Cold Weather Street Style & Heart Warming Songs

Krista took the pictures, you guys picked the songs


You know what New Yorkers and hearts have in common? Resilience — the ability to keep thumping despite a cold front, be it a blizzard, a rainstorm or a breakup. Rhythm — that constant pace is non-negotiable in order to survive. Warmth on the inside despite a sometimes-frozen facade. A dedicated work ethic. Ever watch New Yorkers jay-walk across an icy street at rush hour? Complex and impossible, just like the heart.

Both run on tunnels and bridges; both have nostalgic soft spots for the past. “And so we beat on,” Fitzgerald once wrote. “Boats against the current.” We’ll take the wrong train all the way uptown in secret just to see someone we lied about and said we forgot.

What else…

When given the right kiss, we thaw. The right hug, we warm. The right song, we melt.

You should see us in love. You wouldn’t even be able to tell us apart.

Enjoy the above playlist of songs that you guys suggested along with a wintry-mix of real street style in the slideshow above. (Krista shot it when the roads were still slick, by the way. She basically risked her life to do it. Isn’t that romantic?)

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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