Dress the Part: Outfits to Take You Through Fashion Week (or Not)

Either way, this here is some good old-fashion winter style


The question on the tip of every tongue as this season’s fashion week meets its inauguration is: do the shows matter anymore? There’s a wide school of thought that says no, and an even more dynamic one that argues yes, but independent of the moot point, there is one unflinching element — a question — that still elicits a unanimous fuck yes!

And that is: does what you wear matter?

Of course, I don’t mean that for the sake of the photographers — it’s never actually about them, is it? It’s about how they make you feel. So what I’m talking about, really, is the reality that we’re always in pursuit of a reason to try just a little bit harder. To wear the shoes that aren’t the obvious choice. The skirts that make you grateful for pants, the pants that make you grateful for skirts and the dresses that kind of just make you wonder. And because it’s apparently going to be cold-as-fuq this weekend but frankly speaking, I refuse to let the weather pick my outfits for me, consider this brief tutorial a sort of middle finger, yeah?

Let’s proceed.

Started From the Bottom I’m Still Here


And speaking of other stills, I am still not over these Prada shoes from Spring 2012 and think now’s as good a time as any to forage the vast mushrooms of off-price platforms (pun super intended) to find them. That doesn’t make so much sense, but go with it. In addition, you’ll need a pair of camp socks and maybe a standard pair of black socks to wear over the camp socks so that your toes are warmest ones on earth.

On earth.

The Khaki Color Block


Though technically speaking, it doesn’t have to be khaki — it could be army cotton twill, or denim, any sort of utilitarian fabric that will offset a fancy robe-style coat (though she’s actually wearing a long blazer and cardigan, cool!). The beanie is like the foam art on top of a latte.

Because You’ve Probably Acquired a Pair of Gucci-like Loafers


Wear ’em with tights! And a huge black coat that kind of looks like a dress. This way, if you want to wear a snuggie rolled up to your knees underneath, you are absolutely at liberty and furthermore encouraged to do so.

How About that Gold Turtleneck?


I’m not going to say that I hereby declare the 70s dead, but I am going to say that a really smart way to take relics from your tribute to the decade (e.g. a shearling coat — faux or not) and make them feel a little more, I don’t know, current, is by simply adding a gold turtleneck and silver shoes. This was you look a little Saturday Night Fever, a little astronaut and then your jeans are left to ask: what are you looking at? Everyone wins! But you especially.

And If None of That Makes Sense?


Surely you’ve obtained a striped shirt by this point, right? Pair it with black trousers, white sneakers, a sleek black coat and then Badabing! Badaboom! Add a red bandana or cut up an old red t-shirt (wear a sweater as a scarf?) and you’re gelling. Only not.

And…if you want to go rogue, have had it with your bullshit 401k but also don’t really know how to, might I suggest the below?

Ready? Gr8!


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  • Nicki

    Adore jumpsuits!! We’ve got this one with the removable bow for spring! http://curriculumshop.com/products/celeste-tesoriero-striped-overalls

  • Stephanie

    I love seeing the fashionista on the street <3


  • i want all of the loafers

  • Lou

    I LOVE all these style posts. I would love a post about where to get great trousers (well-cut, etc.) for less $$ than designer ones– just a suggestion, I’ve been looking and they’re hard to find. Thank you for the fashion inspiration!

    • Leandra Medine

      super hard to find. what’s your price range?

  • Beatrice

    Pandora and that wall tile matching is *gold*

  • This Prada shoes though.
    I’ll never get over not buying those right away. LE SADNESS! LE SOB!