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Getting Dressed
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In honor of fashion week, an episode of Monocycle on how to get dressed! Or the psychology of it, at least. I find that when I’m in a clothing funk (common through the demonic doldrums of winter for me), the only way out beyond attempting “manifestation” practices (if you think it, if you will it, it will happen) is to remember when I last felt like the best version of myself. Obviously that notion opens up an entirely new Pandora’s box and lo and behold, here we are.

A special thanks to our editor, Quazzy, because who knows how many times he had to replay me talking about patent leather bell coats. And also, a bar of things to shop below because it seemed apropos.


Monocycle is edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander; Logo illustration by Kelly Shami with background photograph by Maurizio Cattelan for Toilet Paper Magazine.


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  • Living Paula Blog

    Always a great show.


  • Hanna Kubis

    You are so fucking right! clothing is not about the clothes, it’s about that feeeeeeeling (too many e’s, but that’s how I said it in my head). If I could buy anything regardless of cost, I’d one hundo p get one of those badass acne shearling jackets in black. Unfortunately for me, my dad always says that I have champagne taste with a beer pocket—waah waah waaaah (sad trombone noise).

    I always enjoy listening to your podcasts, Leandra! Thank you!

  • Grace Hanley

    This ep. really reflected how I’ve been feeling lately and it’s always nice to hear a good advice on how to maneuver through times like this. Not even just slumps in dressing, but in career & life. Thank you for posting!

  • laila h

    So I’ve recently learned a little about spatial intelligence and I pretty much don’t have it. I keep trying to picture a great outfit but I can’t seem to create anything unique and myself. Lately I’ve been trying to figure out my style in clothing but I keep defaulting to the same boring stuff (blame years of school uniform & a mini identity crisis).

    But I think this episode is really gonna help me out. Thanks Leandra!

  • Catalina

    LM! I loved the metaphor of toast that you used for shirt + blue jeans combo. I feel as though that is my uniform, however, I wanted to share a recent purchase of a coat this season. A Shrimps coat, one of which I was hesitant, and purchased with the intention of returning.

    First, it was more than I typically spend on a coat, especially one that wasn’t ‘practical’ for the NY weather. Secondly, it was a little loud and a bit boxy on my petite frame. Thirdly, I thought I’d get sick of its stripes and colors. Then, I lost my standardized New York army green winter coat. Circumstantially, I was forced to wear what I’d thought would be my fancy-occasions-only-coat on an daily basis. My first commute to work I felt a lot of eyes and passing judgement. But then, the compliments and questioning came.

    Strangers in passing would yell accolades, friends would pet and want to try on. Children stared at me perplexed as to why I wasn’t on my native Sesame Street. My mentor told me I looked like a “Chewbacca Tranny” (still my favorite almost-compliment). New Yorkers sheepishly inquired who made it. Hostesses asked if it kept me warm. A TSA agent was more lenient with me when I forgot my ID at the airport. My boyfriend who’s style I define as, “Upstate Econ Professor” asked me once I found my standardized New York winter coat why my “fuzzy-fun-funky coat” wasn’t on. Once two girls with hair color that matched my coats’ stripes (burnt orange and pink) in unison declared my coat as “dope”. A friend of a friend exclaimed it was ugly and that she wouldn’t wear the coat even if she got paid (even though, no one asked her).

    A game changer. A conversation starter. Whatever you want to call it, it caused some stir. So, it maybe just a knee-length forest green, burnt orange and a pink striped fuzzy coat. And maybe that’s what all the coat will ever be and I can’t change that. But, it certainly did interrupt mine and others ideals of what a coat could and should be. And NOW every time I wear this piece of outerwear I feel like a Burner who never went to Burning Man but practices its code of ethics and most importantly: I feel like myself when I wear it.

    Thanks Leandra for the always insightful podcasts. I will now ruminate on those top three pieces I could buy at this moment.