The Rules of Style by Lupita Nyong’o

Today’s installment of Rules of Style features Lupita Nyong’o. Besides the plethora of obvious reasons to devote a slideshow to her (Blue eyeshadow expert? Check. Possibly one of only a handful of women who make red carpet dressing feel like a runway occasion? Check.), she also recently turned 33. Yes, it’s true. Take a minute to soak it in: our solar system has been blessed with more than three decades of Lupita.

Given the special occasion, this slideshow was handled a bit differently. Namely because the rules in question require that you flip through the above slideshow and pay closer attention to the captions; therein lie Lupita’s lessons. But there are 25 of them, which might seem like a lot so here’s a satisfying compendium, truncated to a very digestible five. If you can only take as many as can fill a single hand — let them be these ones.

1. The season’s “it” dress can feel completely personal if worn by the right person.

2. Sunglasses at night are not the official trademark of douchebags any longer. On the contrary. If worn with the right shades of purple, they’re rather humbling.

3. No plunging neckline is too promiscuous if you can offset the exposed chest with a headband — or modified pigtails! Which, of course, you can.

4. Feminine mini dresses — like a white, sleeveless tutu-style with floral appliqués, for example — feel less like feminine mini dresses and more like an exploration in limits when considered to counter a mohawk or, you know, more nighttime sunglasses.

5. Hoops are back, baby!

5a. If you can’t kick off your shoes, share a dance move and flail your arms while clad in Gucci, what’s the point of any of it?


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  • Lupita Nyong’o: World’s most fashionable perfect cinnamon roll.

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  • Your captions to images are clutch. I catch myself nodding and ‘uh-huh’-ing as if I’m in an important (present)history lesson.

  • Rachel Coleman

    Absolutely loved this. She’s such a badass and her style is so reminiscent of that. In love with the sunglasses and blue liner. x

  • Julie

    She is incredible!