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You know those days where you feel so out of control and don’t know what to do to make yourself feel better and the only thing you can muster up is like, having a Snickers bar, which ends up wreaking havoc on your digestive system and elicits the kind of mental fatigue that makes you feel hungover and I don’t just mean hungover, I mean: I’m-so-young-I-don’t-realize-the-repercussions-of-a-fifth-tequila hungover?

Same! I know those days, too! But I’m also pretty sure that in my tender five years manning the laptop at Man Repeller, I’ve discovered a foolproof antidote that only ever doesn’t work while I’m unconscious because, duh, I’m not conscious. This antidote, of course, is treating my body like a Pinterest board and allocating inspirational images in the form of garments to it. So while, yes, it would be both bratty and greedy for me to say that February has been anything but stunning weather-wise (what will happen to our earth, though?), the mid-winter doldrums still kick in and when they do? A curated shop presented by Man Repeller and MATCHESFASHION.COM sweeps in to save the day.

A small piece of the larger pie (which you can access right here) below.


Osman robe, M.i.h Jeans striped top, Etro pants, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers

To reiterate the question: when the mid-winter doldrums kick in, what does one do? She wears a robe coat. Possibly paired with printed, wide leg pants and sneakers that are comfortable enough to walk to and fro the beginning and end of your city just so that everyone can see what you’re wearing. There’s a striped shirt, too, because why not extend your visit to the print factory while you’re at it?

And if you’re thinking about summer? Well, here’s a linen dress of an idea.


Dodo Bar Or wrap dress, Dolce & Gabbana earrings, Gucci eyeglasses

Which, granted, isn’t technically on display in the above photo, but that’s only because I doubled down on the maxi-wrap dress with a pair of eyeglasses that hold no prescription and Dolce & Gabbana earrings that I swear make me smile every time I see them. It’s kind of like they should be edible, but because they’re not, they never go away, which is so much more valuable, if I may say so myself.

Finally, I invite you to attempt wearing a slinky black tie dress with ruffle sleeves coupled with sneakers.


Juan Carlos Obando dress, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers, Marte Frisnes and Isabel Marant cuffs

Not to act irreverent, or even like you’re good at striking dichotomies, but simply because this is a good dress, and it’s an expensive dress, and unless you can reconcile wearing it 15 ways that don’t include the one-and-done wedding for which you have your eyes on it, it will be hard to justify the price tag. Or maybe it won’t! What do I know. The ribbon is gratis. I pulled it right off some gift wrapping.

In partnership with MATCHESFASHION.COM; Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Natali

    Uh!!! That coat – I need it in my life as well as those D&G earrings too!

  • That Juan Carlos dress is amazing! Were you freezing when you were taking those pictures, though?? It’s freezing in Chicago and can’t imagine wearing that outside.

    Also, Leandra, is that red lip from Charlotte Tilbury? It’s amazing!

  • Nicki

    Leandra, I could totally see you in this!

  • I love love that JCO dress on you! Love how the red lips makes the outfit look so sultry but the sneakers keep it looking edgy with an attitude of I didn’t even try 🙂 Will try this look myself.

  • sofia allyn

    but but but…what happens if a case of the winter doldrums leaves you bored/tired/sick/shlumpy…and dressing “up” doesn’t feel good? do you ever just give in to the pair of old sweatpants calling your name and skip the fancy robe/pj combo?

  • Stephanie
  • Amelia Diamond

    ughhhh you look cool that’s so annoying. in2 that dodo bar or dress n all their stuff on matches especialllyyy

  • Jimena N.

    ¡¡¡love the lipstick!!! what is the brand and number? been looking for orange-red for a while <3

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      IDK what L is wearing, but my fav orangey red is Topshop Rio Rio (also Alexa Chung’s fav. Maybe how I found out, not telling).

    • vivian smartt


  • Lavinia Făt

    Obsessed with this coat, but you look as perfect as it can in that Juan Carlos Obando dress

  • That dress! It’s so perfect!

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    Nobody wears a robe like Leandra. We (meaning the peanut gallery) all agrees that Leandra in that JCO dress is a sight for sore eyes 😉 luh it all

  • Kim

    YOU in that Juan Carlos dress with those sneakers and red lips!!!!!!!! What a dream.

  • kittentits

    this is completely unrelated to this article but i would like to say that as a lesbian i fully appreciate the title of this blog

  • Aggie

    That last outfit totally reminds me of the kind of girl Facehunter is obsessed with photographing! And somehow I never see those kind of people anywhere (?) you look so goooooood Leandra!

  • Tuba

    OMG. You look so good in that last dress. Even if you didn’t intend to look sexy, i’m did.

  • Look #1 = Style Samurai. All you need is a giant Chanel Sword (Karl, take notes).

  • Chelsey

    that Obando dress and sneakers! She’s so CA and she doesn’t even know it

  • epitomegirl

    Hi Leandra, I’ve been following you since the beginning, and you’re so wonderful! A talented writer, inspiring fashionista and just all-around amazing lady.

    You may want to reconsider your partnership with matchesfashion though:

    I wanted to let you know, for the first time, I bought something through your recommendation (matchesfashion) – the Gucci glasses. It’s not a reflection on you at all, because you’re a shopper extraordinaire and of course I trust your judgement (hence the reason I followed the link to your matchesfashion recommendations and bought from them).

    I wanted to let you know about my experience with them, which was not good. I live in Atlanta GA and right after I made the purchase, they requested I send them a copy of my driver’s license and passport, I assume for customs, though I’ve never had to do that before and I’ve ordered a lot of things internationally. Did you know the United States FDA controls sunglasses?

    Once matchesfashion shipped the sunglasses, I got multiple conflicting messages from DHL (which as a shipper is always a pain in the butt and when people use them I get frustrated) that they needed more info from me. I had to make 6 phone calls and bounce around in 5 emails to 3 different people so they could get my social security number, address (which they already had) phone number (again they already had that too) and my full name. Once I gave them that info, they said they still were missing information from matchesfashion in order to ship the items so they would clear customs.

    If matchesfashion sells to the USA and has currency in dollar amounts I would assume they know how to handle the sale and logistics of the products they sell. It’s been a huge headache and probably the most complicated online shopping experience I’ve ever had and I’ve been shopping online since I worked as a web designer (and trusted the internet) back in 1998.

    Anyway, you are great, and I love what you do, I just wanted to make you aware of the bad experience I’m having with the company you’re partnering with and promoting. And sadly, I still don’t even have those fabulous sunglasses yet 🙁

    • epitomegirl

      sadly, it’s still taking a while to get them, matchesfashion is holding it up by not providing information for customs clearance. I already gave DHL everything they need, but matchesfashion doesn’t handle shipping things like sunglasses to the USA very competently or gracefully :/

  • Anya van Wyk

    THAT dress!

  • matisse

    curious to know Leandra’s thoughts on wearing Dodo Bar Or’s keffiyah fabric as a chic dress. I would love an article on this by her? ps: am in love with Dodo Bar Or’s dresses etc and actually bought one but now not sure if I should wear it … is it cultural appropriation / is it PLO chic? I know that Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel has used this fabric and others before but not sure if this makes it right? Am I reading too much into this? May I just wear and not feel culturally insensitive and/or be seen as making a political statement? Thanks