Turtleneck Hair Now

A how-to of tubular proportions


Everyone has an opinion about turtlenecks (us included). Champions of warmth will vet in their favor while those who continue to try to disassociate the oft-holiday-inspired outfitting choices of their elderly family members from their current fashion endeavors likely elect to keep them outside of their cosmos. It is a universal truth worth acknowledging, though, that to be in fashion toward the end of 2015 is to accept the turtleneck as your ally. Your comrade. Your best friend. The other form of gift Steve Jobs left for you. A one way ticket to simultaneous flu-expulsion and the nuances that define 21st century cool.

Diane Keaton is, after all, a notable forebear and champion of the garment. So, really, never mind the red and yellow lamé knit that your aunt wore, which still haunts your memory of the Christmas dance-off ’94. Different place, different time. Here and now, there’s a new variable at play and it’s your hair, which should boast the idealized ratio of flocculent muffin to knit neck.


Take a look.


Forward facing your audience, you should look insouciant. Like you were going to wake up but decided against it in spite of the effortless — and that’s the other thing — strands peeking out from your turtleneck like the brain child of a French woman.

You can pull these out from directly over your ear using your index finger and thumb. What should not happen is the following: triangle head (unless, of course, your head is triangular, in which case: you are so cool) or Kristen Wiig Surprise Party Skit Hair (unless you’ve just cut your hair to mimic that bob, in which case, I admire your commitment).


To avoid this, refrain from pulling hair from any other region of your head until you get a glimpse of your profile. From here the muffin should pronounce itself.

The top of your head should punctuate your purpose to such a heightened degree that is impossible for anyone to believe that such a non-caloric marvel for baked goods everywhere could be mere accident, even if your front-facing facade alludes otherwise.

The curve that separates your neck from your head, where the hair looks like it’s curling in, should stand out about an inch. To achieve this, simply tug at the back of your head.

Massage your scalp gently using your finger tips for two or three strokes to loosen the rest of your head up and then take a step outside and tell me you’re not grateful to have human hair keeping your neck warm.

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  • Great post:)

    Need some Christmas Wish List inspiration? Check out my latest post:) xoxo

  • Royal Wang
  • Just wore a turtleneck yesterday! Funny post.


  • b7hansen

    Want a turtleneck soundtrack? Try this 🙂 :


  • I always love this look on other girls, but when i try to do “turtleneck hair” on myself… i literally feel like a turtle 🙁 You nailed it in that gif, Leandra!
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  • Gabriela Grębska
  • Quinn Halman

    Your hair’s getting real long! This was a fun one to read, but personally I prefer scarf hair. Even though it looks incredibly similar, it doesn’t feel like there is a creepy crawly on your upper back

    • I couldn’t agree more, Quinn!

      • Aydan

        scarf hair/overcoat hair is my all time fave, plus it keeps it out of my face in the wind!

  • Leanne

    I’ve been a long-time lover of turtlenecks and tucked-in, messy hair. Glad to finally know I’m not alone. Also, Kristen Wiig makes everything a billion times better — love the gif.


  • andrea raymer

    My hair is too short to stay in my turtlenecks. I have to consciously tuck it in every few minutes if i want to maintain this look… too much effort.

    • Naya

      Same, i have short, EXTREMELY coily hair, that ends where the turtle neck starts. *looks off into the distance* SOMEDAY. I did a post on this about a week ago. You should definitely check it out.

  • Lulu

    !!!Yay!!! I,ve been waiting for this!!! XXX!!

  • This is the perfect, chicest, most Dior-ish alternative to hair ties. Love it.

  • Katia



  • This is how I pretend that I’m a) myself, at age 5, b) a french woman c) an actual turtle. Love this.

  • One of the things I realized when I cut my hair from waist length > bob > pixie, I really missed the warm feeling my hair gave me.


  • I love my turtlenecks but I fear I was guilty of the dreaded triangle-head – this was some much needed guidance

    Meena from http://www.meenameansme.com

  • Meg Gallagher

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  • christina

    you are soooo funny, love you

  • MSCFBeeches

    I temp misplaced my black turtleneck the other day and was so enraged. I’m a fan. Can’t speak on “Turtleneck Hair” personally though (curly fro), but I support anything lazy (as I eat a donut for dinner).

  • Kandeel

    I wore a turtleneck today…are we soul sisters?? We should make a show called sisterhood of the travelling turtlenecks!!!

  • My favorite way of deciding if I should bob my hair (I never do)

  • Roxana Zegan

    I love this.


  • jiajiavibrant

    great fashion idea!
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  • Greer

    Now I just really really REALLY want a post that chronicles Leandra’s hair over the history of Man Repeller, or at least the last 3 years

  • I have been doing this in a bunch of blog posts! I love the look



  • This makes me wish I had longer hair so I could do this like you. If I scrunched up my neck and gave that really cute wink maybe I could pull it off.

    Accidental Icon


  • karen

    you are beautiful

  • betsey

    love your sense of humor and style, true inspiration

  • fashion inspiration

    pretty hair and style

  • Naya
  • Naya

    I did a post about the same topic about a week ago. You all should definitely check it out.

  • Emily
  • Iva Quint

    Did this and my brother called me a mushroom head

  • Kayla McGovern

    When you rocked turtleneck hair at the Teen Vogue panel my friend and I were like “oh my GOD LEANDRA GOT A HAIRCUT” at first and then by the end of the panel we were like ” IT WAS TUCKED INTO HER TURTLENECK?!” and have proceeded to wear turtleneck hair like every other day since

    • Leandra Medine

      I need to see a foto. pls! pls! plz!

      • Kayla McGovern

        turtleneck hair 4 lyf

        • Kayla McGovern

          (the foto posted upside down on my phone and I’m not sure why but u get the idea)

      • Kayla McGovern

        turtleneck hair 4 lyf <3

  • isratjahan1
  • Cee

    *Tries to explain why this is a stupid look, but fashionista police have applied too much duct tape*


  • I need turtleneck hair because my hair ends are fried. 🙁


    Style Tomes

  • Natella Klycheva

    What to do when yoir hair is too thick, and then it always comes out of turtle neck ?*why there’s no emoji for curly hair

  • olive

    This makes me laugh. I have made turtlenecks my uniform, and I don’t want anyone to witness the trial and error of getting the hair right sometimes.

    Scarf hair is another cool one – there can be more layers for hair hiding!

  • Abigail Gardner

    ahhhahaha yessss i did a post about this last winter!! check it out —


  • Crafty Wendy
  • Cassandra Fisher

    I do the same thing with my hair, but with my scarf. I don’t why, it just makes me feel cooler 😉

    Cassandra from http://www.chicforgood.com

  • Jasmine

    I do this when all the time because it is so easy and so low maintenance. I literally just use dry shampoo, wear my turtle neck over my hair and leave it tucked in, fluff it out a bit and baam I’m out of the house and people think I spent ages getting ready and I go “yah, it took me forever ;)”