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One of the best facts about Daryl Kerrigan, notable driver of that downtown, 90s aesthetic thanks to her Manhattan shop on 6th Street (and later, Bond Street) so frequently tied to words like “cult-status” and “cool girl favorite,” is that she designed the costumes for My Cousin Vinny in the early years of her career.

It’s a fun tidbit to share considering that so much of her legacy is wrapped around the East Village music scene and her low slung, bootleg pants. (I say “pants” because while she did make jeans — plenty of them — there was also a whole lot of vinyl.)

Much of Kerrigan’s current press, of course, is revolving around her collaboration with Madewell. The look is considerably more 70s than what you may think you know Daryl K for, though the added element of musician Kim Gordon — who starred in the campaign alongside her daughter, Coco, and model Erin Wasson — further solidifies the designer’s rocker roots. You know what they say: you can take the girl out of the vinyl pants…

You also know what Jay will say: “What was it like for you growing up?”

Hear him ask the Irish-born designer this question and more in our 21st episode of Oh Boy. Got your headphones ready? Rock on.


The Madewell x Daryl K collaboration (18-piece limited-edition capsule collection) is now sold on Madewell.com. Follow Daryl K on Instagram and Twitter, and follow Oh Boy host Jay Buim on Instagram. Check out his website, too. Logo and feature illustration by Kelly Shami.


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