The Rules of Style: Alicia Vikander

The first thing you need to know about Oscar winner Alicia Vikander is that she wore this outfit in the October 2013 issue of Dazed and Confused.

(by Jacob Lillis for Dazed and Confused)

Other important notables that you should likely write down (especially for that moment this Sunday when your mom texts you the second Vikander hits the red carpet to ask, “Now who is that beautiful girl? Your dad says it’s Kelly Clarkson but I told him this isn’t the Grammys!) are:

1) She’s nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (The Danish Girl) at this year’s Academy Awards.

2) She was a nominee at the Golden Globes and the BAFTA Awards.

3) She won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role).


4) She’s a dancer who trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School.

But back to that outfit, because what we came here for is style:

Praise for the April 25th of mohair sweaters (not too tight, not too loose, all you need’s a pair of flared pajama trousers) should be placed directly on the shoulders of the shoot’s stylist, Elizabeth Fraser-Bell.

However, prior and post fashion choices — plus an insider bit of gossip! — have confirmed that Alicia Vikander is fairly involved in the process of getting dressed for public appearances. A stylist can’t shove a celebrity in bad crinoline, you know. A celebrity has to secretly kind of want to be in that bad crinoline for it to happen. Likewise, a celebrity has to be down with mohair.

It’s like the tango; it takes two!

And with stylist Victoria Sekrier (not of the Dazed shoot, but of Vikander’s red carpet life) as her dancing partner, it’s clear that we can learn a lot. Things like…

Velvet is a great idea when it’s done in dove gray, and where has such a thing been all my life?

– When in doubt about what to pair your white tank with, a sequin midi-skirt will always work.

Jumpsuits, so long as the print is right and the nips have a shot at a slip, will never be dead.

Brown fishnets. Brown. Of course.

Horses should remain unsung as pant details no longer.

Florals too sweet? Add a corset. Or a harness.

– Bibs. Bibs are a revelation. (Red Lobster, you knew this, but not in this ruffled capacity, and we should all reconsider as such immediately.)

White collars should not be dismissed to the backs of closets.

A cashmere sweater always feels best when pulled down over the hands, for some reason.

– And that same sweater will always work with literally any skirt. It’s just one of life’s mysteries.

– And also, it really helps to be Alicia Vikander.


Feature collage by Emily Zirimis.


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  • I just loved her in Ex Machina!! She rocks her style!! I can’t wait to see her when the Danish girl come out On Demand! =)

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  • Arya

    She looked great in the danish girl though with all her body covered up with huge coats,like her a lot <3

  • tinydarling

    Great post! I’ve been following Alicia for a bit now. Her style gives me life.

    Payton // Tiny Darling

  • A) Literally just made a similar Miss Congeniality joke in a blog post today as well. Glad I’m not the only one who still thinks that’s funny.
    B) I love her style. That Cannes dress is aaaaaadsgakjjskgjkl!

  • Jayne

    I still cannot get over the Louis Vuitton dress she wore to the Screen Actors Guild Awards, just absolutely stunning. x

  • Nicki

    I’m obsessed with strapless dresses again. This Mossman style is similar to the Top Shop Unique dress you’ve featured. And shhhh… it’s only $125 CAD.

  • McKenna

    Ugh she is just impossibly beautiful. And I mean ugh as the highest form of compliment!

  • Cristina Pavelescu
  • Lisa

    I’ve been loving Alicia Vikander since seeing her in Ex-Machina (amazing), and my obsession just went up a notch when I noticed at the Oscars that she’s with Micheal Fassbender, who happens to also be my fantasy boyfriend.

  • industrial floor coatings

    collection of dresses too good

  • Kate

    meh. wondering if she’d be getting this much attention if she wasn’t a twiggy foreigner.

  • I am following her. Most I loved her clutches collection so I had a clutch purse.

  • wardobe designs
  • Nina

    OMG YES, she’s my biggest girl crush since Kirsten Dunst. She’s so cute I just wanna hang out with her. Michael Fassbender + Alicia = seriously dreamy couple <3