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Emily Weiss
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No better way to kick off Oh Boy’s Super Sweet 16th episode than with Glossier and Into The Gloss founder and CEO, Emily Weiss.

In this particular pod we learn about the entrepreneur’s earliest businesses (a clay-based jewelry company, a lemonade stand — note that I said earliest), her entry into fashion (Cher Horowitz, over-the-knee socks, Contempo Casuals) and her lifelong animal enthusiasm.

But host Jay Buim also takes us “behind the scenes” of Weiss’ real career trajectory: the business skills she culled while working in the magazine industry, what being a Vogue stylist’s assistant taught her, how she learned to be good collaborator, why Ikea may actually strengthen your relationships (at least the work ones) and of course, where the whole idea of Into The Gloss — and later Glossier — started.

It’s the kind of episode that will charge anyone up who’s been thinking about starting their own thing. It’s also 46 minutes long: the perfect amount of time to apply a moisturizing face mask. Maybe Emily Weiss can recommend some.


Check out Into the Gloss and shop Glossier. Follow Into the Gloss on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Follow Emily on Instagram, too! While you’re at it, host Jay Buim also has an Instagram and website. Logo and feature illustration by Kelly Shami.


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  • I love Emily Weiss & Into the Gloss!


    • Marcia Kolb

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  • Rachel Zuckerman

    Whenever I want to hit snooze instead of getting up to write I tell myself: “Emily Weiss got up at 4am to work on her own projects before going to work” and I get my ass out of bed.

    (including today)

    Can’t wait to listen to this.

  • Isn’t that intro song just the most under-rated hiphop song of our day? Long live How To Make it In America! (IS that the song?) 😐
    Loving these podcasts.


  • Anna

    Yaaaas! I was just thinking the other day “I wish Emily would do an episode of Oh Boy!” and you have read my mind.

  • Beatrice

    I listened to this on my commute this morning, and I was so pleased to read that Emily, similarly to Leandra, talks about the difficulty of running one’s own company so candidly. That you’re both talking about self-doubt, strengths and weaknesses, fear, pride…All of those things that make us human and not just perfect Internet People leading Perfect Internet Lives makes me love Man Repeller and Glossier/ITG even more. Living in the Bay Area, my life is so saturated with male CEOs and startup employees who think they’re hot shit. Refreshing to hear about women who are laying it all out on the table, and whose businesses represent that ethos.

  • cindy kazanjian

    Blind pug – the best!

  • Brianna

    Such an insightful podcast ! Definitely deserves a listen 🙂