Street Style is Personal Again – Proof is in the Slideshow

It read a self-help book or something, IDK.


Street style has become personal again. At least I think that’s what is happening. It’s only natural that if fashion is cyclical, those who wear the clothes go through similar motions.

Here’s my hypothesis of what happened, and it’s unscientific:

2008/9/10: Rise of the blogs. Rise of me-focused photography and the lens pointing inward (but in a flattering way, not like the bad flip-angle where you shock the shit out of yourself on Snapchat), which shed light on the fact that it wasn’t just editors who had an opinion on fashion.

Around that same time: Civilians with an eye and a camera realized that people on the street dressed pretty cool. That fashion was happening in real life — off the runway — and it wasn’t all designer or all expensive or all the newest trends. Like the blogs, this was personal.

And then those guys made blogs, too.

2011-2012: Personal style bloggers, street style photographers and notoriously well-dressed editors coincided. New York Fashion Week became a playground for all, and play they did.

This sounds like a bed time story. But it’s not!

They played so much that the fanfare became a bit much. Everyone started trying to outdo one another in outfits. Or outfit-outdo themselves. Industry vets missed the way things were, and who could blame them: the fact that BIG STYLE, LOUD STYLE, who-the-hell-would-actually-wear-that-style became the front-and-center focus meant that personal style was all a farce. (Remember Amy Odell’s MR story?)

And then, the retaliation: let’s call late 2013 the beginning of normcore. Everyone had had it. To hell with bright colors. To hell with trying, because trying meant trying too hard, and nothing is more uncool than that. Right?

So in 2014, white sneakers were the shoes. Levi’s were the jeans and your mom’s camel became the coat.

By the end of 2015, of course, we declared this all so very boring and spent a lot of time being big mopes.

“Blah, blah, blah, fashion.” The Snapchat caption heard ’round New York.

And then…toward the end of the year, because of that forgiving cycle — nature — we hit our authentic stride. The weather stayed weirdly warm. Maybe it was giving us a pass — a last-ditch attempt to get us to put in some effort because if not to say the absolute opposite of blah, then what is the point of getting dressed?

And by February 11, 2016, New York Fashion Week show-goers stopped overthinking the whole damn thing, looked in their closets and said yes.

Yes to weird coats, but not for the sake of the shot.

Yes to jeans but because they’re good jeans, and not because they’re on-purpose boring.

Yes to heels — if you want.

Yes to flats if that’s more your thing.

Yes to logos because everyone deserves some credit .

Yes to knits without labels, because everyone loves a “find.”

Yes to having your picture taken! What a compliment.

Yes to blending into the background instead. That sounds cozy and nice.

Yes to dressing in a way that makes you happy and feel good and feel bold and powerful, because what a concept.

Click through the above. This city’s always had personal style. It’s just that finally, it got its groove back.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Megs

    Yes! Love this. Your analysis hit the nail on the head. 2015 especially seemed to be fraught with the same old, same old norm core style. It’s refreshing to see some personality on display again.

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  • I agree we’re kind of at the “just right” point with street style right now. I actually really enjoyed some elements of normcore because I had been norm-ing by accident for years but there was something kind of … what’s the word I’m looking for? It was like people who were really into it really got their jollies from people who still wanted to try and express their own style. In a way that seemed kind of mean-spirited and juvenile.

  • deb

    One of your best posts yet. Peeps expressing themselves and not in some dictated reality show way. Fab. pix. Thank you .

  • I’m so glad this is happening. After Suzy Menkes wrote the Circus bit on fashion and streetstyle, I saw the fustercluck of people seem to shy away, attempting to go unnoticed with lackluster clothing. Now, it’s the good kind of circus again. The ones that are beautiful and mind blowing rather than freak show. Im into it! Love this post.

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  • Hanna

    Its also interesting and great to see that people start to dress for the weather again… in this slideshow you barely see any skin but cool coats, boots and tights…. I remember in the past years everyone seemed to dance around with bare legs and sandals in snow…

    • Yes, I remember going into the Rebecca Taylor show two years ago and Aimee Song & crew had BARE LEGS, and their coats draped over their shoulders. It was 20 degrees at most that day.

  • Alarive

    What coat is n.23 wearing? Please don’t be thousands of dollars please please.

  • Fashionably Sparkly


    Fashionably Sparkly

  • A-M

    Does anyone know who the woman wearing the polka dot coat in picture no. 5 is?

  • I’m totally fine with normcore. I’m not totally fine with everyone on earth being normcore. What a boring, boring existence that would be be. Show me glitter! Show me neon! Show me mixed colored prints! Where’s my pink furry vest and holographic strappy pumps with socks? Tell me, world! Tell me! *steps off of soapbox and awkwardly carries it away*

  • Esraa Bassiouny

    Yes personal style is back! I love all of these above styles.

  • kocham mode

    interesting inspirations

  • MLH Design Co

    @ManRepeller can you share what thought processes went into play when you paired your outfit together? Usually I get where you’re going with your choices but this one baffles me…

  • Lilly

    this makes me feel happy. look at all these people wearing their Clothes! i feel warm looking @ them :~)

  • Stephanie
  • Laurabird

    i’ve been totally thinking the same thing. in fact i had a minor meltdown over the weekend, staring at all my boring gray and navy clothing and crying to my boyfriend, “i just don’t feel COOL anymore.” i was feeling like my wardrobe wa aging me by 20 years. so i proceeded to go out and buy some purple vintage wool slacks and i feel better already.
    i see the advantages of a minimal wardrobe, or a capsule wardrobe, or whatever you want to call the pared-down, “uniform look”, everything-goes-with-everything, seasonless yadda yadda yadda, but honestly? while i may always have something to wear i don’t feel excited about it. maybe i’m doing it wrong. but i think bringing back the joy and eccentricity of fashion is not a terrible thing. especially in the bleak month of february! some things DON’T go with everything and that makes them that much more fun when you do pull them out!

  • tmcgee

    yass this is the thing that happened, someone defined it FINALLY.

  • Emma

    I fear I’m missing it written in a thousand places – but who makes these colored shearling coats? 4 & 9.

  • #4 just made my day. 🙂

  • Strangevista

    Too many (if not all) models.

  • Lua Jane

    The thing I love about that is that everything is finally ok. I love normcore. Normcore thought me that sneakers aren’t necessarily bad, and that all black/gray everything is good, but it was limiting for some people. For someone who loves clothes and fashion, it’s great and inspiring to see other people’s individual style, colours, cuts and combinations. It’s a feast for the eyes, where you can actually learn and borrow ideas, or interpret them your own way. In that sense I think we really are in a good place right now.

  • Anya van Wyk

    Authenticity reigns once more!