The Chatroom: Charlotte Tilbury

Watch Leandra get contoured by the cheapest plastic surgeon in Hollywood


Celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury believes there’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking like the best version of yourself. She’s all about enhancing your cheekbones while highlighting your life (who ever said you can’t contour your job?), and she’s made a career of it. Tilbury has painted some of Hollywood’s most famous faces, but her new eponymous beauty line aims to bring the artist’s magic arsenal to those of us who exist nowhere near a red carpet — but wouldn’t mind having that elusive how-the-hell-do-those-famous-people-get-that glow.

Perhaps the cheesiest thing I’ll ever write is that when it comes to “glow,” Charlotte Tilbury’s really does come from within. (It also comes in a jar, but she has that extra brightness, you know?) Watch as she charms the makeup-less Leandra into getting her Gala Face on. It’s the perfect ending to a Chatroom episode about confidence, starting a young company, hemorrhoid cream and obviously, feeling good.

Check out all things beauty on the Charlotte Tilbury website. Follow her brand on Instagram, TwitterFacebook and Pinterest, too. Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Roxi Fernandez

    So gorgeous!!! Love that lipstick too.

  • Amelia Diamond

    I WANT HER TO DO MY FACE EVERY DAY. Leandra, even though you sit next to me and annoy me on a daily basis I could listen to you say, “Would it be ambitious to say that I look like Penelope Cruz?” about a five more times at least.

    • Kimberly Dukes

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  • jenoneriver

    From one ambitious Penelope Cruz look-a-like to another, I literally said “wow she’s so gorgeous” out loud like three times – talkin bout you, duh! You are like Penelope in Volver gorg here

    • Leandra Medine

      I’m doing this new thing right now where I not be self deprecating and just say thanks to compliments so…..

      • Leandra Medine

        wow, thank you!

      • Elisa Cueva

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  • Aydan

    WHAT I WOULDN’T GIVE TO BE SITTING AT THAT TABLE! I’ve never heard Charlotte speak before, but O-M-G I want to chat with her over coffee STAT!!

  • Lea Telivuo-Kupari

    You totally look like Penelope! A-ma-zing!

  • Amanda Stanhope Goddard

    Is it weird that as a redhead (read: day-walker/ginger with some semblance of a soul) I automatically trust anything she says given that she is also a redhead? Makeup advice for spaghetti heads usually involves making us look like woodland nymphs or Jessica Rabbit—neither of which are a bad thing, but I’m definitely d – o – w – n with any ginger giving makeup advice first hand. Also, that lipstick is rad and I don’t throw the word “rad” around lightly.

  • l:ly

    You always look amaze but that read lip had me so heart eye emojis damn

  • Alexia Marcelle

    Gorgeous before & after! Do you know what products she used on your eyes? Thanks xx

    • Rhi

      It’s one of her Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow pots. Possible Bette? Maybe Mona Lisa, I have that one but Leandra’s a lot darker than me so it could just look different on her. Not too sure. They crease though, so you need to set them 🙂

  • Liz Miller

    To be honest, I watched many videos by Charlotte and I’m not a big fan. She’s too pushy about her products and sometimes she uses too much make up.
    Anyway, she’s great in sales!

    You should interview Lisa Eldrige, She’s so much fun, witty and her attitude towards makeup is something you, Leandra, would really relate to.

    • Ally

      I agree. She comes off as a used car salesman. Her products aren’t the bee’s knees, Too hyped.

  • Anna

    Would it be ambitious to say that you look like Penelope Cruz BUT better? Charlotte Tilbury is amazeballs

  • Minimalistmuso


  • Paoli_

    Leandra, you should always wear make up!

  • Luce

    Ok this was one of the best Chatroom videos ever but also, Leandra you look absolutely incredible here!!! You are simply glowing!

  • Ally

    If her products weren’t overly hyped, as they are, I would think the products are OK. But, the hype doesn’t match the preformmance. The lipsticks are OK. Nothing game changing. The foundation is nothing extraordinary, her skincare is alright. The eye shadows are small and remind me of Tom Ford’s stuff. The concealers remind me of YSL’s Le Touche Eclat

    Before you attack me, for being a ‘hater’. I’m not a hater. I was SOOO excited to try her stuff, because I love her…. but, I was underwhelmed.

    • Rhi

      Agreed. I’d reccomend her eyeshadow sticks and Rock’n’kohl eyeliners though.

    • Leandra Medine

      oh, bummer! i am really into the bronzer and highlighter / mascara but i also don’t wear a ton of makeup so my experience with the product beyond lipstick, skin-color-enhancing stuff and cat eye liner/mascara is pale. have been happy thus far though. what stuff do you like?

      • Vilma Serrano Bautista

        Hi, Leandra

        Do you have the names of the products that Charlotte used on you (particularly the lipstick!)? Thanks 🙂

  • ‘Would it be ambitious to say I look like Penelope Cruz”. Fantastic haha

  • Kimberly

    Her makeup is definitely Not for everyone. It’s sooo expensive. You almost have to be a celebrity or at least in the industry to afford her products. Very disappointing.

  • Cookie

    Leandra! You are really beautiiful.

  • Inkygrl

    Leandra, you look just as beautiful without makeup! And I applaud your no makeup stance. You have the kind of luminosity no product can provide.

  • vilma

    what products were used?

  • kevynryan

    UGH! This is my dream. I love her. Seriously I wouldn’t wash my face either. I want to own everything she makes, and she’s such a doll of a human.

  • V

    Leandra, where is this green choker from that you are wearing? It’s so simple but so beautiful with this type of top.

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey V! It’s by Roxanne Assoulin