Rainbows Are Trending in Fashion

Wardrobe gold that’s above and beyond


It will take nothing more, nothing less than an amble through the “What’s New” section of a luxury e-tailer to determine for yourself that Skittles has been completely co-opted and as a matter of fact, superseded. In order to taste the rainbow in 2016, you need not consume a combo platter of hydrogenated palm kernel, corn syrup and sugar. No — now you can just spend your $$$ on fashion, which, in the long run, given how expensive medical bills can get, will save you at least enough money to afford Geico. Which! Coincidentally, could save you 15% or more on car insurance.

You’re practically a millionaire at this point, which correlates really nicely with the reason we’re here, which is to justify spending money on items we likely don’t need but have deluded ourselves into thinking we will be crippled without. So! Here’s what I’m thinking:

When I saw the first Anya Hindmarch bag settle into Shopbop’s cushioned buttocks, I thought, “Cute!”

When I saw Mary Katrantzou’s single-rainbow, mostly-black sweater and a similar dress, geographically further away but digitally at a mere click’s throw showing itself off at Matches, I thought, “Cool!”

And when I learned that Gucci’s cashmere resort sweater, the one that Alexa Chung turned into The Most Important Garment of The Season had sold out before it even had a chance to go live, I thought, “Fuck.”

Which is when I started to scramble and came up with:

+Sonia Rykiel’s rainbow jacket

+This scarf

+This MGSM sweater

+These (awesome) Chloé sandals

+This dress

And the list goes on. But more important, around these parts, than addressing a trend is trying to understand its contextual meaning. Sure, rainbows are cool — they’re playful and kind of childish and connote a sense of enthusiasm that is really hard to detract from their presence. When’s the last time you saw someone cry at the sight of a rainbow, may I ask? This even in spite of the old biblical tale that suggested a rainbow functions as a warning to reminds us of that time it rained and a flood almost wiped us all out.

But I’d like to take the pattern’s recent appearance a step even further and suggest the following.

But only if you’re willing to ping pong back and forth with me on this.

So are you?



I’m holding you accountable-as-fuck.


Could it be that fashion’s rainbow-craze is the cultural response, acceptance and celebration of the overwhelming political positivity we’ve seen in the past year towards gay marriage? Does it serve as a stepping stone to liberalize the rest of the world? Can wearing one be considered a badge of honor? Precisely what initiates you as a member of the tolerance club? Because if that’s the case, who cares about the medical bills and the car insurance. You’re supporting humanity, for heaven’s sake.

Images via Vogue Runway


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  • Stephanie

    Wow! It’s such a beautiful collection! Chanel is perfect!


  • So beautiful!!

    Kisses from http://poshnessary.com

  • Julie Meowmeows

    I just bought some rainbow colored bath towels, does that count?

  • Sujie Kim

    Rainbow colored stripes are korean traditional clothing’s jim jam. I love that Chanel loves it (bc I love it) despite it being considered old fashioned.

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      not for Skittles!

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    Such great inspiration to stop wearing all black (me, me, me.).

  • Yvonne Dunlevie

    By April 2016 this will most likely be me

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      yeah totally see you in this, Dunlevie

  • I definitely woke me up!

  • Gucci Gucci Gucci ❤️


  • Natalie

    I would love to think of colourful fashion as a LGBT positive statement, but I guess it´s more a process after “all black everything”, monochromatic boringness and that neutral Kardashian hype. Are we not all striving for those things, which are new and against actual trends?

    • Also, potential solution to your sweater woes? (It’s an Etsy link shortened because it was ugly): http://etsy.me/1RL21NE

      As far as rainbows trending right now, it’s right on time with all the other 70s vibes. My mom and her family definitely had stuff that is remarkably similar to the rainbow trends of today. Luckily, that makes this trend really accessible for secondhand shoppers ;).

  • Sonia

    This reminds me of a certain Gap sweater I owned circa 2002.

  • Sonia

    This reminds me of a certain Gap sweater I wore circa 2002.

    • diane

      One billion percent yes!

      • Leandra Medine

        uh. i need that

  • demyfloor

    If you like rainbows, you should definitely check out @helibells on instagram/pinterest. Rainbows is all you’ll see.

  • Monochrome days no more! Definitely got this one on lock! http://bit.ly/1SHJ5io