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Kate Pierson of The B-52’s
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If you ever need a throwback hit to make your day better, might I suggest a classic that never fails to get the people dancing — and singing, I should add, because somehow everyone knows the words:

Oh yes. “Love Shack,” baby. Of course, there wouldn’t be a “Love Shack” to make anyone’s day better if there wasn’t first and foremost a Kate Pierson — one of the lead singers and founding members of The B-52’s.

In this episode of Oh Boy, Jay Buim sits down with Pierson to talk about her post-college journey spent hitch-hiking through Europe, the year she spent living in a shack in the middle of a field outside of Athens, Georgia, and of course, how she met the band that would become The B-52’s.

Normally I suggest you plug in your headphones, but in honor of the new-wave wonders, you might want to listen to this one out loud. Enjoy!


Follow Kate Pierson on Twitter, and follow Oh Boy host Jay Buim on Instagram. Check out his website, too. Logo and feature illustration by Kelly Shami.


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  • Oh wow I love her!!! I will definitely tune back here when I’m not at work!!

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  • Jay’s voice is like a sweater on my heart