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Welcome back to Monocycle. This week’s episode tackles precisely the reason we didn’t post last week: Paris. As in, fashion week. But beyond that and beyond the clothes, what I was feeling pretty intently while I was over there was…gluttonous. Excessive. Like I wanted to pare it back down to just the essentials. In talking out how I was feeling it occurred to me that this may very well be a condition of living in 2016. We have so many choices and are confronted with them every second of every day so maybe you, too, are feeling a little bit like you want to streamline the choice buggy. Turn away from the grocery store of our lives and commit to a restaurant with a really solid menu over and over again.

Or maybe not! Either way, enjoy. And for the love of content, please talk to me about what else you’d like to hear on here! One of my favorite things about Man Repeller is that feedback truly matters. We take it seriously and commit to making sure we’re honestly (and excellently) serving it forward. So, what’s on your mind? What can I help with?

Missed you,

Listen to our last episode of Monocycle, “Getting Dressed” here.

Monocycle is edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander; Logo illustration by Kelly Shami; photograph by Commons user Myrabella via Wikipedia


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  • Hello Leandra and welcome back.
    Just exactly one week ago I posted this talk ( on my fb, which is somehow a predecessor of your thoughts and which immediately made me thought of the concept of excess in relation to the paradox of choice. Is your advice/exercise of “freeing our minds” you are suggesting to focus on the essentials is it still going to make our human capabilities to grow? Can this leave us fall in the trap of becoming even more demanding just because we have more space on our minds? Might this way be the circumstances of bulimia of our choices, ending in more excess?
    I don’t know if I was clear on the explanation.
    Thank you for bringing this topic.

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  • Tess

    A bit off topic, but I was wondering if there was going to be a MR Writer’s club prompt for this week?

    • Jessica Davis

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    • Leandra Medine

      Hey Tess! We’ve pared these back to come out only once a month to give more time to you guys to work on the submissions (we realize that a week is kind of unrealistic for people who full time jobs, who need to get their work done!)

  • crazyloverblue

    So, for whatever reason, I was thinking about my style and closet and the need to evolve those things this morning (and the past couple of weeks). And then, the next thought that came into my head is, “You can’t really be fashionable, or like exciting in your wardrobe, if you have a small selection of stuff. Like, Manrepeller (by this I mean all of you at Manrepeller) wouldn’t do that. They wouldn’t have a small selection of clothes.” Now, here I am, on your page and listening to a podcast about just that. Maybe I’m psychic or something? Anyways… I am all about streamlining clothing and life. Finding out what’s important to me (Love, Nature, Family) is not hard. Finding out what I want to wear, for whatever reason, has been hard. I don’t know what else I want to talk about (via Monocycle) but I’m sure you’ll pick something unexpectedly deep and moving as always. Oh, and funny. This podcast episode is great and I look forward to the next one!

  • Celeste

    Is it possible to discuss the future of clothing catalogues? Obvi, J Crew is still a work of art, but is it now an anomaly? Now we have the Internet, which is grand, but all those saved tabs just aren’t the same as ferociously circling and highlighting, ya know?

    I was a big Delias catalogue teen, btw.

    • Celeste

      I wrote this comment BEFORE listening to this week’s Monocycle, oops. Catalogue shopping goes hand-in-hand with excess, huh.

  • Celeste

    I wrote this comment BEFORE listening to this week’s Monocycle, oops. Catalogue shopping goes hand in hand with excess, huh.

  • I absolutely appreciated this so much. I hopped on the minimalist bandwagon HARDCORE what..1.5 years ago? 2 years ago?
    And I literally owned a wardrobe of black sweaters, gray t-shirts, one black blazer, one leather jacket, 2 pairs of jeans, and a few pairs of leather shoes. I felt really amazing at first and it became like my “thing”. But more recently I got really really sick of those same 5 sweaters.
    So what you said about going into a dark room and getting dressed and knowing you feel really good in what you’re wearing really encouraged me. If I don’t 100% enjoy what I’m wearing, what’s the point of owning ONLY those things? Isn’t the entire point to clear your mind to make the other 100000000 decisions?
    How will I find inspiration to make those other decisions if how I am presenting myself is not truly and organically inspired on the daily??

  • Alexis Thomolaris

    Hi Leandra and Team MR!!
    The episodes of monocycle that have made the biggest impact on me as a listener and loyal follower are episodes 10 and 11. Episode 10, Going Through It, featured a less than cheery Leandra, aka the crying episode. As crazy and borderline psychopathic as this may seem, that moment was one of my favorites and is what made me feel so devoted and connected to MR. You guys always say that your hope for the site is to create a community where women feel like they are connecting and actualizing their dreams and fears and starting the tough conversations by combining fashion, psychology, feminism, and humor. Seeing the real struggles that Leandra has been through/is going through made me realize that sense of community. Maybe this world isn’t really THAT big and that on some microscopic level we are all the same…that everything is relative and we communally feel at all times and that in and of it self brings us together. The ability to comfortably express how we feel has drastically changed as our generation has lost its sense of being human. Technology, for all it gives us takes quite a bit from us on an interpersonal level so hearing someone else feel something, even if it is via internet sound waves, is so unbelievably refreshing. I often play those last lines “Just because you’re having a shitty day doesn’t mean you will never see a good day again” in my head when I’m feeling blue. In that moment Leandra became the best friend I really needed as I was going through something that might be totally unrelated (as I am in college and not anywhere near ready to have a baby), yet totally relative. So my point is that any content that addresses personal struggles, whether they be career, marriage, friendship, or fashion related that somehow indirectly deal with our world at large are conversations I’d love to be having with you all! And hey!! Personal achievements are amazing too!! I would be happy experiencing pretty much anything with you peeps.

  • Morgan

    this post hits me. i’m grappling to decide my three things — which is proof this conversation was necessary. i think this is so powerful, especially in defining who we are — if we can focus on our core, and do our best to stay true to our own, it will be a great defense to a culture that is obsessed with definition of self by other’s standards and by mistakes and “failures”. my mind literally feels lighter just imagining getting rid of shit. thank you. can’t wait for Saturday state of mind !

  • Can you talk about how you fight off negative comments or what people think about you?

  • AA


  • Marina Guasch

    Hi! I really identified with what you were saying. I made a trip by myself recently and one of the stops was Copenhagen and I noticed that the values and lifestyle of people there is so much “better”. They are more focused on having a simple life without focusing in consumerism and materialistic things and their priorities are more focused on values, people and experiences. Just by observing this and being surrounded by these atmosphere of simplicity and not being bombarded with all the media made me feel more comfortable and a lot more at ease. I’ve always believed of living with the essentials but now I can put it into practice easier than before because I’ve that it is possible to do and it has made me value the things that are more important to me. Just wanted to put it out there and happy to know that someone else is thinking about it and starting a conversation on how we can change it

  • Luxe Lis

    Thanks for the podcast,MR! There are 3 types of people: 1. Minimalist 2.maximalist 3. Both minimalist & maximalist. 1. French effortlessness trend 2. Iris Apfel 3. Me…I live in both…I am max & mil. To each his own…. 🙂
    Follow me on Instagram@ luxe_lis