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This week’s episode of Monocycle tackles some of the questions that you asked in our Love Your Career Month post at the top of the month, questions like:

How do people find jobs?

Is it a bad thing to feel like you’re learning as you go (instead of knowing it all before hand)?

How do you navigate work and life in your twenties so that you set yourself up for success in your thirties?

Should I be caring about 401ks and salary and benefits, or should I be focusing on the dream?

What do you do if you’re so overwhelmed by your daily to-do list that you can’t focus on the actual job at hand?

And so on.

You asked, I answered, and the cycle carries on, so keep shouting out new queries in the comments section below and we’ll keep this podcast running like a rainforest with a perfect ecosystem.

Monocycle is edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander; Logo illustration by Kelly Shami; photograph from PastSide via Compfight cc. 


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  • Zarka Shabir

    Does Man Repeller have an internship program available for this summer? Would love to work with you!

  • This was extremely helpful. Especially the part about really putting yourself out there and taking risks. I think for employers seeing passion and ambition goes a long way.

  • Victoria Chiu

    Literally loving every single Monocycle episode—I listen to them over and over on my bus rides to university every morning and they (along with Oh Boy) GIVE ME LIFE.

    Since you guys sometimes ask for potential ideas for future shows, I think it could be cool to do an episode on productivity—like what to do when you get yourself into a rut, how fashion can be super helpful when you’re stuck in a mental ditch and can’t seem to get out (dressing for success/clichés are there for a reason, maybe, and how that ties into episode 8 on confidence), and how we’re constantly telling ourselves to be productive, to not waste a second of every day or else we’re lazy, and the effect of that endless mental bombardment of tasks can wear on our psyches. Contrary to the go-go-go message blasted at us, sometimes breaks can be good—but then where is the line between just taking a break and actually being lazy? Ugh, so many thoughts on this.

  • disqus_KDsMZRPhav

    Can a foreigner succeed in fashion in the US, fashion journalism and writing to be precise? I’ll soon have a BA in journalism and plan to get an MA in Theory and culture of fashion, but don’t know what kind of work experience would be relevant for the US market since Croatia isn’t exactly a fashion mecca and there isn’t much fashion journalism going on here. Is there any advice you guys could give me? Thank you!!

  • Living Paula Blog

    Great episode!


  • Luzie

    Leandra, i’ve been listening to all your podcasts in the last couple days and its been lovely. I love all the content you’ve been making on here, it is literally my dream to be involved in a project like this. You are all inspiring.

  • Katherine Ross Ward

    This is all I needed to hear. I am killing myself as a line cook in a really great restaurant, I took a 50% pay cut and am trying make my dreams come true. Good God it is hard. Counting pennies and reminding myself to work hard because it will pay off…eventually. But in reality I want to work in pastry. Thats it, I’m going to close this page and finish my resume like I said I would two months ago. I am the only one getting in the way of my success!! Ok bye and thanks!

    • Mike Lancaster

      Good luck with that along with your other career activities.

  • you’re like my Jiminy Cricket

  • Kelli

    Hi Leandra,

    I really love the podcast and I loved that you said that your 20s is your time to work hard. It validates the times where I’m in gradschool scrolling enviously passed posts of my friends ski bum instagrams.

    One thing that you might encourage for the person who asked how to set yourself up to be able to get rid of those “golden handcuffs” would be to start learning about financial planning early. Like, starting a Roth IRA early so you are not tied to the benefits of job you hate. Financial freedom allows for creative freedom. Not as sexy as throwing caution into the wind, but maybe it could be…

    Thank for your work!

  • helen fernandez

    Leandra, thank you for this podcast! I love listening to successful women talk about their careers. So much so that I kind of started doing a similar thing with my friends who are all kind of figuring out their own careers while residing in LA. if you ever wanna give TAPE a listen:

  • Hannah Rafter

    Hey Man Repeller team!

    I would love to work for you, pretty please?

    I’m British if that helps/counts. If not I do a great American accent and can pretend to be American.

  • grace b

    WOW Leandra, I loved this. A lot of the techniques you’re discussing (noticing our thoughts, focusing) are similar to DBT, which I’m learning in an art therapy group (highly recommend art therapy!). I finally have started to get INTERESTED in stuff again! New things that I was never curious about and which my 15-year-old, 21-year-old self would probably be horrified by! But we just have to be open to new opportunities. And I found your Dad’s advice SO motivating — literally there have been times where I tell myself I’m supposed to be a slacker, but remembering that this IS working time, whew, thank you.