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This one’s for all the future politicians and aspiring journalists out here: meet Kasie Hunt, a political correspondent for MSNBC who snagged one of those rare Twitter accounts with nothing but her first name.

Hunt grew up obsessed with the news but didn’t know she’d become a journalist. She attended George Washington University where she received her bachelor’s degree in international affairs and interned at NBC News. Without giving the whole podcast away, she covered Mitt Romney in 2012. In 2013 she began covering Donald Trump (who singled her out and picked on her in the news — raise your hand if you ever felt personally victimized by Regina George!). Now, as she follows the campaign trail of the 2016 presidential candidates, the reporter’s focus is on Bernie Sanders.

Kasie Hunt tells Oh Boy host Jay Buim that she does what she does to help provide people with information so that they can make their own decisions. Sounds like you should listen up, in that case. It just might help you in the next step toward your shining career…

Fun fact: she tweeted about Ben Folds’ performance at Sanders’ Super Tuesday rally. Whatever your politics, there’s no denying the joy of a great 90s musical throwback.


Follow Kasie Hunt (@kasie) on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to follow our dear Oh Boy host Jay Buim on Instagram. Check his website out, too. Logo and feature illustration by Kelly Shami.


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  • So excited for this! Happy Super Tuesday everyone!!!!

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  • brad4peace

    Kasie Hunt is amazing, and highly intelligent, and it’s good to know she’s out there asking the tough questions.

  • Hayley Clark

    I really liked hearing from Kasie!! Would 10/10 like to see guests of a similar profession in future Oh Boy episodes.