Get a Head Start on Next Season Before You Accidentally Buy Another Pair of Culottes

Just because trends are cyclical doesn’t mean we don’t get sick(lical) of them


The common interpretation of fashion week is that it’s a road map that indicates where you’re headed for the next six months or so, but not as regularly do people treat it like a litmus test that challenges all the stuff you think you know and forces you out of your comfort zone, stylistically speaking, to put the brakes on trends you’re not actually over but trust me, you will be in t-minus [insert time period here]. Like, for example, culottes. Any big-ass cropped pants worn with sneakers, for that matter. Yes, they’re practical — they allow room for your legs to run wild and free without compromising respect for your feet and their level of comfort, but there are better ways. Here are some of them.


1. Try a pair of capri pants. You might not agree with me yet, but trust me, you will! Last week, as a matter of fact, I wore black knee-cap leggings as though they were capris with a pair of lace up sandals and I felt bizarrely awesome. You won’t find these in many places yet, so I’d recommend Lululemon — or crystal ball holder, Isa Arfen.

2. And while we’re talking about fitness-wear, how about a pair of track pants. Ece Sükan, who we street style-stalked in New York, is pretty good at making this work, and so was Lacoste. Chloé is seemingly on the same page, too.

3. We’ve been suggesting that thick wool trousers might usurp the denim kingdom for a while but if fashion week’s street style was an indication of anything, that moment is here. I’m particularly partial toward houndstooth and herringbone — any sort of gray, or pinstripe prints because they feel, I don’t know, less corporate than a solid black or navy and thus actually feel like a denim replacement. Creatures of Comfort has this game on lock.


4. Goodbye sneakers, hello ballet flats! Never mind the “basic” implications — this is a challenge we are up for and it appears as though baggy trousers will do the trick to eliminate those implications.

5. I don’t know if this is the case for you, but I can’t stand the thought of an ankle boot with cropped jeans any longer. Instead, I’m thinking of somewhat loose-fit pants worn with knee-high boots like we’re a bunch of horseback riders on sabbatical or something.


6. Nothing fitted, please. Give me robes and bell shapes and big-ass boxes.

Where shirts are concerned:

7. Are you sick of your button downs? Me too! What is that? I can only stomach the thought of them worn under dresses — preferably tea length.

8. …And have instead submitted myself to a life of half-zips. I’ve now mentioned this like, 5 times and wonder if you’re on board?

No? Not yet? Okay.

9. May I interest you in a Victorian shoulder ruffle?

Meanwhile, in stuff that’s not new, which you probably already own and are wondering what to do with:

10. Jumpsuits are still very much alive.

11. So are unseasonal white jeans.

I feel so much better knowing that you know what I mean.


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  • Kerrith

    I hear you! I love me some wool trousers with a pattern that screams classic, but paired with something modern looks really chic. Half zips and ballet flats are always a good “go to”. I would argue that capris are not good for those of us who have shorter, thicker legs, and someone is going to have to pry booties and jeans that hit just above the ankle out of my cold, dead hands. My ankles are the only part of my body that are skinny. I love to show them off!

    • dina bolden

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  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    You inspired me to wear capris and I feel gym-coach-meets-’80s-dancer chic.

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      Gym-coach chic is quite the continuation of athleisure

    • Leandra Medine

      Show them a picture Eliz!

  • Aydan

    Thank god for jumpsuits honestly. I’m all about the easy/one piece wear!!

  • Maia

    Capris are gonna be a hard sell. Although, I think I’m just still feeling the hangover from the days when white capris were the uniform at my Highschool.

    As for half zips, I’m very, very down. And this seems like a natural step after the ubiquitous turtlenecks become too claustrophobic come a warm spring day – unzip and voila! There’s a human décolletage under that turtle neck after all!

    • Leandra Medine

      You are so right. Fashion can be so practical at times.

  • EveYedid

    Almost bought ANOTHER pair of denim culottes until this post just saved me from what could’ve been the biggest mistake of Spring’16. Thank you!!! I think I will whip out some unseasonal white capris instead.

    PS please don’t tell me sneakers are out! Not yet at least! I’ve never felt so comfortable and cool at the same time.
    PPS Loved this post. The “May I interest you in a Victorian shoulder ruffle” had me laughing out loud.

  • Aggie

    Can we talk about the winter gear action happening behind the lovely lady on picture 15?
    Also yes to wool trousers and things keeping me warm but nooooo to ballet flats and being constantly reminded that I am walking on concrete basically bare feet.

  • Amadee Stenzel

    Great to see these styles are making more of a comeback, the shirt under strappy dresses trend was my thing in the 2000s

  • But what I understand of capris isn’t what those images show! Capris are those pair of pants that you traditionally wear in summer, shorter that normal pants. They were trendy like 15 years ago (I remember my mum waring a pair of fuchsia ones), but they have never been sporty styled.

    More Digital-Fashion news at

  • Amy Willard

    Mira Duma can do no wrong, sigh…..

    • Lua Jane

      She really can’t. But sometimes I wonder is it her inherent cuteness or the things she wears, but probably both. The other day I saw her insta pic with a long fur coat and white sneakers, and decided I’ll try it too. It worked, I felt awesome.

  • Lua Jane

    Fashion future looks bright. Coming from someone who never jumped on the culote bandwagon, and loves and lives in teal length dresses.

  • Shevaun

    Ballet flats are a no-go for me because I have massive bony feet and they make me feel like I’m clomping around always. But, give me some chunky boots or men’s sneakers and I feel dainty and cool.

  • Valerie Barahona

    i feel like crap now 🙁 i just bought me some black culottes last week hahahaha

  • Victoria

    I thought ballet flats were trendy since few years. Anyway, our London Escorts are usually requested to wear high heels, unless a client lives in a quiet street and wants them to arrive very discreetly because of the neighbours.

  • Lebanese Blonde

    A lot of these outfits are soooooo good for potential “moderately-conservative workplace appropo.”

    (Which is an article you definitely should write!)

  • Alex

    Are you a fan of Adidas track pants? They seem so easy and comfortable. How would you style them? Xx

  • Arianna Ratner

    nooo culottes and kamm pants are still in I say! I just got a pair of vintage sailor pants tailored to be cropped, mistake? i hope not