Three Ways to Wear Flare Legs Without Looking Like a 70s Reincarnate

No offense to the decade that birthed ‘School House Rock’


They came in so loud and made such a ruckus and for what? For nothing! Have our lives actually changed since the 2010s renamed themselves the 70s? Has anyone actually resubmitted themselves to the decade of a bygone era? Beyond the clothes, I’ve seen no technological nor gastronomic nor cultural regressions. Have you? So I’m calling it quits. Marking the 70s definitively over as far as my wardrobe can travel. But this presents a minor problem: following the collection of flare legs I have done my part to accrue, what’s a girl to do to wear them while feeling, you know, “modern?”

So here, three ways to flare your wear jeans (hehe, get it?) the 2016 way.

1. If Your Jeans Are Actually Corduroys…


Try wearing them under a dress over. The turtleneck is optional but it is still winter, so, you know, I’m trying to be practical. This is an especially lucrative styling option if you have recently rediscovered the delight of Forty Carrots at Bloomingdale’s. If you haven’t, I am sure you will now and then! You’ll need a dress. I’d recommend something knee length so that your flare doesn’t get lost, but no specific color combination is off limits. If you’re interested in the particular pieces I have on tap, here you go: J.Crew turtleneck, Rochas dress (similar slip style here), McGuire denim corduroys, Muzungu Sisters jacket, Zanzan sunglasses.

2. If They’re White and You Thought They’d Only Work With a Suede Jacket…


What were you thinking? White jeans are like Switzerland — neutral to a fault. You can wear them however you damn well please. Today, I’d recommend various shades of tapestry — on your feet, on your upper body. Excessive cuffs don’t feel like the worst idea either. Not a bad idea beyond this: chunky flat boots, a white t-shirt and black blazer like you’re a lighter version of Fran Lebowitz and thus capable of holding two opposing thoughts in one opinion. Coooool.

We11 Done blouse (another option here), Sonia Rykiel jeans, Dries Van Noten boots (another patterned boot here)

3. Go Big or Go Ham

Isa Arfen jacket (another option here), Aquilano.Rimondi sequin top (another sequin style here), Everlane t-shirt, Rachel Comey jeans and shoes, Céline sunglasses

Meaning: you have no choice but to go big. When wearing studded jeans like the above, what’s your other option? Sure you can try a simple crew or v-neck sweater, but what’s the fun in that? A sequined tank top paired over a t-shirt will evince the spirit of a 90s POG-player but you will shut that shit right down by introducing the prospect of nursing shoes and a jacket that Keanu Reeves would have probably killed you for if he were still the Matrix. Just be grateful you’re alive and well, I guess.

Isa Arfen jacket (another option here), Aquilano.Rimondi sequin top (another sequin style here), Everlane t-shirt, Rachel Comey jeans and shoes, Céline sunglasses

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Gracie

    Here’s my predicament with flares: I don’t want to wear heels, but I also don’t want to throw homage to my 2000 self and wear flats/sneakers so that my hems dribble onto the sidewalks gathering remnants of gum, dog shit, and the like. HELP!

    • Platform sneakers? Lol jk?

    • Leandra Medine

      what iffffff…instead of flares you just wear wide legs and those wide legs fall gracefully and elegantly against a pair of ballet flats (sorry for recommending that) or another pair of shoes — like sneakers, par example, that are punctuated by these which add juuuuust the right amount of height to any very flat shoe.

    • Greer Clarke

      Yes! I bought and cut and frayed a pair of flare jeans that were on sale (hellooo $50 Sass & Bide), because for some reason they only make flares for absolute gigantors. But when wearing them in the daytime, I paired them with some Stan Smiths and the flares were still that little bit too long that it really looked like I may as well have been wearing heelies.

      • Greer Clarke

        AND if you hem them too much, they’re no longer flares. And I am not feeling the bootcut.

    • chouette

      i’m weirdly waiting for mine to get holey at the backs? even though I step over (human) poop in the same subway platform every day? I’d rather harken back to middle school than the 70s.

  • love the 2nd look!


  • Natali

    Wow! If somebody can inspire and style their outfits in such an artsy, edgy and unique way, then it’s you!! Absolutely mind-blowing!

  • Aydan

    The third one and references to the matrix are on point! Whatever happened to Keanu?

  • Julie Meowmeows

    Okay, I need some help on this one. I bought a pair of denim wide legged, cropped flares from Zara. How on EARTH do I wear them? I should have probably thought of this before I purchased them.

  • María José Patiño

    what if I love flares but my legs are short? How should I wear themm! Help

    • Kelsey Eberle

      With heels, cropped, hemmed to suit your inseam… Go for it, girl! This 5’4 chick rocks a flared leg on the reg.

  • Josefin Molander

    Love the different looks, amazing! x

  • Living Paula Blog

    Great ideas and tips.

  • Barby

    This is great! I’m literally obsessed right after reading about this. I wish my blog would be as ferociously fabulous as this!

  • quick question: I found these cropped flares on Mango for only $14 so of course I’m going to buy them and the color options are black or white usually I’d go for black but I’m trying to change my wardrobe up a bit HELP which color should I buy

    • but the way Leandra styles those white flares makes me learn more toward the white option…

  • Luisa

    What are those copper boots?

    • Luisa

      theyre amazinggggg