Oh Boy Episode 19
Alexa Chung
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It may comfort you to know that Alexa Chung has trouble getting dressed in the winter, just like the rest of us. It’s sort of like finding out that the person who you thought “has it all” doesn’t really know what the hell that means, either, nor any greater clue as to how one achieves “it.”

Chung and Leandra talk about both of those concepts in this episode of Oh Boy (which is the extended audio version of an upcoming Chatroom). Among the other topics they cover: crying on airplanes, airport dressing, Alexa Chung’s app, Villoid, and what the Villoid office is like, why splitting hairs may be the secret to winter hair and, of course, how to remedy the feeling of finding zero inspiration in your own closet.

Here’s to an uninterrupted commute so that you can enjoy this one in peace, and just a heads up to your subway seat mates now: you’re going to laugh out loud.


Sign up for the Villoid app here. You should also go follow Alexa on Instagram and Twitter. Host Jay Buim also has a pretty killer Instagram and website, too. Logo and feature illustration by Kelly Shami.


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