15 Questions About ‘Girls’: Season 5, Episode 6

Watched through two face palms with spread-open fingers


What’s the opposite of “be careful what you wish for”?

For episodes now, we have thanked our lucky stars for our limited exposure to Marnie this season. We’ve expressed our gratitude. We’ve blessed up. We have been so very careful about what to wish for and lo! We got her, anyway.

This episode is all about Marnie and sequin dresses and tattoos more ill-advised than that phoenix Ben Affleck swears he didn’t really get and that critical era in our lives between 25 and 26 when we have the eyes of a woman and hands that have touched and no idea what the hell we’re supposed to do next. But mostly, yes, this episode is about Marnie.

Spoiler: It wasn’t so bad. In fact, it was…kinda great. And bonus! We finally found out what happened to Charlie. It’s so satisfying to have a mystery solved, isn’t it? So let’s put our heads together and delve deep into these questions. I can’t do it on my own.

1. What brand of eyelash curler does Marnie use? Best guestimates welcome.

2. Marnie! Unlikely feminist icon! On behalf of “you’re such a frigid b**ch”es the world over, I am grateful! To what address can I send a dozen Levain cookies to thank you for drawing the essential distinction between “cold” and “mad”?

3. Is Desi circa Season 5 giving anyone else flashbacks of Adam circa Season 1? Even the cadence of their voices! Is it not uncanny?

4. Riddle me this: Since the days of Marissa Cooper in that heart-print off-the-shoulder top, has there ever been a more spectacular woman in a more horrendous wardrobe on television than Marnie? Isn’t it the greatest?

5. Charlie?!!?!?!!? Kindly leave initial reactions and more reasoned analyses of how and why this has happened below.

6. Isn’t it nice to know that in a mere 10 minutes and four seconds, Marnie can vacillate between “oddly wise” and “the bane of our collective existence”? It’s sort of reassuring, you know, because it just means that we all contain multitudes, right? At least, that’s how I’m choosing to read this scene.

7. If you were to tag along on to aid and abet a crime, would Magitta really be your nom de plume? No — I know you. You’d do better.

8. Have you ever been trying to eat dinner in peace when some obnoxious dude and gal who somehow both think they’re Cameron Diaz in a rom-com start dancing next to you?

9. Is Charlie special? Or, could any ol’ someone have made Marnie cheat?

10. Does anyone else ever mute the TV when the scene gets scary and/or have to watch it through his/her fingers? Is anyone else’s heart beating really fast right now? Does anyone really think that people don’t get robbed anymore? Has Marnie ever read a newspaper?

11. Why am I more concerned for Marnie’s personal safety than Marnie is?

12. Not to be your mom, but I’m guessing our pal Charl’ didn’t wear a condom?

13. Does anyone have literally anything intelligent to say about men and crying and Desi? Because I’m trying really hard to make some good sense of it, but I’m coming up super short.

14. Wait, wait, wait, does this mean there’s hope for Marnie?

15. And further: Does this mean there’s hope for Hannah and Fran? Do you sort of hope there…isn’t?

Follow our Girls girl and author Mattie on Twitter @mattiekahn. Photographs by Craig Blankenhorm  for HBO; collaged by Emily Zirimis.


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  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    I can’t handle Marnie but this was the best episode ever IMHO. If you haven’t watched this season religiously, you can really still watch this episode. It’s like a short film that throws you back to movies like The Panic in Needle Park or Trainspotting. So good I even cried and I physically don’t produce tears!!! (just kidding yes I do I’m a human not a robot.)

    • Valeria

      The episode is titled The Panic in Central Park and Lena was inspired by the movie!

      • Lauren Stephenson

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      • Catherine Gans

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    • Anna

      I know right! I think Marnie is the most selfish character in the world, but this episode is just amazing. It makes me question my beliefs and think that she might have hope too. We’ll see.

    • yes! i emailed my friend who stopped watching a couple seasons ago to watch this one because it was the perfect episode to stand on its own

  • Ekaterina

    I was pleasantly surprised by this episode! It might actually be one of my faves of this season so far, aside from Sosh in Japan ^.^

    • Anna

      Shosh in Japan is the best part about this season! <3

  • Amelia Diamond


  • shauna

    So grateful for this post. Marnie is typically so annoying, but also scarily relatable. (?!?!) I loved this episode – I do think there’s hope for her in her second half of her 25th year. I loved this episode because you knew it was going to crash and burn somehow, but you didn’t know exactly how until the end. I honestly thought she might have gone back to Desi, realizing that maybe she had it better than she thought, that the past isn’t actually so great, and live happily ever after. But NO – and thank God.
    I will probably be posting my own account of Girls as a whole on my blog soon: http://www.cultivatedrevelations.com

  • I personally feel terrible for Charlie!!! Like wow I feel bad. The guys on this show have been so flaky…so flaky. I thought there was hope for Fran and Hannah and I still have hope for them because he seems like he has some form of realistic priorities in order. But back to Charlie whom I always thought got out of the craziness and was finally an adult w/ his app company be reduced to what he is in this episode…sorta crushed me. The smartest thing Marine did was walk away from Desi. Hopefully she runs further.

  • Anna

    Am I the only one who feels bad for Charlie? He used to be such a nice guy

    • Aydan

      I mean absolutely, how could you possibly not! He was a nice guy, who’s life has obviously spiraled. I agree with everyone else above, despite my previous comments/thoughts/feelings about Marnie, this episode was incredible and did indeed show depth to her character! I think this is what we all hoped Marnie had inside of her and now she finally proves to us she did!

    • Heather

      I was sad to find out that Charlie’s life has spiraled down so far and that he is doing coke and heroin. Where are his other friends? How did he disappear from Ray’s life too? Didn’t they used to be in a band together? I want Marnie to tell Ray what is going on so he can try and save Charlie!
      I was also freaked out for Marnie thinking about what she might have been exposed to since they did not use a condom. Overall I am concerned about the lack of concern about safe sex on the show. Were Jessa and Adam really using the “pull-out” method on the last episode? I know they were joking around, but he seemed genuinely surprised when Jessa said she had a sponge in.

      • Anna

        Yep, that’s a great idea about Ray! Hope they will do something about Charlie and won’t leave our questions unanswered. Also agree on the safe sex point

      • Leah

        Is that sponge she mentioned even a real thing?! I’ve never heard of it

        I think the portrayal of safe sex in Girls is realistic to a lot of women. Two of my closest friends are smart and successful and they use the ‘pull out’ method too.

        • Heather

          The sponge is an old method of birth control for women. It went off the market at some point in the 90s, I think? Seinfeld did a hilarious episode where Elaine buys boxes of sponges and then trys to decide whether or not a guy is “sponge-worthy”. The sponge came back at some point, but I am really not too familiar with it.

      • Maria Browne

        Me too re-the safe sex point, especially after Marnie had sex with Charlie and then we see he’s an IV drug user and these fears are not even mentioned or contemplated on the show. Not great modeling and very irresponsible-I don’t expect moral lessons but some basic health and disease awareness would be good.

    • I wrote below how badly I felt about Charlie’s character…it was a downward spiral I really didn’t expect!!

      • Anna

        I know! He looks and sounds so different. That’s what happens when you’re being called “too nice”

  • 100% my favourite episode of Girls EVER!! I loved the old Charlie, but the new badass Charlie is even better. Marnie is just amazing, needs to be on her own and the ultimate feminist icon!

    Also, am I the only one who didn’t understand why Hannah and Fran wasn’t shocked when someone just came into their apartment? I would seriously have a heart attack, even if it just a friend.

    • pamb

      Badass? Herion addict, drug dealer, hanging on the street and living in a shack is a badass?

  • caca poo poo

    I felt SO bad for Charlie

  • Sanya Kapoor

    Wasn’t liking the direction season 5 was heading in, but then they got Charlie! Really hope they get back together and she helps him out with his drug problem! Still waiting for Adam and Hanna to get back too, Jessa and Adam are way tooo weird.

    • Nooo, I love Jessa and Adam! Adam has been so charming and hilarious with her!

    • Pixidilious

      I disagree. I think Marnie finally knows she needs to realise who exactly she is alone. She can’t help someone else out of a black hole right now.

  • A

    I’m just glad Charlie is back!

  • this for sure was one of my favorite episodes of the series. i can relate to charlie as i did not buy curtains and if the light bothers me i use a towel to cover my window. i’m so glad she didn’t go back to desi in the end i was worried she would. i love new charlie minus the drugs and pain and stuff.

  • Lillian

    I think this was far and away the strongest episode of the season, and maybe the series. For as insufferable as Marnie is, this episode gave her a lot of heart. I am still shook. Chris Abbott was incredible, and I couldn’t help but follow Marnie along on her ridiculous fantasy with bated fucking breath. God I was stressed. And yes, finally a resolution to the Charlie plot line. One that felt truly unforced (like, say, disappearing when you planned to make pizzas…) and sadly so believable. Also especially loved how she seemed both more mature and yet so eye-rollingly Marnie right when you needed it. These hands have touched and been touched…, people, like, get robbed…, get some curtains…, etc.

    • Katherine Sargeant

      The “people still get robbed?” line annoyed me more than it should’ve, but the episode would’ve been too far-fetched without Marnie’s classic naiveté thrown in a couple times to remind us that she’s still Marnie

  • Aren’t we glad that Marnie finally addressed Charlie’s weight gain? Elephant in the room. And that accent! He’s suddenly vaguely Dominican? Can we flash back to when Desi was an only recently washed up actor from a cancelled CW show and still held some mystique?


    • Lauren

      Yes! The one thing I couldnt rationalize believing was how differently Charlie spoke- not just the accent, but with a deeper voice too. Also- did anyone notice how emaciated Marnie has become- even more noticable when standing next to Charlie, who’s now much bigger in comparison- and when she commented on how she like his weight gain because its like he doesnt have to please everyone anymore, then looks off to the distance

  • Alexandra Darlau

    just gonna throw this out there I’ve been rooting for jessa and adam since day 1 and if they mess up that too, which would be totally unsurprising at this point, I will c u t a b i t c h

  • diane

    Wait: Don’t junkies usually LOSE weight, not gain it like Charlie did?

    • Alex

      Only if you choose not to, or can’t afford to eat. Considering Charlie’s dealing he can afford it for sure.

  • keta

    It was a really good episode, an episode which made me root for Marnie and i didn’t think it was possible. I’m still sad seeing this sweet, kind, homey boy becoming a gross man, especially after i’ve always shipped Charlie and Marnie. For me this is the best season of the show, I always had this love to hate relationship with the characters and it is the first time i do appreciate and kinda understand them. Well done Lena Dunham!

  • starryhye

    I actually enjoyed this all Marnie episode! The whole time, I was thinking to myself, “I can’t wait to read MR tomorrow and see what they thought of this!” LOL. I like that we got some insight as to where Charlie has been, but the whole thing made me feel uneasy. Like I knew it wouldn’t be all fun and sweetness for long. At first it was all light and breezy fun, then they got mugged, Charlie lives in possibly the most disgusting and depressing “apartment” and then we find out he’s an IV drug user who Marnie most likely had unprotected sex with! AAAHHH! I am glad that Marnie finally came to terms with the fact that she should not be married. Desi irritates the crap outta me. This season has been interesting to me b/c we’re really only seeing each character on their own. There has been very little interaction between all of them. I also liked how this episode ended very much like Season 1, ep1 started: with Hannah and Marnie in bed together. Foreshadowing? …

  • Lou

    This episode is the best in this series. I’ve always wanted “Girls” to be this good, and it literally has consistently disappointed me…until this episode. Awesome, like a great film from a woman’s POV. We need more stuff like this!

  • Tara Jayne

    Oh man, I think I have PTSD from a guy I once dated that cried ALL THE TIME but if he was some kind of male archetype he and Desi both belong in the same category. Gave me chills when Marnie said (something like) “do you want me to hold you and fuck you” because that is so exactly what he needed from her, and like Marnie, I was not able to give that either. She’s disgusted by him. And that’s a heavy, intense, overwhelming feeling.

    I know that Charlie is a heroin addict and Marnie cheated and maybe those are the takeaways here for most people but that scene on the bed got to me more than the rest of that. That’s love gone wrong.

  • Hannah

    I keep thinking about this episode over and over again, and I can’t seem to fully process it. It was heartbreaking, exciting, and scenic all in one. Imagine someone, who’s at one point the love of your life, turning into what Charlie has become? I knew Desi wouldn’t last, and Charlie wasn’t Marnie’s forever, but I have no idea what’s next for her. All I know is that scene of Marnie crawling into Hannah’s bed make me feel something I’ve felt in my most comforting moments.

  • Nina

    Number 10! I definitely muted the scene, kept one eye open and then rewound when I saw no one was hurt to catch the hectic dialogue. I mean, HBO. You never know.

  • gksp

    Best episode of the season. It also felt like the “real”-est episode of the season. Shoshona in Japan and Hanah at the retreat feel forced to me but his did not. Also, Allison Williams is under rated – she was AMAZING. And Charlie – wow – compelling, sad – his story drew me in on one hand while scaring me on the other. Excellent!

  • aconstellation

    I have a feeling Girls is gonna go Kids on us and Marnie is going to contract something 🙁

    • Katherine Sargeant


  • bobby

    I usually hate it whenever Marnie appears on the screen as her egomania has grown tiresome. But this episode reminded me of the previous seasons, when Marnie still had a « human » side and wasn’t reduced to a caricature of narcissism and delusion. Most of all, it brought me back to what terrified me the most in this character, which is how familiar her fears and despair are to me. The fear to miss out on everything, to never succeed or to never feel happy with what is. I have never encountered such a deep and original approach to that state of mind, and I’m really looking forward to see what Lena Dunham has planned for Marnie!

  • Catherine Elizabeth

    This episode was so special. I feel like the last four and a half seasons were leading to THIS episode. They didn’t have Marnie didn’t veer away or magically change from who we’ve known all along in a way that would have felt insincere or forced. Instead, it feels like a real move forward and not like you’re just watching her sink further and further into quicksand. I’m just really impressed by how interesting and thoughtful this episode was and it feels SO opposite to the lazy characterizations and stories we so often see for difficult or annoying female characters.

  • Kelsey Moody

    I feel like the reason we are all drawn to an episode like this is when you hear Marni say she is “25 and a half” while wearing Nike Dunk wedges, you roll your eyes and want to make fun of her yet no one is laughing at her in this episode. Its feels nice when people stop laughing at 20-something females for a second. When “Girls” is at its best, its when the eye-roll-worthy-white-girl-problems take a back seat and a character is allowed to breath, stumble and represent their real world counterparts, without the interruption of sequined pants, hipster tumblr references and the never ending all you can eat buffet of people going down on each other every episode.

    Marni saw herself in Desi, and just like Narcissus before them, loving a perfect reflection of yourself is a recipe for disaster. You might be “an asshole when youre 22” but when youre “25 and a half”, when your mistakes and heartbreaks catch up to you, you try to recreate something that was once whole and innocent. Everything tends towards entropy, so even after only TWO years– chaos, disorder, decay have taken their toll, especially on Charlie. When youre young the way you perceive time is skewed (1 year to a 1 year old is 100% of their life), so multiple business failures, no money, your dad hanging himself happening all in a 2 year span to a mid-20’s Charlie?? Brutal. And brutally real.

    Also, only Alison Williams would look like a goddess in central park pond scum da fuq

    • Tara Jayne

      I love this comment. I can’t stop thinking about this episode. It’s so true that Marnie sees Desi as a reflection of herself, and therefore hates him when he makes himself most vulnerable.

      I found it so interesting when she was asking for space and then told him he doesn’t care about what she wants. It was such a true-to-life moment, so filled with irony, because obviously she doesn’t give a shit about what he wants either. They are at such odds.

      Also I think I love this comment so much because some of the dialogue mirrors a book I just read about relationships and I wonder if you’ve read it too, internet stranger.

      • Kelsey Moody

        I have not heard of Internet Stranger, but it sounds like its up my alley!

        • Tara Jayne

          I was literally calling you internet stranger, but now I see how that could have been seriously misunderstood.

          The book is called “getting the love you want” and I’m probably not the intended audience but I loved it so much and the author talks about a desire to return to a “whole state” frequently throughout the book and how that is our primary driver in life and your sentiments really echoed that as well.

          • Kelsey Moody

            hahahaha wow yah so my coffee has NOT kicked in yet clearly but Ill look that up!!!

          • Tara Jayne

            Haha I am guilty of the same on a regular basis so no judgment here. Disclaimer on that book is that it’s written by a ‘quite Conservative’ Christian man but to me (a ‘quite liberal’ atheist woman) that is quite the testament to the information in it because I didn’t let his beliefs get in the way of absorbing what he was saying. Highly recommended for literally anyone who wants to understand relationships better. I think even if you disagreed with the guy you’d still find it compelling. Have a great day!

  • 1578695

    I loved this episode so so much, absolutely the BEST of the series! Marnie was such a different person this episode, more like season 1 Marnie – more relatable and every scene with her in it I didn’t spend thinking how much I hate her. We need to see more of Charlie … I really want him and Marnie to end up together – however likely it actually is!

  • Quinn Halman

    This was the episode that reminded me why I initially fell in love GIRLS

    • Mattie Kahn

      I felt exactly the same way, literally brimming with affection for the show. I think the essential thing about Girls is that it doesn’t need to be realistic to be good, but the emotions need to feel authentic. This rang true start to finish.

  • katie48

    Is it just me, or did Charlie set up the mugging at the beginning of the episode? Those friends say something about “thing tonight….get enough to cover you”. And then when they do get robbed, he goes for the earrings…..

    I dunno, man.

    • Lori

      hmm interesting thought. but i thought they were referring to the old ppl party he had to deliver drugs to..

    • pamb

      I think going for the earrings proved that he really didn’t care about Marnie. As she said “hey, he didn’t ask for the earrings!” He gave everything of Marnie’s away, nothing of his.

  • Cherryblossomgirl08

    Agree this episode was the show’s strongest output in, like, three seasons. But is it just me or does the show not know how to write people in marriages? Everyone gets divorced after like 3 episodes.

    • Mattie Kahn


  • Beatrice

    I have been holding out hope for Marnie for years. She is simultaneously the worst and the most relatable character on the show. I feel like she was just desperately clinging to the life she imagined for herself–and this episode was cathartic, in that she’s finally released the “should be” expectations for her life and is accepting the unknown–reveling in it, even. I cried my eyes out when she got into bed with Hannah and Fran because, man, friend love is the greatest love. Even if everyone sucks for a while.

  • Katia Luyo Angeles

    I’m still rooting for the Japan episode though. But I’m glad Marnie, while being her most annoying Marnie self, still knew when to say enough. We all hope that this helps her but… it’s Girls. I don’t really see anyone having great resolutions :/ On the other hand, Charlie :'( what happened? Imagine walking through a rough street seeing some guys you want to pass as fast as posible and there is your ex. THE ex. I do hope they did what someone here commented and Marnie reaches to Ray so he gets in touch with him. It also says a lot of how clueless Marnie is to be going through that street like everything is safe in the world in those clearly expensive headphones…

  • Ché Hot Chocolate

    Oh my gosh! I thought the exact same thing about the (lack of) condom! This episode was great tbh. The Magitta scene left me mouth-opened but I’m glad Marnie is leaving that idiot, Desi. I still can’t believe she actually married him. This episode really feels like Marnie has come full circle and we’ve closed a chapter. I hope moves on to greater things

  • Liz

    This was a standout episode for sure. And when Marnie goes on about how “she’s now 25 and a half” (makes sense) it made me chortle but then I remembered watching SatC episodes at 25 and a half and thinking how far off the mid-thirties seemed at the time. Watching Lena Dunham’s commentary after the episode it was neat to hear about how she based the “new Charlie” on someone she knew, who she figured out how to integrate into the Marnie storyline.

    Watched it, loved it, can’t wait to see what happens next in S5.

  • Mariana

    This episode reminded me why I still watch this show. And who else have been obsessively listening to Ellie Goulding’s song since then?!

    • Katherine Sargeant

      So glad someone else is too!! The Girls Season 5 Spotify playlist is killer

      • Mariana

        I have been obsessing with Girls OST since season 1, is very good! Other show that had an amazing OST was The O.C. <3. Oh, I miss the Orange County dramaaaa.

  • Does anyone else think Charlie sounds ridiculously like John C. Reilly in this ep?

  • Andy

    I’m so happy we’re (cross fingers) done with desi!

  • cloudy

    i just wanna believe charlie IS diabetic.
    (I could not believe my eyes when i saw him..I gasped.. yes he was hot…)
    up until the shower scene i honestly thought…yes, wow, yes.. this is gonna happen…
    yes i believed it sincerely.
    what does that say about me…? naive? hopeless romantic?
    I believe i can now safely say i am hopelessly delusional.

    I just love seeing shoshanna now, more than anyone else. I like really miss her when she is not on.

    (to your 3rd point: adam & desi, now that you’re saying it… yes…the parallels you drew make total sense..)

  • Katherine Sargeant

    I know I am super late to the party, but it took me almost three days and four HBO Go re-watches to decompress my feelings about this episode.

    If this and The Bushwick Incident when Shosh accidentally does crack (“It means I don’t think you’re cool, and I think your mother was poor” is still the best sentence uttered on television) are Girls episodes at their peak, I am 100% okay with that, which I am realizing are episodes that revolve heavily around Marnie and Charlie (when we first meet Audrey after “TWO WEEKS!!!”) I had fully accepted that external factors would keep Christopher Abbott off Girls, so seeing him was a pleasant surprise! As someone who hates to love and loves to hate Marnie and her cringe-worthy life decisions, this was Marnie and Alison Williams at their peak. I really hope she has a clean break from both Charlie and Desi and FINALLY discover who she is and what she wants out of the latter half of her twenties, but I don’t think this newly enlightened Marnie has completely severed the dead limb that is the narcissistic Marnie quite yet.

    Lena, I love you. Marnie, I really hope you didn’t catch something :(((

  • Augustine

    Why did Marnie not immediately cancel her credit card? When Marnie and Charlie were quite seriously considering running away together, why did they totally ignore the fact that she would have no credit card on said adventure, eloping whilst some bandit drained her account buying snapbacks from Urban Outfitters online?

  • l:ly

    This episode first of all was BAT SHIT INSANE. But, it really combined the dream of meeting up with your ex and having it work and be really good this time around with the total nightmare of reality-like he’s a heroin addict now and also you cheated on your husband and you were robbed. I wish Marnie and Charlie could just live in that little bubble when they were in bed and he was saying that they should run away together. It was too devastating to find out that his life had fallen apart. But also Marnie just really sucks. Like all the time. She barely redeemed herself in my eyes. I honestly want to fight her.

  • Patricia Villablanca

    I’m totally stoked her ugly tracksuit sweatpants got stolen along with her belongings. And yes… the “he isn’t wearing a condom” thought totally crossed my mind – as did they entire selfish indulgence of “let me live carelessly as if I am NOT MARRIED”. And my guy (forced to watch Girls against his will) observed “Doesn’t her husband care about her? It seems like her phone didn’t even ring once whilst she disappeared for an entire day AND night!”

  • Cara Smith

    Great article I love the series. http://bit.ly/1OWSz2p Specially this lady had done good job in this drama series.

  • Kathy E.

    Sometimes I half/watch Girls, but this was a total attention grabbing episode. Just recently saw Christopher Abbott in WTF and didn’t recognize him until this episode. Too much to say about the writing and acting for this small space.

  • Ellen O’ Malley

    #3 and #4 are so incredibly accurate…

  • Becca

    Lot of people saying they’re glad Charlie’s back. I kinda got the impression that it was a one off, that Marnie walked away and that was it, we’re not going to see him again. I didn’t think his character was back for good, however much I’d like to see him in it.

    As for Desi, what a narcissistic prick. I’ve been out with a narcissist, so I recognise a lot of those traits. Good thing for Marnie that she got out and realised her mistake before he ground her down. They’re such selfish and self-absorbed people. Which yes, Marnie does have quite a bit of that but I think there’s hope for her. It was good to see her so relaxed around Charlie, which made it all the more heartbreaking when she found the needle. New Charlie is so much more attractive than old Charlie, but it raises some questions about what he’s been through to get that way, and is it worth it? Because whilst he’s changed in a lot of ways that seem more attractive, he now has a whole bunch of new issues.

    When he was laid in bed with Marnie I truly believe he meant what he said. It sounds like he was grasping at a way to get away. From his problems and from drugs maybe. But of course it’s not as simple as that.

    Such an amazing episode, I’ve watched it five times already. There were so many perfect moments. I never guessed that Charlie was on drugs, ,I like Marnie didn’t even see the signs when I was watching it. I missed them all. I even believed his story about his father, which may not be true. I was totally absorbed, living this moment through Marnie’s eyes.

  • Lisa

    Sorry I’m a week late, but I have a sidebar question. Does anyone know where to get those sheets on Hannah’s bed at the end of the episode? They look so familiar, but I can’t remember who was selling them.

  • Heatherrr

    I watched this episode 4 times…no remorse once so ever

  • My take is this:

    No condom.
    Needle on the floor.
    Marnie gets HepC or something like that.

  • Ola Kulas

    Does anybody know what shoes is Marnie wearing in episode 6 season 5 ? I mean the black sneakers.

  • Akiko Surai

    I feel like a horrible person for saying this but I prefer this version of Charlie, I mean….minus the heroin he seems to be much more self confident and aware. Still can’t rally stand Marnie but thank god she is leaving that terrible marriage.

  • Marylane

    This was the best episode ever. Teary eyed :'(


  • Sandra Josef

    I am great fan of this series and i watched all episodes. http://bit.ly/2979Kqs help me to look like her and i am really work on this.

  • RogueTr00per

    Does anyone know the brand of Hi Fi headsets Marnie is wearing when she bumps into Charlie?

    • Donna Bradnock

      I’d like to know as well