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Shiona Turini
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If Shiona Turini looks familiar that’s because she once styled Leandra sexy, showed us inside her closet and took us behind the scenes of Kehinde Wiley’s Paper Magazine shoot featuring an all-black cast and crew. Get to know her even better in this episode of Oh Boy.

Shiona Turini once arrived to school butt-ass naked in an act of sartorial defiance against her mother who, to her credit, was just trying to get her toddler dressed.

The future fashion editor didn’t like the outfit her mother chose. Her mother — this Bermudian household’s EIC — didn’t argue with pre-schoolers. Time was ticking and neither mom nor child was budging and so, Shiona Turini was put in the car without clothes. It was a test, of course, but I don’t want to ruin the story.

Then there was the time Shiona got suspended for wearing pants. That was in high school, but same thing: I don’t want to ruin the story.

The endings to both and more (like the time she worked as a dental assistant at age 14 to afford the clothes she coveted, how she broke into the fashion industry through perseverance and got Saint Laurent to dress Kanye West for his first appearance at the Grammys) are all swimming within this very entertaining and simultaneously inspiring episode of Oh Boy.

So! Put your crop top on, plug your headphones in, try to avoid detention like some podcast guests we know and delve into the makings of fashion consultant/stylist Shiona Turini.


Check out Shiona’s website and follow her on Instagram. Host Jay Buim also has a pretty killer Instagram and website. Logo and feature illustration by Kelly Shami.


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  • Bee

    This was one of my favorite interviews. Shiona’s attitude is so inspiring. Such a badass.


    • Francisca Nguyen

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  • Hayley

    I definitely got overly excited when I discovered that this week’s episode was a Bermudian!

  • Amelia Jane Cullen

    One of my favorite’s so far, really loved the real talk about the realities of working in fashion!