Is It Spring? I Think It’s Spring. Here Are Three Outfits to Wear

Pull your underpants up to your ribcage and let’s do the damn spring


Spring is the greatest season of the year because everyone knows that transition-weather dressing is practically a euphemism for wearing fashion clothes (or in other words, layers that are futile but look cool) and even though this happens in the fall, too, you know what happens after fall?


You know what winter does to a person?

Nothing good. So here I propose three outfits to wipe your memory clean of snow boots, starting with a slip dress that may or may not make you look pregnant. What’s that they say? “If you will it, you will be it.”


VEDA x Man Repeller trench, Walk of Shame slip dress (another slip dress here), Chanel boots and clutch, Nina Ricci sunglasses, Aurélie Bidermann earrings

Skimpy slip dresses in addition to making you feel like you’re still in bed are a great way to show the junk that occurs beneath your clothes. What kind of underwear am I wearing that rides up to my rib cage, you ask? I don’t know. They’re Acne. It’s weird.

Following Paris, I developed this weird hankering to start wearing the slip dresses I was really into last summer (spaghetti strap and almost-ankle length) with short booties that would reveal an awkward sliver of skin between the dress and the shoe. So I tried to bring that point home in this one blue dress by a Russian brand called Walk of Shame and the photographed boots. The trench coat was a nice way to keep my shoulders warm and facilitated that other fun game I like to play callediv: match your hemline to your coat length or throw yourself down a flight of stairs. Good thing I dodged the throw down, ey?

Moving on to exhibit two.


Tomas Maier shrug, Creatures of Comfort jeans, Dries Van Noten shoes, Muzungu Sisters bag, Lulu Frost pin

Here’s a shrug that I fastened with a Lulu Frost decorative pin and paired with a pair of eggshell high waist, wide leg jeans that are just, like, half a size too small on me to demonstrate one fantastic condition of warmer weather dressing: you can air out your stomach whenever you want to. I chose a pair of blue and green flatforms that didn’t really match the rest of the outfit because matching is for suckers and also totally relative/a construct of what your eyes believe looks good. For me, that means looking like a TriBeCa mom (pants) who is fascinated by Japanese culture and footwear, but not enough to actually wear it, just to buy shoes that really, really vaguely resemble traditional Japanese getas, who has just gotten back from vacation in a shrug.

Miu Miu dress, Courrèges jacket, Topshop socks, Gucci loafers, Garrett Leight x Clare Vivier sunglasses, Céline earrings, Chanel bag.

Miu Miu dress, Courrèges jacket, Topshop socks, Gucci loafers, Garrett Leight x Clare Vivier sunglasses, Céline earrings, Chanel bag.

And finally, here’s a multi-stripe knit mini dress covered by a suede bomber jacket paired with counter stripe socks and the least unique loafers on earth right now. I wore this outfit last Friday and felt like $1,000,001. That extra dollar at the end of the million is the direct result of the frizzies on my forehead, which indicate humidity, which reminds me of being hot, which makes me feel like it’s really happening: summer is coming. Of course, though, before then we have months of nonsensical outfits to look forward to, let this function as a kicking off point and please, as they come up in your own closets, share your selfies (either down below, or on Instagram using the hashtag #SpringIsTheThingAndImFuckingWeird — or, you know, #MRSpringSelfie).

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • these are great outfits!


  • Loved the outfits, but the last one was my absolute favorite! Those loafers, as un-unique as they might be, are great. And the use of Chanel in these outfits is perfect. I’d say the spring weather (not here in Chicago though) must be helping you get out of your style rut, Leandra.

  • Ciara

    On a marginally unrelated note – I’ve just seen you’re on next week’s Vogue ‘Future of Fashion’ series. Could I BE any more excited for that?! No. The answer is no.

  • I just love the Miu Miu dress!! So cute! I love the jacket too you paired with it!! =)

  • Jessica H

    It looks like you’re really coming out of the fashion rut you felt you were in around fashion week. Winter never helps when I’m feeling uninspired. I am lusting after that VEDA collab you guys are GENIUSES. Unrelated I am STILL thinking about those Maria Dora pants even though it’s spring.

    • Leandra Medine

      New season new me!

  • Sarah

    When Leandra pulls out the Muzungu Sisters bag you know she means business.
    You felt like $1000001? I’d pay $1000001 to have that look—not sure whether I’m in a full-body Miuccia-induced state of shock or just I had coffee after I took my stimulant this morning because that DRESS. nuff said.

  • openlyandrea

    That second outfit is too much fun! You always make me want to add more funk to my outfits. #onedayIwilllearnthemanrepellerway

  • Amelia Diamond

    I think Exhibit 2 is all I ever want to be.

  • Stephanie

    2 things: that slip dress makes 1996 Stephanie soooo happy! And LOVE the idea of closing a shrug with a pin- genius!

  • yes to all of the above. Leandra, -my autocorrect just changed your name to Leonard- you are looking like a HOT TAMALE. I can’t wait for my legs to make an appearance this year. It’s still too cold out where I’m at. My #springselfie will have to wait. 🙁

  • that Miu Miu dress is a dream made by the spring gods

  • Natty

    excuse me #springisthethingandimfuckingweird is the best hashtag ever

  • onellamatown

    It hurts my heart to see a Chanel bag with pins poked all through it 🙁

  • HEY I wore a slip today too (kind of) and made a post about it is this a sign

  • Have I ever told you you’re my hero? You’re everything I wish I could be.

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  • Mun

    Ah the 3rd outfit captured my heart, but big love to the muzungu sisters tote as well!