Seven Reasons I Really Need A Pair Of Sock Booties

The obsession runs deep.


We beat the odds together. I’m glad we didn’t listen — look at what we would be missing.

Old school Shania Twain lyrics sum up how I’ll feel when we finally walk the streets of New York City together, fellow pedestrians’ heads turning at how perfect you look. From the first few times I saw you (electrically sexy in patent leather at Dior, sauntering around Dries Van Noten in striking pink brocade, a purple grape vision stealing the Givenchy show) my palms got sweaty, my head started spinning, and I just knew: We should be together.

Forget how I’ll never be able to wear skinny jeans or actual socks around you, or that — like all heady infatuations — there’s a good chance my obsession will pass. I’m positive that we’re going to be an unstoppable team, and here’s why:

1. Despite the unsettlingly balmy weather we experienced in December, winter is coming! Your fitted, extra long silhouette will keep my bare ankles toasty warm when I’m wearing shorter pants.

2. Speaking of shorter pants, I’ve been considering a dalliance with cropped kick flares. Together we’ll make an unbelievable threesome.

3. My #ihavethisthingwithfloors posts will no longer require pretty floors for a good picture because of you. Bring on the public bathroom linoleum!

4. Say I’m aiming to accessorize a skirt and tights combo one evening: Loafers will seem too school-girlish, heels too obvious and flat Chelsea boots too boring. Before I give the night up to Seamless Web’s siren song, you’ll swoop in and make me excited about seeing and talking to other humans again.

5. It’s super annoying when I’m at the grocery store and the carton of egg whites I want is on the top shelf of the freezer, and I half-heartedly pretend to reach for it until an employee comes to help. That big chunky heel you bring to the table is more than extra height — it’s extra independence.

6. Even if the flame of my love for you fades, one day I might have a daughter that holds her own torch. And let’s just ignore how the metaphor got really creepy there by simply picturing the nice Hallmark moment I’ll have passing cherished old shoes down to a new generation.

7. Jeanne Damas in crushed velvet trousers. Shoe drop. Yea, shoe — these boots don’t need a mic.

All Photographs via Vogue Runway; collages by Emily Zirimis.


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  • Francesca

    unconditional love for them !

  • Love this trend!!

    Kisses from

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  • perfect lyric for the perfect shoe. no more worrying about mismatched socks. Alleluia.

  • See? If I only I could show those visibly confused “older women” that I knew what I was talking about months before this became a trend. “What are you wearing?” They pondered with scrunched noses. “Is that a patent leather sock?” They picked. NO ITS A SOCK BOOTY AND ITS IN .

    Thank you.
    Werenotexclusive com

    • I feel like I am the confused older woman. And I am only 35!! All the power to everyone and anyone who wants to rock this look, I just don’t get it. Not sure what it is about it, but I just think “For the love of fashion, WHY??!!!”.

      • ahnah

        Im 22 and im definetly the confused older woman, too weird/dubious to me.

  • Jayne

    I have a pair of black patent sock boots and they are all the glory I had hoped them to be – especially when paired with my cropped flares!

  • I wasn’t even considering them seriously until this post. Great.


    • Arans1969

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  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    8. You can dance and kick and they don’t fly off because they’re suctioned to your ankles!!

  • all these shoes are of great quality. surely i buy them all.

  • Erualsirhc

    The hardest part is choosing which of them you want – Who am I kidding, I want them all.

  • Adore the sock boot!!

  • Tiffany Rey

    Yes! This is the one footwear trend I am gleefully waiting to sport this Fall and enjoyed blogging about.