How to Make Friends as an Adult

Making friends as an adult is hard, but these tips will help


Just like the heart-puzzle necklace said, best friends are forever. Alas – life is sad. One goes to grad school, one moves to Spain, one never came back from Burning Man.

Now what? You’re new here. Your friends are scattered across the globe; once jovial group texts have become stagnant exchanges of memes.

So…how do we make new friends?

Never fear, Man Repeller is here!

Below, five tips for finding a new BFF.

1. Join Online Communities

“It’s so nice to find someone else as passionate about Corgi butts.”

Quite like how the first selfie is always the best, what you seek is right in front of you. (Hint: your computer screen.)

Search groups on Facebook based on your interests; sort by city, state, hashtags, hobbies. Do you like dogs? Join “Cool Dog Group!” Do you like astrology? Search Facebook for groups of air signs! Conversations start themselves when you find someone else who loves the same memes you do. In groups as big as those, someone lives nearby, and soon you’ll have an IRL friend too!

(I’m in a selfie-themed group — seriously — and have met some of my favorite people ever.)

2. Interest-Based Groups and Events

“In which Simpsons episode did a coyote say, “Find your soulmate, Homer”?

***in unison***

“El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer!!!”

***look at each other with friend-soulmate eyes***

Mutual interest groups don’t only exist online, remember? There are tons of activities that bring people together: soccer, poetry readings, board-game nights, themed trivia — find venues nearby or Google, “Scrabble night [insert city here]” and get yourself out there! A mutual obsession always leads to the best friendships, at least in my experience.

For example: do you like The Simpsons? There’s Simpsons trivia the first Thursday of every month at Berry Park!

3. Take A Class

“Wait, what was the homework?”

Have you always wanted to paint? Sculpt? Write an essay? Sign up for a course on whatever it is you love, or want to learn to love. Your peers will be equally open-minded and eager to learn (whatever the subject is), and nothing brings people together like mutual confusion over learning how to do something.

“Psst! Do you get this?” …And a beautiful friendship is born.

If you’re in NYC, try The Painting Lounge. They offer BYOB painting classes. Killing a few birds with a big drunk stone. (There’s a Groupon for it!)

Check out the ‘Things To Do” on Groupon based on your location. You’ll get a great deal and find fun classes nearby!

4. Volunteer

“How was your day with the pre-schoolers?”

*Is covered in paint*

“…Wanna get a drink somewhere?”

This one’s my favorite: socializing for the greater good. Kind of like the wine I buy myself that donates to charities so my drinking is justified.

Volunteering is great in general. It makes you feel good, you’re helping the community, and those you meet are probably great people. Meaning, you’ll make really great friends. (Say “great again.”)

Volunteer via New York Cares, walk dogs at BARC Shelter, or tutor awesome kids at 826.

(Plus, 826 hosts Volunteer Happy Hours!)

Find more opportunities near you via

5. Accept Invites. Say Yes!

“Are you busy tonight?”

***looks at Making of a Murderer and tub full of ice cream***


Though it’s the most obvious, it’s almost always overlooked. Accept invitations. Invited to an acquaintance’s art show? Go! Did your work friend ask to get drinks? Cheers! Did your neighbor ask if you’re free? (Don’t lie to them.) Say yes! (And don’t flake.)

By accepting invitations, you’ll meet your friends’ friends, their friends, their friends’ friends’ friends and so on. You’re going to like at least one of them. Stop being scared and just go for it, okay?

Yes new friends. Don’t listen to Drake.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis; Venessa Arizaga friendship bracelets, Dannijo rings, Chanel nail polish


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