A 2015 Pop Culture Retrospective

A look back at it, from Adele to Gucci’s girls to Snapchat and more…


Welcome to the awkward age of media where the Internet basically can’t help but ruin a joke by telling it over and over. It’s why everyone would rather listen to a podcast and withstand the Mail Kimp commercial than they would read one more list of X things to do before they die. But uh…since you’re still alive…here’s hoping you won’t mind this final recap of a year that’s best remembered in a list.

2015 Was the Year That…

Drake became the most-memed person/place/thing on the Internet.

He was also the last artist to drop a surprise album on Instagram, putting the end to the musical heart attack madness. This was confirmed by…

Justin Bieber & Adele, who released their albums the old fashioned way then went head-to-head for most obsessed-over pop album of the year. 

Despite the fact that Adele wasn’t nominated for 2016 Grammys. Of course Taylor Swift was, but that’s arguably in part due to her…

Squad Goals

The three words that had the best year ever in 2015; three words because 1) #squad 2) #goals 3) #squadgoals. And no Squad is complete without…

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner

Both model-daughters of famous people with famous sisters, none of whom have time for the haters. Speaking of those younger sisters…

The World Became Obsessed With Kylie Jenner

And her Lip Kit that sold out so fast people started re-selling theirs on Ebay for the price of a small child and wouldn’t you know it, many sold their newborns for it. Speaking of babies…

Babies Had a Bad 2015

No one really cared about Princess Charlotte, the second royal child, Saint West did nothing for SEO (especially compared to North) and too many millennials in that “I’m not considered a millennial, right?” age bracket named their children after Instagram filters.

Oh Yea, Millennials Hate Being Called Millennials 

It’s worse than “hipster,” which is also no longer a thing, but technically speaking, everyone whose parent is a Gen X-er is a millennial — regardless of whether or not you use Snapchat. Speaking of Snapchat…

Snapchat Became King 

Which means our children just might name their kids 0 MPH or Rainbow Barf Face. But probably not, since that’s likely somehow offensive, because…

Political Correctness Took Over 2015

Sorry!!! I didn’t mean it that way. I must just be tired. Actually, I’m really stressed. Actually, I’m both, but there’s a new word for it. It’s called…


Burnout was the hottest runway trend of 2015 considering that it was the speculated reason behind Raf Simons’ departure from Dior, Alber Elbaz’s from Lanvin and Alexander Wang’s from Balenciaga. Weird that it took us this far down in the list to talk about fashion, huh? That’s because there’s a lot to cover…

Fashion Dropped Normcore, Stayed Stuck in the 70s and 90s

And then people started dressing up more for the gym than they do for the office. Except for toe-bone sock-shoes. You know what I mean, right? And you can thank Céline and Maryam Nassir Zadeh for them — they’re great for bunions! Also a thing: bodysuits. These not these, though the latter were big on Halloween. Oh! And nice became cool again — probably because comfort became the new luxury, so erryone was like, “Aaahh.” Further in fashion news, vintage Levi’s became so prevalent the word “vintage” has been rendered useless. At least ’round these parts. All of which means 2015 was sort of sartorially confused.

You know who is not confused? Alessandro Michele. He’s responsible for…

The Style of the Year: Gucci’s Eccentric

Who will you be today? (That question feels so…sophomore year of high school soul-searching journal entry, doesn’t it? That’s because…)

Your High School Had a Comeback

The OC was revived as a short-lived musical, Abercrombie & Fitch is on its way back it (trust us!) and Instagram bios became as important as your old AIM profiles. This technically only applies to the Gen-Y-ers who remember a world before Google. So here’s one for the Vine-age millennials:

The Whip/Nae Nae and the Dab Tied for Most Viral Dances of 2015

Hoverboard choreography rolled in (because that shit doesn’t really hover) at a close second place. Sort of like eyebrows did! Oh yes…

Your Eyebrows May Still Be “on Fleek,” But What About Your Lashes?

Everyone got falsies in 2015. They compliment the contouring, the strobing, the lip-kitting, no makeup and the no-makeup-makeup look. Raise your brow if you think this has anything to do with…

The Mass Migration to LA

Goodbye to all that, New York 🙁 I blame the weather (2015’s most talked about commodity), which is seemingly picking itself back up to reclaim the lost souls in 2016. One thing we can blame on LA, however…

Meditation Became the New Juice Cleanse

Drinking smoothies stopped being the new eating food and everyone shut the fuck up about kale. (Sorry if you bought the sweatshirt.) But ohm wasn’t just limited to the downward dog. Oh no. It permeated your breath, at least 20 minutes of your day and your wardrobe. Why? Well…

2015 Was the Year of Cleaning Out Your Closet 

And you can thank Marie Kondo for that. She’s all about the streamlined vibe. Ugh. Vibe. That word still needs to die. Speaking of what-the-kids-are-saying vocabulary…


It’s all the rage. I think back in my day we used to call them douchebags.

Donald Trump!

Weird, this was the one place on this list I couldn’t find a segue…you know when you know it’s riiiiight there — like your Apple remote — but you just can’t find the fucker?


If Drake won the most-memed rapper, then Trump won the most-memed wannabe president, with the exception of Kanye West who announced his intent to run in 2020 during the VMA’s while a little drunk.

…Which you just might do after you’re done reading this — before you go to the movies with your cousin or hit up yet another family party. Do you have things to talk about in case your grandma asks you about your love life? Don’t forget the wine, it’ll help. Don’t forget your manners, either. Just put on polka dots and call it a day.

Collages by Emily Zirimis



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  • Quinn Halman

    Twenty-fifteen? More like twenty-fiftMEMES! Am I right, ladies?!

    • Jess P


  • This year was a rollercoaster from start to finish, only it was one of those wierd rollercoasters that is creaky and a bit dysfunctional.

  • Hahaha, this is a great recap. Humanity is crazy if you think about it. Love the Drake mention and the word fuckboi – should definitely be added to the Oxford dictionary imho.


    • Aimee Rivera

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  • I feel like Donald Trump could nestle right between Political Correctness and Burnout. The first of which, Trump abhors and ignores. And the second, well, the grand ol’ party is probably wishing it on him. #segway

  • Matt

    “And speaking of fuckbois… Donald Trump!” would’ve sufficed as a segway haha.

  • Mignonette

    Adorable how legitimate critique has been redefined as ‘haterz’ so the narcissistic self regard of public voices can remain unchallenged.