13 Questions I Have About ‘Girls’: Season 5, Episode 4



While Shosh lives out her dream world on a Playmobil set in Japan, the rest of the gals are back in New York this week! Huzzah!

Hannah and Jessa and Marnie spend most of this episode contending with constructions of all kinds — real, imagined, probably illegal under New York City rent laws, metaphoric, grammatical. And yet they each somehow seem less bound, less inflexible, less trapped than usual.

Yes, Hannah is selfish and Jessa is cruel and Marnie is delusional. But Hannah is not wrong about Fran. Decisive women are never “too much.” And, no, Jessa shouldn’t have to deny her own happiness forever on principle. And Marnie is…trying? Maybe? Let’s talk about that and the 13 other questions I had about this episode of Girls:

1. Would it make your middle school experience seem better or worse if you knew it was being weaponized in the lovers’ spats of your teachers?

2. Did Marnie get her guitar case at P.B. Teen?

3. Did Marnie get her sequin pants from Limited, Too?

4. How many hours did Desi spend in the mirror, carefully applying each one of those “haphazard” paint stripes to his torso and neck? Two? Three and a quarter?

5. How do you think I should react to the fact that Marnie, Desi and I all use the same Dove Go Fresh body wash? Self-imposed exile?

6. What wouldn’t I give for a Ray Bradbury digest shelf?

7. Do you think Ham 11 could ever be the new Santal 33?

8. Okay, so we’ll get to the question mark here, I swear. But first: I really want to dig into this, because I think it’s important! Adam, not fucking over your friend does not make you a pussy. But! Given that Jessa and Hannah have a lukewarm friendship at best and that most of us seem to feel that the statute of limitations on ex-even-great-loves expires eventually, what is holding Jessa back here? Is Hannah just an excuse for Jessa at this point? Is she scared of Adam?

9. Has Hannah ever worn a bra to work?

10. Are headbands the new barrettes the new braids?

11. Does anyone on this green earth deserve love as much as Elijah does? Relatedly, can he star in some kind of remake slash adaption of The Lizzie McGuire Movie? Don’t really care if Dill is there.

12. [A space to acknowledge that I should have a question about Jessa and Adam and the “bad sex,” but I…don’t? This was inevitable. I feel no way about it at all.]

13. Do you think as Elijah stands in that window frame, all he really wants is to see East Egg and Daisy Buchanan staring back at him?

Follow our go-to Girls expert and author Mattie on Twitter @mattiekahn. Photographs by Craig Blankenhorm and Mark Schafer for HBO; collaged by Emily Zirimis.


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  • ReadER451

    #13 for the win.

    • Yup! I agree!

      • Jessica Fansler

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  • Aydan

    oh god so many things in this episode!! it was a given that Jessa/Adam’s first sex would be sub-par. She’s def using hannah as an excuse at this point!!

  • Babs

    Additionally: Do you think Hannah is purposefully dressing like Maria von Trapp in the teaching scene?

    • Babs

      Ok the styling choices in this ep! Jessa with no makeup, babysitters club sweater, and cross necklace–dressing “good” to be good.

  • Aggie

    #12= agreed they finally did it and nothing stood out from this scene so now what?

  • WesternCvlztn

    Nah I just can’t imagine a friend no matter how lukewarm dating my ex not just my ex…”the ex.”

  • Mariana

    In this episode I was proud about Marnie’s attitude towards Desi. How many times aren’t we the Marnie or the Desi of the situation (when people don’t live by our expectations and we get frustrated or when we receive criticism just because we don’t act the way the other would like)?