Texts from The Group Chat: What Are We Wearing Tonight?

The weekend’s most important question.



A: What are you wearing tonight?

B: I’m not sure yet. What are you wearing?

A: IDK. Was thinking skirt.

B: It’s so cold though

A: I know but I want to wear one before it gets cold-cold.

B: Truu. Ok maybe I’ll wear a skirt, too.

A: Cool what shoes?

B: *…*

A: Wait sorry L just called me. She’s doing a dress.

B: A dress??

A: Yea I guess this place is semi-whatever.

B: Ughhh I can’t deal with fancy, it’s Friday, I’m tired.

A: I know but a dress is easy because we don’t have to do tops.

B: Good call. Actually I have this off the shoulder dress that I don’t know where else to wear.

A: Pic please!

B: K hang on. Gonna email to you, phone being weird.

A: Kk

B: Did you get it?

A: Yea so cute but ugh now idk what to wear

B: Why?

A: Because my dresses suckkkk

B: No they don’t! Do that blue one.

A: Fucking S has it.

B: So annoying. You can borrow something?

A: What’s L wearing?

B: Let me ask she just Gchatted me.

B: She’s doing high waist flares with an OTS blouse.

A: You’re both doing off the shoulder? Shit.

B: We don’t all have to wear the same thing!

A: Ik..

A: Wait. I just remembered I bought a jumpsuit at Zara for Halloween but never wore!!

B: You’re doing a jumpsuit?

A: *…*

A: *…*

A: *Photo delivered.*

B: STOP. What. OMG. You look insane.

A: So good right??

B: Yes but now I want to wear a jumpsuit waaa 🙁



B: You’re annoying. What shoes?

A: For you or me?

B: Both.

A: Pumps.

B: Square or pointy?

A: Square for you but maybe pointy for me?

B: Or boots?

A: I can’t do boots.

B: Hang on I’m gonna shower call you in like, 10.

A: Kk.

B: Hey, shit.

A: What?

B: S said she’s just doing jeans.

A: Really? Ok maybe I will too then.

B: Same.

A: Are you wearing a coat out?

B: Are you gonna wear a coat?

A: Jinx.

Illustration by Maria Sainte; follow her on Instagram and check out her website too.


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