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Welcome back to Monocycle! If you missed us last week, I’m glad to report that the hiatus is over. If you did not realize we didn’t publish last week, I’m sad to report that I get it.

You’ll hear in this episode that I’d originally intended to record a special edition installment that would outline the happenings on fashion week in a series of audio snippets summarizing the days as they occurred in real time. But if I’m being really honest, my fertility doctor put me on a new medication that was meant to suppress my ovaries and neglected to share with me the single side effect: severe, though temporary, depression! I’m coming out of it now and even so much as appreciated the smell of Wednesday’s rain.

If it’s any consolation, this episode does cover fashion week peripherally — most saliently because the theme, purpose, is one that was on my mind a lot last week as industry denizens ambled from show to show in the freezing cold sounding and looking more deflated than usual. Are we questioning purpose within the established system? And what happens when we lose our purpose? Something rather enlightening that came out of asking myself these questions was the very simple reality that without purpose, our will to do is compromised. And without a will to do, what have we? On the bright side, purpose is everywhere. We just need to know to look for it.

Oh! And In case you’re wondering why the volume is a little bit off…we recently acquired an “at-home recording studio,” which works like this:


But I thought it worked like this…


Monocycle is edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander; Logo illustration by Kelly Shami with background photograph by Maia Flore via Kinfolk.


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  • these podcasts truly make my day. Red wine and a little uplift without moving from my bed.

    We’re Not Exclusive

  • Laure

    I did notice! And I did wonder if there would be a new podcast this week. I enjoy them so very much. I love hearing your thoughts on confidence, or anything really. Your effort to put into words things that seem difficult to grasp is the most interesting thing I’ve seen on blogs recently. They always leave me unsatisfied, like a bad habit I ought to quit. But these podcasts satisfy a need I have, something I’m looking for without knowing exactly what it is. I don’t care about fashion week but I do care about what you have to say. So please, keep putting out there? Laure

  • Courtney Chilton

    Thank you so much for voicing thoughts that I haven’t been able to articulate. Often times I feel like we’re all striving so hard..but are we all striving towards whatever with the subconscious goal of saying “I’m striving so hard.” I’m in the process of rethinking what I put forward in the world, and realizing that it’s up to me to design the world that I live in.

  • crazyloverblue

    Man I’ve had a rough couple of days and today (PST) will be tough too. I don’t know if this post will help me today but it was good and just hearing your voice and issues makes me feel better. I hope you find your purpose.

  • I loved the point in your monologue where you reflect on reigning in your purpose re: fashion week – to not try to reach the overall secret of the season, but find purpose in something more manageable. it’s a metaphor for LYFE!

  • l:ly

    i love you so much ok

  • xtyb

    Yay! I agree with what you came to at the end (and seemed scared of in the middle) For the most part, just pick a small purpose for the day. The ‘Present’ is all that really matters right? And I think that some really rewarding purposes–purpi?– are about helping others. So, YOU’RE DOING IT!!! we love The Manrepeller and you make us smile every day. Your ‘bigger’ purpose of finding the white shoes with red heels will definitely come to you as long as you keep out there (except when you do decide to have some tea) and it’s also a huge contribution to share your beyond-fashion-life struggles. You can do everything as long as you just start doing it, one bit at a time. Namaste! ????❤️