How to Get Dressed According to Couture Fashion Week

Don’t fall back on your fallback just yet


Couture runways exist in a fantastical parallel universe where anything goes. While one moment might deliver an iridescent beaded gown so intricate and beautiful that your tear ducts fire up, the next could startle you with a two-foot-tall chartreuse headdress. It makes complete sense and it doesn’t all at the same time, like watching the normal world from the other side of a mirror; every silhouette is exaggerated, every detail is heightened. The looks don’t always translate to the more mundane aspects of regular life — and that’s okay. You’ll still be plenty inspired.

But what good are all those dreamy images, you may ask, when your tangible closet is letting you down? You are sick of your skinny jeans and sneakers, yet have no place to wear a 10-foot-long train. If you’re going to get through this sartorial tornado without setting your entire wardrobe on fire (please don’t do that), innovative, exciting and still somehow easy style ideas are needed, and they’re needed RIGHT NOW.

So, for your daily dose of fashion edification and overall sanity in the forthcoming months, look beyond the shows to the very well dressed guests in attendance for outfit inspiration.

Ahead, tips to consider:

1. Pull da trigger on that shearling coat.


You’ve seriously considered buying one for a good four or five seasons but keep worrying that the trend will not last. PSA: It has, it will, and this snuggly, fur-lined gift from the heavens will not only keep you warmer than a Hoth Tauntaun’s belly, but it makes even the most mundane clothes look cool. Acne’s Velocite jacket is the obvious investment, but if you want a less expensive option I suggest this one from The Arrivals for roughly a third of the price.

2. Be Your Own Valentine

Photographed by Diego Zuko for Harpers Bazaar

Clash pink and red as often as possible, but don’t wait for some magical coat to come along and do it for you. Get out the metaphorical crafting scissors, doily hearts and glitter glue to put the color combo together like the pro you are.

3. Tuck your baggy jeans in tight boots.


Yes, it is possible (although maybe only try this trick after you’ve become a winter morning person), and know that it looks less weird than it sounds. Actually, it doesn’t look weird at all, which is why everyone who sees you will be all like, “Wow, how did you ever think of that?!” Don’t let on that it took effort, and respond with this girl’s exact expression.

4. The More Florals and Ruffles You Can Find, the Better

Photographed by Phil Oh for

If stripes are fertilizer and denim is water, then your body is but a garden upon which excess flowered fabric is begging to grow.

5. Mix colors named after foods — strange pairings encouraged.


Olive and melon. Cherry and bubblegum. Mustard and caramel. If it sounds weird together on a plate, it probably works on your person.

Okay, now that I’ve got you good and hungry, go order some lunch (or at least grab a snack), settle in, and let’s discuss: what’s your fallback outfit this season?


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  • Stephanie

    They are really cool and absolutely stunning! Love all of the street style photos 🙂

    • Sandra Brady

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  • Ah! So I’m not the only one with a penchant for arson when I have “nothing to wear”. My fallback outfit all winter has been a turtleneck under overalls or an A-line dress, because if I don’t look like a grade schooler, I’m doing it wrong. Also quite pleased red and pink get the thumbs up, since I just picked up a seasons-old Kitsuné jumper in that exact colour scheme, with glitter. Valentine’s day perfection.

    • Leandra Medine

      …Yeah. I’m gonna get one of those.

      • Renee Adams

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    • Aydan

      ditto on the grade schooler look — been rocking that pinafore all winter!!

  • According to me, You should never follow the Fashion Week ! Too many excentricity !

  • Junglesiren

    Great jackets all around. That girl in the boots and baggy jeans really is brave for rocking Ringling Brothers, chic. Here’s to her!

  • I’m drooling over that olive and melon color combo! Also florals are a neutral and can therefore be worn with any and all and should be.

  • Great post!!

    AGNESE from