funny meme and she asks, ‘Who is that?’ Mom! Just laugh and then move along!” Street style operates in a similar way. You just want to show your dad a cool pair of pants, have him agree that they’re cool, and then move along with your damn day.

But no. Dad cannot look at a pair of ripped jeans without asking how much you paid for something that’s already falling apart.

Mom cannot look at a photo of a well-dressed woman without asking if she’s your friend, and why haven’t you introduced her?

Grandma cannot look at anyone without a hat. And somehow it’s your fault if you show her a snapshot of someone without one, as though they were a child who you neglected to properly dress.

If you can relate, I warn you now: don’t show Milan street style to your dad, grandma or mom.

But just in case you’re homesick, I captioned the photos as though you did.

(P.S. Shout out to the dressers of this circuit. You guys nailed it. You always do.)


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  • tmcgee

    The captions on this give me life omg

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  • Nicki

    You can find this Anna Quan shirt at curriculum!

  • Kaitlyn

    Bahahahaha! Thanks, Amelia! I’ve been frustrated lately by (usually) older men in bars feeling the need to offer unsolicited comparisons of my outfits to characters from the Flintstones/the Jetsons/the Brady Bunch/the Beatles/whatever else comes to their beer-saturated minds. Sir, I can’t hear you. I’m manrepelling!

  • Renee

    This plus jacquemus commentary, so great! !

  • mollie blackwood
    Just like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince said…

  • When you think just your parents are that close minded about fashion but you read about that on man repeller so you’re like: Huh! So my parents don’t have a problem, that’s just how parents are!

    • Amelia Diamond

      they probably earned it in some way after their parents made fun of their bell bottoms.

  • The captions were absolutely hilarious! I could hear my mother in MANY of them.

  • Hannah Cole

    Love love love.
    That old dad / ripped jeans / full price saga never seems to get old in my family, or workplace….

  • Eric D.

    Hahaha! I loved this! My favorite is slide #2! I literally just said this recently to Amelia and she let out an audible and exasperated sigh! What an annnoying dad! Love you! (But please do keep your bag closed.) And please don’t look at your phone when crossing the street! And…..
    (Amelia’s dad.)

    • Amelia Diamond

      Ladies and gentlemen, MY MUSE. ^^^

  • Silvia Sanasi

    Anna Dello Russo IS a celebrity!!!!! Is vogue Japan nothing? or being bff with Stefano Gabbana? And if you followed her on snapchat, you’d now she hates tights…. under any circumstances!

  • Pastorlc

    ROFLcopter these were so good

  • Lena

    Does anybody know where to get a scarf as the girl wears on picture 11?