Office Apropos: Winter 2016

Four girls, five days, 20 outfits, 20 degrees


Getting dressed in the winter is HARD. What you’d like to do, first and foremost, is not leave the house at all, but rarely is that an option. The next best thing would be to wrap yourself up in fleece from toe to nose, but then you’d look like a human Q-tip. What ends up happening is that you stand before your closet and panic. You hate your jeans. You hate your sweaters. The hate turns into heat and suddenly, you get hot, which makes getting dressed impossible. Then you realize that you’re late.

You haul ass to throw on clothes — typically a smorgasbord of things that used to make you happy, things that fit, shoes that are easy to grab and whatever’s clean — then you grab a coat and cover your head and pray that what you did was create an outfit that worked.

And if you didn’t, well, the good thing about winter is that it’s long, which means a lot of re-dos.

Above: five days worth of outfits from Leandra, Amelia, Elizabeth and Krista, all trying to settle into that winter grind. Join us, won’t you? Together we’ll fight the good fight. (That means we want you to upload photos of your outfits as well.)

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis and Elizabeth Tamkin.


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  • Meg

    Awkward selfie, but I’ve pretty much been wearing a handknit lopapeysa I got in Iceland this fall. Cause it’s warm as hell but also I don’t get too sweltering wearing it in diners while shoveling weird breakfast burritos into my face, yaknow?

    • Amelia Diamond

      That sweater is what my dreams are made of.

      • Aydan

        as are those glasses!!!

        • Meg

          Thank you! They’re Lulu Guinness ones that are probably a few seasons old since I got them at Costco (I think that’s how that works?)

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      • Meg

        it’s big, bulky and well worth the money I dropped and the loooong wait for my VAT refund.

        • Leandra Medine

          You know Gucci practically made that thing earlier this season, too, right?

          • Meg

            I do now (also I read this on Monday, immediately prior to me climbing through nearly waist deep snow to get to yoga class.)

  • The compromise for me this morning was wearing a not-so-warm shirt and coat and using my new shawl/cape thing as a scarf. I didn’t feel like packing a scarf and the shawl (which will function as my blanket at work) so I opted for an immobilized neck instead. I stayed warm!

    • Amelia Diamond

      who needs a neck

  • Tara Jayne

    I have this houndstooth on one side, plaid on the other side, giant scarf / also could moonlight as a baby blanket. If I don’t know what to wear I just put that on. You can’t really see what else I’m wearing, match it with some black heels – DONE. It saves me almost every Monday. Casual Fridays? Just put it on top of a hoodie. It cost about $50.00.

    • Amelia Diamond

      from WHERE plz

      • Tara Jayne

        the Hudson’s Bay – Canada eh? It’s Ralph Lauren. I washed it in the washing machine by accident and it got all weird and fuzzy but I don’t care. It’s still my number 1.

    • i have that scarf on now… got mine at old navy on sale i think it was $8

      • Tara Jayne

        uhhh way to one up me with cost savings and also just steal my thunder in general. i bet if i was pregnant you’d be pregnant with triplets and they’d all come out trilingual.

        • sextuplets actually. and they are all wearing the $8 old navy scarf.

  • Everyone looks spectacular 🙂

    • Amelia Diamond


    • Leandra Medine

      Show us your lewk.

  • Pins forever. Especially love Gangster Doodles’ Givenchy-esque rottweiler

  • YasQueen

    You guys look so cool. That jumpsuit looks like it was made for Krista.

    Office apropos is my favorite.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I said same thing re that jumpsuit!

    • Aydan

      Yes that jumpsuit was on point!! Also Krista I’m with you on the whole jumpsuit no bra best outfit I can ever wear look!!

  • Rhia B.

    I don’t know, Amelia. I kind of love the Band-Aid outfit. You look très chic standing there in the the sun with your shades.

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      We all told her this all day and I started to think she was really just fishing for compliments.

  • I love office apropos, especially in the winter. Everyone’s style is so them! AMELIA! I also love the bandaid look.

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      I also love the bandaid look!!!!

      • Amelia Diamond

        Thanks guys all of you pro Band-Aid Day are making me feel so much better about my life decisions in general

  • Olivia O

    Amelia, I have to say thank you for the inspiration as someone who works at RL and is expected to, you know, dress like it.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I used to work there for 6 months and I miss the peanut M&Ms every single day.

      • Olivia O

        My floor doesn’t have them! 🙁

  • Natty

    I’ve always been confused as to how one should style a short sleeve sweater so thank you, Elizabeth, for providing me with an answer.

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      You got it, dude!

  • Seriously you guys must have so much fun everyday!! Love the outfits – perfect for the winter!! =)

  • Jamie

    Thank heavens for Try-Again-Tuesday.

  • The issue where I am is that to get to school I have to hike over this snow mountain, so my outfits have to revolve around snow boots that mothers around the world would call “practical”.

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      SAME. I live in Brooklyn and my streets don’t get shoveled by businesses and not everyone (including me) shovels their sidewalks. Get some all black Timbs! I walk through puddles and my feet stay dry and warm (and I get to laugh at everyone else walking around the puddles tehehe).

  • sifsgoldwig

    Taking the good advice to purchase a rainbow’s worth of turtlenecks, I’ve learned that layering is my friend.

    • Amelia Diamond


    • Krista Anna Lewis

      I want to wear all of this.

  • Living Paula Blog

    I agree. It is hard to plan out lots of layers in winter.

  • Lea Telivuo-Kupari

    But this is the best winter in many many years with all those pretty fur lined mountain boots. And I also happen to like the huge coat, huge boots looks, maybe with wool tights and a tartan or denim mini, turtle neck and cardi. I also kind of like the fact that most of my favourite clothes don’t work in the winter, so I get to discover them again with fresh eyes every spring. So half the year I have completely different outfit every day and in the winter its variations around maybe three to five looks.

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      I’m wearing this large coat big boots mini skirt turtle neck look rn.

  • Lea Telivuo-Kupari

    I think the issue with winter clothes is that it’s not much fun shopping for things you desperately NEED but don’t necessarily WANT. You don’t get a rush but just depressed if you buy 500$ Fendi Angry Birds-esque snow boots that you don’t actually want to wear. Maybe a Paula Cademartori bag would make it better?

  • Lea Telivuo-Kupari

    And if you refuse to get snow boots then at least get some colourful cashmere socks!

  • Minimalistmuso

    I have major footwear envy; I try to jazz up a big jumper or polo neck with some cool kicks or “fun” footwear**as my auntie would say and I end up just looking like a small stroppy child who refused to wear sensible footwear and her mum caved in and just let her wear the sparkly platforms on a Monday morning in 20 degrees.

    **she is polite and uses the word fun when she isn’t impressed by footwear, slutty outfits on teens, and a too charismatic church service.

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      I’ve been trying to do the opposite now that there’s snow here, which led me to look like an 8 year old dressed up as a teddy bear yesterday. I was into it.

  • Pandora Sykes

    Elizabeth!! You win sassy fucker of the week award. I keep trying to buy those Carel shoes and they are literally impossible to get into the UK. It is a big fat first world problem. Leandra, I just got some Isa A gingham. Let’s wear together.

    • Amelia Diamond

      hahahahahah @elizabethtamkin:disqus an award has never suited you better

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      WAIT Not even through France? I feel like your proximity to Paris should make them so much easier to find?

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      Pandora, you make me blush (and also I’ll be bragging now)!!!

    • Lea Telivuo-Kupari
    • Heleen – Belgium

      I ordered them in the US, shipping + taks is not too much – they might be worth it ? Shoes for life – bam!

  • Layers, like, layers on drugs, are the only things that seem to help me in this hell weather. I learned it from the best.

  • Heleen

    I’m currently into this pin 🙂 sure winter is hard but it’s also an opportunity to wear too many clothes so i may disappear in them. Sincerely, Misses Me from Belgium.

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      OK I’m looking at these comments super late, but I WANT THIS PIN. GO YOU.

  • Quail

    trip to a museum…with cold knees.

  • Mavis

    That denim jumpsuit was just made for you. ?

  • Jessicaaaa

    Leandra’s second outfit is soooo cute and chic and dreamy!

  • These are all fantastic outfits! I always love Leandra’s pants! xx

  • Jessica H

    I would do unspeakable things for those Maria Dora pants in size fat.

  • Allie Fasanella


    and as per ush i’m not going to say anything super enlightening or thoughtful but instead choose to compliment yall profusely.

    first & foremost the delicious redheaded human that makes my heart do flip flops (amelia, le duh)
    2) ur boots, ur hair, holy shit, it’s all too much (heart explodes)
    3) mediocre af. jk lol the tights under the jeans. but like the tights under the jeans..
    4) this is actually my fave. u look like ur ~most~ U. not that i know u. ok i’m creepy!
    5) i see the band-aid thing. but ya know like an obnoxiously priced band-aid that you’d order off amazon for no reason. and it’s REALLY sticky. like that shit holds. it doesn’t fucking budge and u appreciate the shit out of that.

    ok i just got tired so i’m just going to comment on one thing for the rest i’m sry this base just ended up being a love letter to amelia diamond.

    KRISTA THAT PIN!!!! i’m obsessed. u shud check out laser kitten ( if u haven’t already — they have too many good ones. also like that denim jumpsuit….god damn god damn (drake voice)

    le le leandraaa — i feel like those Dries boots are the PERFECT winter casual boots so like congrats on having them on ur feet.. *she said full of hostility and resentment because she didn’t have them for herself*

    Elizabeth! ur earrings and ur sparkly pink shoes are so damn dreamy!

  • Allie Fasanella

    and a pic of me @ work bc my narcissism only grows. i am dressed super casual bc i run around all day and fun fact my t shirt was sticking to my back sweat in this pic.

    • Leandra Medine

      You’re so cool.

  • hahahah all the outfits are really weird… in Barcelona you have to be a creative and working at an advertising agency at least to be able of wearing all that! Besides, here it’s 20º for real 😀

    Have a look to my latest post if you are an old fan from Jean Paul Gaultier, and discover the secrets hidden behind his latest campaign.

    Bests!! María.

  • Angel Mstyle
  • Anya van Wyk

    Pseudo flats are my go-to shoes.

  • Gwyn


  • Gwyn

    this article is gonna come in handy because i got to college in frigid western NY but i still need to serve lewks!

  • Rheanonn Clarissa Perez

    i invested in a really pretty swimsuit this summer but only wore it once >:| (coulda been twice had it not been for a visit from aunt flo around my bday </3)

    luckily i live in california where winters aren't real so the swimsuit can shine all year 'round ✨

    i lived in ny for 3 years tho, & i know the cold is horrendous but at least it gave my winter coats purpose !! i'm still holding onto them because i want to move back one day, until then i'll be pairing them with swimsuits & shorts & dresses, tights optional 😂

    ig // @frheak <3