We Asked People to Draw Their Goals for 2016

It is so much more fun than hashtagging them.


To wrap up Goals Month on Man Repeller, Amelia and Leandra took to Washington Square Park in New York City to ask New Yorkers to draw their goals on a sheet of paper. What resulted from the project was a fantastic range of aspirations from profoundly diverse vantage points. These were highly indicative of the platitudinous melting pot we occupy.

16-year-old Casey hopes to go sailing again. Mahak, 20, a double major in politics and journalism, wants to figure out what to be when she grows up. Helen, a new New Yorker fresh off the heels of a lifetime in Belgium who moved here for a job opportunity, wants to be a good manager, and as for Reggy? Reggy just wants love.

Of course, we got members of team Man Repeller involved as well. Happiness, self-improvement, health were among the totems of the goals between these walls.

When you’re asked to consolidate the stuff you want and strip them down to the bare bones, what you find, it seems, is that no matter how different we might think we are, we have one universal and fundamental thing in common: the pursuit of happiness, love, belonging, connection and ultimately, our humanity.

So! As important members of this community, we ask that you please draw — or simply share — your goals in the comment box below.

So far, 2016 is looking cool.

Drawn by the community; photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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