How to Wear: Slip Dresses Over Sweaters

This in-between weather styling trick will save you


It’s a menial styling trick that is 100% worth trying because:

+You might not realize that you own a slip dress, but trust me, you do. How do I know this? Because a) plenty of dresses come with slips baked into them and my guess is that you have some of these, no?, b) night gowns are very much multi-functional, and c) you shop at The Reformation.

+Slip dresses are an extremely easy way to get dressed when you need to but don’t want to.

+They’re also back, which is timed nicely with reasons one and two. If you need a proof of concept, I invite you to revisit Calvin Klein’s Spring 16 show — ditto that for Marc Jacobs, Brock Collection and Hillier Bartley, or look even closer into the most recent Louis Vuitton show, where there was an assortment shown last month in Paris.

Now, the weather keeps telling us to bare our legs because warm days are ahead but what seems to manifest in spite of the forecast is misleadingly cold weather, so why not tackle that problem by adhering to a micro-trend that comes in tandem with the slip dress — wearing a knit underneath it? It’s as simple as layering the two garments, looking into the mirror, winking at yourself and then walking out the door. If these words haven’t convinced you, maybe the above photos will?

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Model (and singer) is Raveena Aurora, follow her on Tumblr and Soundcloud; photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Lulu

    Hooray! I’ve been planning this outfit with a slippery little gold silk number for a while now. Have acquired the black turtle neck. Only problem is the structured boob area shaped part.. that it NOT the correct terminology but I’m worried my underwhelming bust area will leave it looking a bit…empty?

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      I too have a very underwhelming bust area (good phrase!). I actually think slip dresses are better for us flat chested friends. Does the slip dress bag in the chest area though? I just got an Atea Oceanie slip dress and it fits so well. Honestly, I think the trick is that it shouldn’t be tight at the bust at all, it should kinda hang (as a slip in the bedroom would).

      • Emily Brandow

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    • Senka

      It could be mee, but I think that slightly underwhelming bust area is better for this exact look than it’s ovewhelming counterpart. Like with most things fashion, less is more where body is concerned.

  • I actually don’t own a slip dress and I’ve been searching for “the one” for what has felt like YEEEEAAAAARRRRSSSS precisely for the function of layering over sweaters. The search continues.

  • the first look is so good!


  • Aliki F

    What I love most in this shooting is the accessories!!! I want these earrings pronto

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      Both right!?!

  • Junglesiren

    The slip is fine… but not nearly as fine as that girl. She is lovely.

  • Anna

    So good! Also, is it just me or the model looks exactly like young Joan Baez?

  • Amelia Diamond


  • Jayne

    This styling is a dream, I’ve been a lover of slip dresses for some time but still am yet to purchase one x

  • Love this idea!


  • Sarbonn

    Oo those STRIPES

  • I loveeee that Walk of Shame slip dress look you styled. So cute! xo, Erin –

  • Such a good idea, but it’s so hard to find the perfect thin (but warm) knit that won’t draw unappealing shapes on your slip. Sigh.

  • Love this look! Need to try layering these pieces more

  • Abigail

    leandra i asked a question 7 days ago in “so you hate skinny jeans but love your boots” about this very concept!! this is great

  • What a inspiring look. Just fabulous.

    xx, Andrea – Strawberries ‘n’ Champagne