Office Apropos: Fall 2015

It’s back: five days, four girls, 20 outfits, one surprise


Remember getting dressed for work in the summer? The MR interns sure do.

The fall is a hall pass for getting dressed. It’s the only season where you can do bare legs and a sweater without someone asking, “Aren’t you hot/cold?” It’s the only time you can wear sandals and a scarf without looking confused. I would say it’s the only time of year you can dress like Princess Leia, a human sheep or shitty content without getting double-takes, but then again, this is New York. Nothing shocks anyone except for a smile.

Which brings us to the slideshow above! Five days, four girls, 20 outfits, plus a few baaaaad ass surprises at the end. (You’ll NEVER GUESS what they are!) May the fashion force be with you.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis and Elizabeth Tamkin


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  • Mandy

    so many awesome looks for fall it makes me kind of less bummed we’re expecting snow this week. definitely buying some turtlenecks asap.
    ps. elizabeth you make a strong case for overalls

  • Ristina

    Ms.Diamond, you are a beautiful creature. Love how slouchy that sweater from the weird shop on you!

  • Kelsey O’Donnell

    This was a fun story with so many good looks, but NOT office aprops for many a working woman. Any luck you’ll take up a challange to do a lawyer/banker/office jobber office apropos?

    • Leandra Medine

      Does this work?

      Also, I think because I have never held a job outside of fashion, it’s hard for me to thoughtfully consider the guidelines to dressing for work. Can you give me an example of what is absolutely impossible to wear? Sounds like maybe y’all need to write in so that I could properly assess.

      • Babs

        I’ve been dreaming of such a post, as well. My light blue collared shirt and oversize tweed jacket are begging for a break. But yes, it’s a tall order: Jackets and collared shirts preferred, no jeans, no shorts/short skirts, no out-of-the-ordinary skin showing on top (read: off the shoulders, cutouts). Conservative use of color and pattern. Leandra’s day 3 look comes closest.

      • SaraLovesBeauty

        The black pants white shirt post is probably the closest a fashion person will ever come to what I could wear to work (sigh). I work in finance and here’s what the highly oppressive officewear standards are like: shoulders and upper arms should be covered, so nothing sleeveless. Always wear a blouse, not a tshirt, unless the sweater is completely covering it. Dress pants or skirts (no jeans and no leggings, not even the nice ponte ones from jcrew). No open toe shoes (I’ve even heard of places where no slingbacks are allowed). A blazer is preferred, although not required. It’s even written in the formal dress code that hair has to be a “natural” color, and no visible tattoos or piercings other than ears are allowed. I rebel as much as I can by wearing four earrings and I just got this amazing jumpsuit from Madewell which I will fully be made fun of for.

      • Kelsey O’Donnell

        The black pants white shirt was helpful, but only had a few take-aways for more formal office wear. I also agree with SaraLovesBeauty and Babs on the rules of the conservative office (and oh boy, is it a tall order). I volunteer as tribute to write in (Sat when my phone is turned off …) but I’m intimidated because I’ve never worked in fashion and I feel I’m still learning the vocab, theories, philophies, etc.

      • Natty

        I work in finance as well and my work wardrobe has a lot of Theory & J Crew. For shoes I pretty much wear the Ferragamo Vara pumps into the ground.
        When I get dressed for work I usually start with the basic corporate uniform and add one bit of weird. Lately that beloved weirdness, which so often is the thing that gets me through the day, has taken shape in the form of jackets.

        • I live at Theory for work!

  • Jamie Leland

    Elizabeth can hide her midriff, but she cannot hide her chiseled abs.

  • Leandra Medine

    I have a comment! It’s so cool to see the style evolution of the newer employees of Man Repeller (beyond myself, obviously) — and how they basically metamorphose into really chic birth control whether wittingly or not

  • Olivia O

    “You never know when you may have to bring the party” is rivaling “Never underestimate the value of your own opinion” for my favorite MR life lesson

  • Ana Tellez

    hahah “Welcome to the desert of my soul”…Wp by Matisyahu!!!

    • Leandra Medine


  • Teresa

    Leandra…the Dries boots!!!!! I was looking online, I could only find them from a UK retailer that wouldn’t ship stateside. Congrats!

    • Leandra Medine

      I bought them FROM a uk retailer that doesn’t ship stateside!

  • Allie Fasanella
  • Allie Fasanella


    leandra: that Ukrainian blouse *pulls ski mask down, does summer salt into your closet, steals the shit out of it*
    amelia: HUMP DAYYY (all of me loves all of you)
    Krista: those acne pants and your overall aesthetic slays me
    Elizabeth: those FU pants. i’ve never connected to something more

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      An easy DIY project featuring Duane Reade on the go sewing kit 😉

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      Your gif abilities slay ME

  • Andrea Raymer

    Now considering embroidering FU onto some of my pants.

    • Krista Anna Lewis


  • kellyisloser

    Finally! they are all perfect cant wait to copy them!

  • my favorite series!! rocked it, as always. you forgot to link where i can purchase Krista’s skin in slide 18!!

    • Leandra Medine


    • Krista Anna Lewis

      LOL to Leandra BUT ACTUALLY getting happy skin is such a struggle for me and the brand Ren SAVED it from really bad breakouts. Especially this mask: just take off your silver rings before you use it.

      • Aydan

        GIRL PREACH!! REN is the only one that worked for me too!!

      • o0o0o0h thanks. saves me a trip to bushwick

  • BK

    re Elizabeth’s skirt on day 5: VINTAGE! SO ADORABLE.

    (But with no snide follow-up comment. It genuinely is so adorable. I bet Regina secretly liked that skirt and wished her mom was less spaced out and hadn’t thrown out all of her potentially hand-me-down clothes that one Margarita Monday when she accidentally took a Xanax whilst drunk and decided to ‘spring clean’ in November. THEY SHOULD MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT REGINA’S MOM)

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      THANKS! And thanks, mom! And agreed regarding movie.

  • kellymcd

    Why is Amelia’s hair the best accessory for every outfit ever? I might have to start growing mine out again so I can forgo jewelry to add dimension and texture to my outfits

  • Jade Cooling

    Amelia: I was driving to go ride my horse while listening to your episode of Oh Boy. I’ve forever hid my horse riding (because you said it yourself, we’re crazy), but I see your Ariats + now know that you’re truly ride or die.

  • Leandra you were right (re: my comment last week about larger boobs and t-necks)! Krista’s t-neck and high-waisted flaired trouser look is absolutely ace! Wil be embracing the look this season ?

  • Sophie

    LOVE this edition/the Office Apropos series in general, it’s one of my fave things that you guys do. It really inspires me to experiment with my wardrobe for the rest of the week! Plus it really makes me miss fashion design school, where all my classmates and I wore (and designed) whatever we wanted.

  • Jo

    Elizabeth is my style soul sista. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I need to embroider the pockets of all my jeans ASAP

  • Love this! You are all so great. Amelia I love your style you rose. Gemma x

  • rachel

    I love this instillment of the blog, especially as a student heading into internship territory! Can i borrow Leandra’s first outfit and Amelia’s second, if i get the internship i’ll give you both credit … sounds like a fair deal to me.

  • nstwick

    Amelia Day 2 ftw.

  • Live reporting from 2016 to note my continued appreciation for the shitty content costume. Especially love “10 Ways to Chew Gum!”. Add that to the MR Ed calendar plz + thanks —we must know!!

  • grace andrew

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