Holiday Party Outfit: The Sparkly Top

Be the tinsel your tree wishes you could be


Remember when last week when I was like, “It’s the holidays! Wear a suit!


Never mind.

I have changed my tune to sound more like…it’s the holidays! Feed the g-dang stereotypes and wear…wear….wear something sparkly as disco. The more you look — nay, the more you act — like a fire cracker, the better.

It is, after all, holiday season, right? I don’t know how many more times I should say that before it’s too many and you check out like an errant eyeball plagued with an astigmatism.

This week, we’ll focus on Isa Arfen’s metallic top which actually kind of does look like the aftermath of a fire cracker. It is currently on sale, though still not especially budget-friendly but if you wait just a minute, impatient Ingrid, I will provide further suggestions for your consuming pleasure.

Exhibit 1 — The recreational weekend holiday party:


Isa Arfen top, River Island turtleneck, Topshop skirt, Wolford tights, Céline sandals (similar here)

You’ll have to excuse my legs, I had no idea they were going to point their knees at you! Here I wear a River Island turtleneck (Topshop has a curiously similar version in sleeveless) under the aforementioned Isa Arfen top with a Bambi-print skirt acquired on sale from Topshop and Céline sandals, which — sale brag — I got on The Real Real for under $200. This is the kind of look I would recommend you to wear to your friend’s housewarming-cum-Christmas party. Though the dots on my tights look like just mere dots, they’re actually rhinestones. A conversation starter for the times.

Item B — The office holiday party:


Edun vest and pants, Isa Arfen top, Benoît Missolin headband and Charlotte Olympia leopard sandals

No I will not move my meeting up to 4! And can you blame me? I have buttons all over my g-dang pin striped vest and pants. They are being partitioned by a sparkly-ass top that all but screams: if you make me file one more invoice before the office party you’re never going to make it to the party because I’m going to kill you. I’d recommend you keep the headband to yourself until porrrrrty tahm rears its head, but then again — what a headband.

And finally, subject III — The “Where-the-F-am-I-going-tonight?” holiday party:


Isa Arfen top, Rosie Assoulin board shorts (another Rosie Assoulin option here), Jimmy Choo sandals worn with glitter socks

I don’t really know what I was thinking this would look like when I set out to style these orange jacquard board shorts as part of a December style story but I do know that it wasn’t this. Still, I went with it, because nobody is perfect and mistakes happen and without them we never learn or get to fine-tune our style narratives. So here I am, catching waves on the pavement in baggy glitter socks and the shorts that effectively defined the summer of 2015 for me.

Now where’s the eggnog at?

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis


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  • Charlotte

    That turban’esque’ headband is brilliant! Mine is similar but simple black silk. Now I need a colourful one!

    • Louella Shumaker

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  • dont nipple shame

    the lack of leandra’s nipples lately is concerning. #freethenipple

    • Leandra Medine

      Is my nipple usually more salient?

      • dont nipple shame

        wish it were!

  • You’re voice in your writing is the best. Happy Holidays!

    xColby | Fossypants

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  • Love it, You look beautiful in sparkes. Gemma xx

  • I actually love the third look! It’s so weird – awesome. And that Edun suit…my DIY project for the holidays.

    • Leandra Medine

      it is so weird. i know. i questioned myself like 6 times

  • MCJ

    Oh-KAAY. One, those socks are fire. Two, those board shorts are hotter than FI-YEERR. Three, Lee-ondra you’re glowing in every picture! LAHV it!

    MR & friends, help! Any suggestions on how to pack the minimum amount of versatile clothing (low key to GNO) for a 3 week holiday in a relatively warm destination?

    • Leandra Medine

      yes! take five bathing suits, two oversize shirts to wear to the beach, two sarongs and a couple of slip dresses/lace up sandals for the night
      and rope jewelry! just pull it off a floral arrangement and tie around neck/wrist/ankle.

    • Natty

      thank you for asking because I am struggling with the same issue! last night I started “packing” whereby I took all my clothes off the hangers, piled them on the floor, and put the cat in my suitcase. Need some help.

  • Natali

    Oh wow!! The third outfit is absolutely incredible, so inspiring!!

  • Great look!

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  • Oh yes, the shoes!!!! I’m in love with all of them. Also with the tops <3 I like sparkling clothes but I never dare to wear a total sparkling outfit (like a dress).

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  • In love with that headband <3


  • I feel as though Leandra and I have been on a hair growing journey together (which she of course doesn’t know). Oh, and that sparkly sweater encapsulates everything I wish to be this coming new year’s eve.

    • Leandra Medine

      oh yeah! i dont know why i decided to grow it out but i feel guilty about how much i like it. let me unpack that

      • It looks great though! I made a promise to my mother that I wouldn’t cut it until it was very long, so I’m staying strong on that one…now I’m just trying to find a way to manage a load of hair and triangle head. It’s a work in progress.

  • Aydan

    YES YES YES on pants to holiday parties! I wore a black jumpsuit to my office party. Although a challenge and weird taking off your entire outfit to use the restroom, I still looked pretty f-ing great!! Rock on Leandra!

  • Natalie

    Sparkling stuff ftw! I just bought a sequined turtleneck top at H&M and I´m always pretending to be a mirror ball when I´m wearing it.

  • Leandra, those Céline sandals and Wolford tights are just amazing. Now I know what I’ve been recently missing in my life. Point those knees, girl. You look fierce.

  • Claire

    All of these are perfect, but I want to wear the skirt from the last one every day for the rest of my life.

  • Love Love Love the socks!

    Here in Buenos Aires is hotter than those socks so we can´t copy any of these looks but I will take them into account for a winter night out (1 or 2 per year)!

  • Stephanie

    So stunning! I love the details of what you wore <3

  • Béa

    I work here! You must have missed our holiday party invite. Want to get coffee at bluebird ? (or juice at juicepress)

  • Those board shorts are AMAZING! That outfit is the definition of perfect.