Is Gigi Hadid’s Style Actually “Good”?

Or is the girl just blessed?


On a slow news day, Gigi Hadid “got away” with this look:


It’s not bad. She paired jersey sweats with over-the-knee boots. Far worse fashion offenses have occurred. I don’t know her life, so it’s possible that she spilled coffee all over the white jeans she had on earlier, then in a Mentos-moment of quick thinking, she put on the pants she wore to Zumba and thanked her lucky stars that the overall ensemble was of a complementary color palette.

Or she meant to do this, in which case, I’m not here to judge. We all make vaguely questionable decisions. Sometimes we don’t even think they’re questionable until the media calls it out or your friend asks you, “Why are you wearing that?”

But what I’m curious about is how the blogosphere’s reaction has been, “Only she could pull this off.”

And I’m curious as to why I’m inclined to agree.

Gigi Hadid’s overall style (across the board, not this outfit specifically) is not my kind of inspirational. (Aspirational, perhaps, if you consider brands she wears.) You could argue that what she does is get dressed in clothes. Period. That she doesn’t have her own sense of style but rather an aesthetic that’s appealing. She’s found a formula that works and perhaps a stylist for events. She certainly looks great in everything.

When I think about people who can truly “pull things off” I think about those who’ve established themselves as creative and innovative dressers: those who’ve not only mastered the basics (which means they can do whatever the hell they want), but those women with such inherent taste that their style is not only deemed “good” by all, but effortless — so of course they know what they’re doing.

Taylor Tomasi Hill keeps coming to mind. If she wore this outfit back in her days of street style stardom, I wouldn’t for a single moment question if it was cool. Of course it was! And I wouldn’t assume that something had gone wrong — coffee on white jeans — in order to explain the outfit. It would just be what she wore.

And if no one else would wear it? Simple: that’s because only she could pull it off.

But Gigi is a model, not a fashion editor. She’s a celebrity, not a street style star. Her mother is famous — she didn’t spring from the depths of nowhere. She’s certainly beautiful. And she’s real. Which is so important. But are these things enough to “get away with” a questionable outfit in the way a fashion icon might, or to be considered fashionable without one questioning the actual clothes? Without a strong history of prior personal style to back it up?

Maybe she maintains an I don’t-care-what-you-think attitude that I’m still wrapping my head around. That would mean she also maintains the enigmatic je ne sais quoi that allows her to duck under the fashion police’s elbow of insult and look good in anything, thus making anything good. Which invariably could signify what once made someone a style icon no longer does.


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  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    I remember being in Middle School during the days of the UGG and my beautiful blonde friend, the Gigi Hadid of the 7th grade, always looked just ravishing in her UGGS and I just looked like a … 7th grader. That’s the Gigi Hadid type. I’ve gotten past the fact that I am not “her,” but I can wear one of my own created outfits and look like … me. Because it likely won’t be jeans and a tee, it’ll be an elaborate thing that was created by me myself and I. Not that these outfits are always stellar — there are certainly days when the media (LOL just kidding) calls me out or my friend asks me, “Why are you wearing that?” But since my Middle School days, I have learned that when dressing, you have to dress for yourself and your body type. Gigi is beautiful, but I rather dress like Iris Apfel.

    • Hear, hear!!!

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    • Maria Browne

      So true. This doesn’t require much thought. Hot girls look good in no matter what they wear. The rest of us both try to look nice and have more shit going on in our lives than our outfits. So be yourself, you’ll look great some days and other days you’ll care more about comfort and having to wear sensible shoes because you’re walking a lot or cleaning and have to run out and pick some stuff up at the shop and do not have the kind of life where you change to run to the market. At the end of the day true style is all about self expression and meeting the needs of the consumer.

    • Aleksandra Mihajlovic

      So true, and she’s being credited all over the media with articles titled as “looks only gigi could pull off” or “learn how to do basics like gigi” its really not Gigi, its her stylist. Her aura while wearing the clothes, is different than the actual outfit itself and can potentially be written about (her confidence, glowing attitude perhaps) but her outfit has nothing to do with her, and it’s really nothing special when you compare to the older days (before instagram) when you got excited to scroll through the sartorialist’s blog and could actually think to yourself (wow that outfit is so cool who is that girl!) and got excited to search up these lesser known individuals (at the time) and find out more about them, because they were creative and inspiring. This isn’t inspiring, it almost looks like a forever 21 ad. and its getting way too much credit.

  • VGS

    It’s also worth noting that she is ‘styled’ by Monica Rose, same person who does the Kardashians, and her outfits and Kendalls are essentially the same monochromatic, crop-top/ off the shoulder/ mock neck heavy aesthetic

    • Amelia Diamond

      Which I’m weirdly into?? It makes for good and easy “going out clothes” but like, everyone else is wearing the same thing!

      • Lea Telivuo-Kupari

        But that’s completely fine, as long as you feel like your best self in the clothes? And make the clothes look like you? I think that’s the problem with the sort of in/out lists. I feel like we should do better. Make things that nobody is wearing work and wear things that everybody is wearing but in a surprising way. But yeah, Gigi is not an inspiration for that.

      • Everyone is wearing the same thing past 9pm on a weekend in Brooklyn.
        Flatter all of the figures!!!

        • Kathryn Butler

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    • Leonie

      just wondering: is there a personal style at play when being dressed by a stylist? (apart from the stylist’s personal style 🙂 )

      • Yvonne Dunlevie

        Leonie asking the hard hitting questions!!!!

      • Amelia Diamond

        I think there is to SOME extent, if you’re vetoing or approving what someone puts on you… a question that comes from that is if personal style CAN be taught, whether or not at some point you don’t need the stylist. mr. miyagi style

        • Lua Jane

          But isn’t that just a cheat sheet then? I mean you mentioned Taylor Tomassi Hill, I’d add my favorites Emanuelle Alt and Kate Lanphear (where is that woman btw), Anna Dello Russo, Catherine Baba, and many others. They are all very different, but all have their own strong and defined sense of aesthetics that came from their own personality and taste. Also, they are not afraid to stick to their own choices, forgoing the trends.That’s why they can be called style icons. Both Gigi and Kendall look good in what they wear, which is not exactly too hard of a task when you are a supermodel and stick to monochromatic looks. Real style, evolving one, is what Leandra has for example.

        • e11even

          I think personal style in some instances, can be taught. The subject just has to be willing. Case in point. Nicole Richie. Or Victoria Beckham.

      • Also, choosing your stylist! Because you will see someone work and be interested to find out. I know a lot of people think a stylist can just dress anyone after understanding their idea of style but I think the basic sense of style the stylist herself (or himself) has matters too (if that made any sense…)!

    • Evelyn

      Monica Rose’s looks are always so yawn. They never look that great on the girls when the whole look is put together. With the hair/shoes/accessories – everything always has a touch of “try too hard” instead of “effortless”.

      • Leena Gilson

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    • Anna Kalmbach

      Standard tennis shoes, leggings, choker, sunnies & jacket look. I love it but when I see their outfits I give creds to the stylist

    • l:ly

      didn’t even know that! actually great fun fact.

    • Pandora Sykes

      She is styled? Like, every day? How exhausting. Makes sense, they have a v similar look

  • Leandra Medine

    If I’m being really honest, I just bought a pair of really similar “bermuda sweats” (definitely calling them that going forward) on sale on Matches by The Row. I want to wear them with white knit tank tops and lace up sandals.

    • Leandra Medine

      however for what it’s worth, i probably don’t want to wear them with suede knee high pointed toe boots

      • Leandra Medine

        But you do you

        • Amelia Diamond

          I JUST FEEL LIKE IF GIGI CAN THEN SO CAN I BUT THAT TOGETHER, we probably shouldn’t. Has anyone else been able to stop looking at the slideshow of her btw? I find her so beautiful that I CAN NOT.

          • Leandra Medine

            You cannot what?

          • Amelia Diamond

            can not stop looking @ the slideshow of her per the question i asked D U H

          • Alexia Marcelle

            Doesn’t she kind of look like a beautiful baby in the face with a model hot body?

          • l:ly

            “baby in the face but a model in the body” my new IG bio

          • I think so too, like Brooke Shields was in her day.

          • There’s actually a word for this in Korea! People like this are considered “bagel girls.”

          • Grette

            Please. She is trying too hard. Be authentic, Gigi, that is chic. Pretty girls are a dime a dozen, those with true style are rare ( and it does not always mean a pretty face)!

          • Chelsea Murphy

            NOPE. Her instagram always ends up being a ridiiiiiiculous time-suck for me.

      • Sarah Julia LeBlanc


      • Lea Telivuo-Kupari

        3 different outfits on Leandra with said Bermuda sweats, please?

        • tiffany dalton


        • missmaddiecee

          I second that motion (insert girl emoji with hand up)

    • dena

      Sure looks like a skirt to me….

  • Yvonne Dunlevie

    What I am especially curious to see is how she evolves in next few years. I think we can all agree that 2015 was her breakout year, so I’ll call it a grace period. Not that it’s about judgement and I am no fashion authority, but I am excited to see as she grows older and sees more, if perhaps a more specific personal style will emerge. In my opinion, right now, there is none, but I haven’t given up hope!

    • Amelia Diamond

      I think that’s super fair, everyone gets a grace period. Look at Victoria Beckham when she was still Posh Spice! Look at Leandra when she dressed as a sexy flight attendant in college!

      • Olivia Vadnais

        Hello yes please provide Leandra as sexy flight attendant pics!! No judgement forthcoming, I just, like, NEED those pics in my life.

      • BK

        Photos or it didn’t happen

      • Elizabeth Tamkin

        **these are a few of my favorite things**

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      Yvonne would so wear that first outfit

  • ReadER451

    “You could argue that what she does is get dressed in clothes. Period. That she doesn’t have her own sense of style but rather an aesthetic that’s appealing. She’s found a formula that works and perhaps a stylist for events. She certainly looks great in everything.” You wrote exactly what I think about Kim Kardashian.

    • yeah, I think this could apply to any celebrity born model/celebrity child. Right? I mean, who is the exception?

      • Lea Telivuo-Kupari

        Zoe Kravitz, Lily Collins and most of all Sofia Coppola? I’ve been obsessing about her early 90’s looks recently. And what about Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon?

        • I see where you’re going with this and there are so many celebrities that what I said couldn’t possibly apply to everyone.

  • I agree that she looks good in everything, but her style isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Most of the time, she just wears things that anyone would wear, if they weren’t designer. She knows what looks good and works for her, and that’s why people love her style, but it isn’t “Style Icon” material. Her style is the same as every other model-off-duty…

  • I can’t help but think that this perfectly reflects right now, in time. The style non-style of young celebrities in their monochrome sexy cool girl. Fashion is a thing, that also needs to look put together. I don’t know. I’m just thinking about how different they would’ve dressed (and did dress) in 2001. or 1992. or 1983. Etc. Think about all the fashion blogs and instagrams that are popular. There is zero chill but, like, super cas’. (caj? casczh????) All I know is that the actual number of real Man Repellers and Iris Apfels is LOW very low. And the girl next door never dies.

    • side note: I love this outfit. I want it all.

    • BK

      The Girl Next Door Never Dies sounds like a cult foreign language indie horror flick and I for one would like to see it

  • If you follow WhoWhatWear on Bloglovin, you will come across endless amount of headlines going: “Gigi wore this….only she can!” or “Kendall is Awesome and this is why you should wear these sneakers”. I mean, I sometimes wonder if they’ve bought off the website entirely.

    Frankly, there are certain outfits that I think: that’s cool. Looks comfy. Other than that, as Amelia said, not very inspirational. Once again, we are just glorifying people that are perfectly normal and really not necessarily that interesting. But they sell, so whatever. But I’d rather go to Man Repeller or street style blogs to see outfit ideas.

    • I don’t have anything against either one of these women, but dear lord I am exhausted of being told how to “Get the [Kylie/Gigi] look!!!!”

      • Yes! How many times can they say: “Gigi/Kylie/Both wore these pants under $100, you should too!”

        Nothing against them either, but I can’t help but think that if I were them, I would be afraid of all of this burst of admiration and love. Because just as quickly as people latch on to trends, they drop them. In a year, we’ll be told that someone else is the new Karl Lagerfeld muse.

    • soniadelvalle

      When I think of WhoWhatWear I can only think of a chunky nude/camel sweater, skinny cropped jeans with frayed hems and nude flats.

    • Elya

      I too have found myself asking the EXACT question about WhoWhatWear

  • a few years back in the comment section here i referred to here merely as “yoland foser’s daughter from RHOBH” oh my look how far she’s come!! a bit unrelated but does anyone else think she seems like such a nice person? she never tweets me back so i have no idea but i feel like she is IRL. i never thought of her as owning any kind of style of her own, though. in my head she is so beautiful and kind so maybe that’s why i think every look is amazing. (until i saw that sweatpants number)

  • Rachel Wong

    I def agree that Gigi isn’t very experimental, but I think that I’m just so fascinated with her and Kendall that I’ve found myself copying a few of her outfits. Nothing that pushes outside the box, but I have this thought that if I wear the same outfit maybe I’ll be able to achieve like 5% of Gigi’s glam? Also topshop has at least 3 leopard print coats every season but I’m pretty sure I took the plunge this time around because Gigi was fronting the campaign. I’m such a sucker for good marketing.

  • Sydney Wagner

    I don’t think her outfits are horrible, they’re pretty nice for a casual day (better than Kendall’s constant yoga pants/crop top). I agree with you that the only people who can truly “pull off” a look are people who have already established themselves as fashion icons, if you will. However, she hasn’t done much to take a sartorial risk, and that’s a key step in becoming an icon who can pull certain looks off.

  • Chelsea Murphy

    I don’t know guys……….

    • hiiampaul

      At least she knows how to accessorize. Like she wears a Saint Laurent bag with superstars and a zayn malik (even If I think he’s so 2015).

  • Nadine Ruiz

    I just don’t find her “Style” if you want to improperly used that word, to be inspiring or different or unique. As VGS said, I can barely tell the difference between her and a Kardashian.
    I do love the basic and simple silhouettes and pieces, but after a while it just stops being inspiring/fashionable/interesting and it just becomes – basic.

  • BK

    I have to say I don’t really find the styles of Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner or any of that Kardashian set very inspiring or unique, because there’s too much consciousness/consideration attached to their styling without it actually communicating anything, other than maybe sex appeal. In layman’s terms, their clothes/style is trying too hard. Yet somehow I find Leandra’s maximalism is the opposite – sort of effortless and cool? I also feel the same about Margaret Zhang’s casually applied 50 million layers. How does that work? Furthermore I think the whole Kardashian/Monica Rose style is actually quite paradoxical considering the simple, muted, ‘easy-to-wear’ nature of their shared aesthetic. It tries to be easy but communicates a sort of tension. It’s one of the primary styles gripping Australian street fashion at the moment – I call it the Fashion Bunker Effect – wherein basically everyone is just wearing head-to-toe outfits from the Fashion Bunker with very minimal jewelry and clumpy shoes and just calling it a day. It’s this sort of pointless aspirationalism because everyone just ends up looking identical and sort of pedestrian. Am I making any sense to anyone but me?

    • Jelizarose

      You do this is fantastic !!

    • Alessandra

      BK PREACH yes I love your thoughts. The “set” you speak of tries in vain to dress effortlessly in monochromatic, fitted garb, but really when you’re trying to fit every article of clothing into an aesthetic that wasn’t even created by you, are you really that “effortless”?

  • Kevin LeBlanc

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU for this post!!!! Just because she is a model and a celebrity does not mean she is a street style icon. I am tired of the Jenner/Kardashian/Hadid clan being praised as fashion icons when they are 1. dressed by someone else (namely Monica Rose) and 2. not putting together inspiring looks, but instead wearing average looks but being lauded for them simply by being them and carrying the name that they do. The clothes they wear are safe, if not predictable, and do not carry a whole lot of weight in terms of groundbreaking and novel fashion ideas. I think she maybe could focus on finding her personal style by dressing herself first and foremost and straying from the monochrome/crop-top matching separate trap that the Kardashians have laid in the last 2 years.

  • Anna Kalmbach

    Her stylist is Monica Rose. Same stylist used by most of the Kardashian sisters. I’m pretty sure that stylist is responsible for all of their notable airport outfits, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she also is responsible for most of their street style outfits when they know paparazzi will be around

  • MK

    I get the feeling that she doesn’t even really care about fashion (which is fine), and would prefer wearing whatever is comfortable in case she can get in on a game of pick up volleyball or something.

  • Leah

    She’s one of those people who’s body looks great in those clothes but she doesn’t actually make me want to buy those clothes, just eat less/go to the gym more.

    Her style is boring. Her and Kendall Jenner make jeans and a crop top look good not because of what jeans or what top it is, but because they’re super young women with young bodies and nothing to do all day but work on that body. And that’s totally fine, but that’s not my idea of inspiring.

  • Kate

    the “enigmatic je ne sais quoi” is tall thin white privilege

    • Cherryblossomgirl08

      She’s half-Palestinian. But, yes, very privileged.

      • Kate

        my mistake. although i think my point still stands, as models have a history of being able to “pull off” things mere mortals can’t simply because they themselves look good, not the clothes.

        • Cherryblossomgirl08

          I hear that yeah.


        What does “half-Palestinian” even mean? Why do people describe themselves as “half white, half Chinese?” Ok, you’re white and Chinese. The former implies you’re not white or Chinese enough.

  • hedonisima

    I was thinking these days about this too and it’s obvious and same like Kendal as well, this girls are beautiful and good canvas for a stylist to work and they are learning a lot from them, but still they have no talent to make it there own or to fake it on there own :).. And its not about youth ,you just have it or not . Its just like that easy

    • Lea Telivuo-Kupari

      Well I think one can learn, just get rid of that stylist and start experimenting, saddest part is the crazy positive feedback she and Kendall are getting for these bland looks, isn’t too probable that they’ll sack the stylist…

  • Sofia Val

    She feels good in it even if it is ridiculous. She does not take herself too seriously and I think that is what is appealing, but yeah,she is drop dead gorgeous and I would not consider her a fashion Icon, it´s more about the attitude.

  • She would look good if all she wore was Aeropostale. And then everyone would be like…maybe i like Aerpostale? But, I get it, and agree.

  • Liz

    I don’t think it’s totally fair to judge her style motives just yet since she’s only 20. Ok… So I’m 20… I just feel quite old… But I think her style is decent even if it is a carbon copy of the Jenner/Kardashians. The looks aren’t daring but they’re smart and sleek.

  • Jen

    Why don’t you mention her genius stylist? Clearly Gigi has her personal savvy, including enlisting the Kardashian stylist who is absolutely brilliant and deserves recognition for her incredible work. Her name is mimics rose and she has adorable children as well so she is an amazing artist and cool mom.

  • Guest

    Wait. You know she has a stylist, right??

  • Pandora Sykes

    I do actually think she has pretty cool style. But the best style goes to her little sister BELLA <3

  • Interesting… I am conflicted now that you’ve mentioned it… not too long ago I wrote this-
    discussing my thoughts on these girls’ style, which, for products of post-KardASSian era cheese, have comparatively parred down and sophisticated taste. Sure, Gigi is the product of mega-money model genes, but I like that most of her wardrobe choices aren’t anything like her peers (overblown and nearly naked). If I had that body and that money- I’d be wearing all the things too.

  • Kerry Robinson

    I know I’m a bit late but please don’t shit on Monica Rose she’s a stylist and she’s doing her job. Too bad her clients are the Kardashians and beautiful women who can wear almost anything. We are in the digital age where everyone wants to look rich and freaking famous. Let Gigi wear her yoga pants, crop tops, yeezy boosts, turtle necks, dior shades and simple Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots. She looks fucking good in them, it’s not her fault she was blessed with beauty and coins! Maybe she doesn’t want to wear vintage Alaia, lacroix, and layered with Dolce sweaters get a friggin life.

  • Pinkchampagnebubble

    A bunch of back-handed compliments & a super mean spirited post (& yes I did read it all in spite of the fact you sugar coated the click bait headline to avoid vitriol). Anyway she doesn’t need me to defend her style- you guys have an insta following of 1.2 million, she has 12.2 million. Enough said.

  • I personally have not been stunned by anything that I have seen her in. In fact, this is actually the most creative by far and it literally looks like what was stated, “she put on clothes.”

  • Ellie

    I actually really like Gigis style, but I would probably never wear any of it myself. That’s actually how I feel about most famous people. They look good in their very overdone famous styles, but I wouldn’t wear, nor pull it off

  • Jayne

    I love this post, I agree that Gigi Hadid’s daywear isn’t inspiration for me but I do often like what she wears for events, and she’s absolutely stunning, so there’s that. I often feel like certain publications, especially online, exaggerate celebrities style, it is easy to see for example, when a new ‘it model’ such as Gigi Hadid is popular that there are countless posts praising their style when in all honesty, it’s really not that inspiring or original and it is significant that she has a stylist also. I understand everyone has different opinions of what makes a good outfit, and that is what is so wonderful about fashion but I would certainly argue that there is a hyperbolic nature surrounding it all. Although, with that being said, there are certain people who I feel deserve all of the fashion praise, such as Alexa Chung – but again, that’s just my personal opinion.

  • soniadelvalle

    I don’t know if her personal style is HER personal style either. I mean, the Kardashian/Jenners and these starlets all kinda dress the same. Neutrals, normcore-ish outfits with a dash of glam (read: money). Adidas, jeans and crop tops. I really wouldn’t look at them as style icons, anybody can put together an outfit like that (hell, I dress like that on weekends). They look good because they are gorgeous.

  • It is really interesting the fact that as women we all desire the emancipation of our F world, but then it requires an article to put a woman (example here Gigi) under lenses and we all fall on the trap to analyze her as if she has made all the wrongest/best things in the world simply because she is where she is. Is it all this necessary? Instead shouldn’t we as F members universe support the fact of being woman and respect all what comes with the package (good or bad/ beauty or ugly etc)? Cause what is the emancipation of a woman if it is not the emancipation of our own selves first?

  • EEEE

    I was just looking at those pics with her & the fake bob thinking “That outfit is so terrible! But no one notices because she is so stunning.”

  • Ignatius Reilly

    Athleisure — does Chloe Sevigny wear it?

  • Junglesiren

    This is a person I wanted to hate simply because she a) comes from a reality background (all that Kardashian stuff makes me want to hurl) and b) looks like a lot of girls I run into who are not famous or celebrated. That said, she knows what she likes and what suits her. Not for everyone, but for HER. And I actually like that she doesn’t appear to be trying very hard. She does her job as a model and dresses like she wants. Kind of like Angelina Jolie. She’s not always rocking something that screams “personal style” but she always looks good.

    • Kimberly

      Thanks for mentioning Angelina! The woman is beautiful and always looks put together, but has no actual “style” in this era – not talking old skool pre-Brad Angie here. I see Gigi as the same – these women wear what they want to wear and stick to what works. Lucky for them, they both would look good in a paper bag. But I can’t think of either as “style icons” — unless you count Angie circa early 00’s. 😉

  • Cassandra Fisher

    There’s something to be said about stepping out in an outfit regardless of what others might think…if you own it, others just accept it. Also, when you wear such expensive, designer pieces like Gigi does, almost anything looks good 😉

    Cassandra from

  • Irene Laura

    Not in love with her style, although she’s such a beauty!

  • dena

    I’m 99.9% sure that pair of sweatpants is actually a skirt! Look more closely. She has good style AND is blessed.

  • Elle

    I think you’re spot on. It’s not that she isn’t stylish but it’s clear that there’s no real substance behind her outfits. She’s a pretty girl that looks good in most things, but would I say she was a style icon, highly unlikely.

  • CR

    Am I seriously the only one who sees she look like a cabbage patch doll? Which is essentially a butt face. And I’ve even shot her. Why do people care?? Oh, because her dad is the sole investor of CR book.

  • Ashli Molina

    AHhHhHhH, It’s been so long. Paris has kept me busy and overwhelmed.

    Anyway… mind. blown. I had never given this thought, and I probably haven’t because I think she’s freakin’ beautiful and symmetric. I was blinded by beauty, as is everyone else. Many of us are focused on obsessing over models that the can do no wrong, ever. So no, I don’t think she has great style. I think she owns dope pieces by brands I aspire to own one day, has a stylist, and has friends who also own nice clothes. Pretty clothes that work well together—that’s it. She’s one of those people that, as was said, are blessed and look good in absolutely anything. I don’t think her saggy sweats ensemble looks bad on her, but I 100% know I would look like a sack of soggy socks were I to wear that. And for that I am jealous. With all this said, she’s still awesome.

  • palo


  • MLH Design Co

    I wear things that fit great on my body and that I know are complementary. There’s no science to that, they stick with what they like and what works…Voila

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  • Victoria Hunt-Finlan

    She is a pretty girl. That’s it! Her style is no style and I don’t mean in any ironic way. It’s pretty basic. Basic texture. Basic fit. Basic color. Basically boring. Just as bland as her model friend Kendal chick. Gigi clothing choices is not exciting. The only reason why blogospheres ( like wwwhat) value anything she does because they see that she is a pretty and model. And they wish they had her genes- I means jeans!

  • hi_itsgabby

    And the athletic wear.

  • Susan Miller

    She has a stylist – so it’s actually do you like Monica Rose?