What Happens When a Man Tries the No-Makeup Makeup Look?

Maybe he’s born with it!


The point of no-makeup makeup is to look as though we aren’t wearing any makeup. This has confused every man I’ve ever known. Then what, they want to know, is the point of wearing any makeup in the first place?

Because, hello! Haven’t you seen my pores and pimples and under eye circles and wrinkles that came out of fucking nowhere, not to mention scars and spots and freckles that look like scars (or spots)? Haven’t you noticed my short-stack eyelashes and face without shape and the fact that cold air doesn’t flush me, it just dries me out?

Uh, no, they respond.

My answer back: that’s because of no-makeup makeup!!! Most men still do not get it. (These same men also do not seem to know that iridescent blue is not a natural eyelid trait among human beings who are not part pop star or fish.)

But we cannot fault these dudes for what they do not know in the dark arts of mind-altering cosmetics. Rather, we simply have to catch them on a blotchy, post-wine skin day — maybe they’re feeling a little vulnerable about their jawline; maybe Mark in ad sales has way better cheekbones — and show them the light of tinted moisturizer, a multi-purpose stain and a great mascara.

That’s where Isaac Hindin-Miller, our ask-a-guy, came in. This is Isaac before.


Like Leandra and any other human being on this planet who chooses to not wear makeup — regardless of their reason (do you need one?), Isaac Hindin-Hyphen Miller is beautiful without. Look at him! He is undoubtedly a good looking dude.

But let’s say he had somewhere to be.

Somewhere where proof of a late night needed to be hidden, immediately.


Or perhaps he just wanted a pick-me-up to compliment his new outfit.


Maybe he wanted to pamper himself by splurging on a new product, experimenting with blush and enhancing his already-great-brows!


Can a man not have the freedom to hide his pores and sculpt cheekbones should he so choose?

He totally can, dude.

…But would Isaac “so choose?”


“For a photo shoot, why not,” he said (enthusiastically). “We all get pimples.” Of course, Isaac is a bit of an outlier. He works in the industry and gets his picture taken a lot, so he’s used to touch ups with powder for the sake of not reflecting a camera flash.

But is he now a no-makeup makeup convert?

Well, theoretically, if he perfects the craft, we’ll never know.

Follow Isaac on Instagram here, Twitter here, and check out his website here. For guy advice, check out our Ask a Guy series with Isaac.
Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis


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  • I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve never worn make up, but seeing the “no make up” look on a man underscores how odd it looks.

  • Teresa

    I think you’ve succeeded in the I’m wearing make up, but I look like I have no make up on look. On a side note, Isaac, enviable head of hair man. Really, it’s on point, or fleek, or whatever…you wear it well.

    • Bertha Stollings

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  • isaaclikes

    Amelia I literally went on Glossier and bought tinted moisturizer the moment I got home from this shoot.

  • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    Well, hello, how are you? Darlin just gilding the lily. Mens get the goods (long eyelashes, great skin), no need to embellish. Actually, no need for any of us to do so. Digging the former and latter. Helloooo

  • soniadelvalle

    I love how I bullshit myself about not wearing makeup, save doing my brows because they are my weapons to get through life with faux confidence. Oh and curling my eyelashes and applying mascara, because I need lashes. And definitely eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger. Oh and this great matte lipstick that looks pretty neutral! But no, I don’t wear any make up AT ALL!

  • Stephanie

    LOL! That guy look so cute <3


  • sam_the_cat

    I think makeup should be optional for both genders. Women shouldn’t feel obligated to wear it in order to seem polished, and men should feel free to wear it if they please, whether it’s to cover a zit or under-eye circles or to go full-on glam. Experimenting with makeup can be really fun, and guys are missing out!

  • t

    He looks amazing. That said, if I noticed any hint of makeup on a straight guy in person, it would be a bit off-putting, at this point. I wonder if that’s how seeing makeup on women makes men feel? It’s not like the care much if we’re not wearing it, other than in a formal environment where everyone is expected to look as good as possible.

    • T

      Oh comment edit button, where art thou? Immediately upon posting, I realized that a little tinted moisturizer and translucent face powder never hurt anyone of either gender. Unattended pores and shiny faces do not discriminate and neither should we. I have found that a lux face wipe around 2-3pm is hugely refreshing.

  • Lua Jane

    First of all, your resident ask a guy is just as beautiful as the female team members. That hair! Also The no-makeup makeup on him executed by amelia is flawless. One simply couldn’t tell his wearing anything. You guys could be onto something here.

  • erin

    *heart eyes emoji*

  • meme

    Amelia, please do my make up! You wizard, you. On a side note, that’s one good looking dude -before and after.

  • Junglesiren

    Handsome chap. Needs no make-up… but yes…everyone looks better with a little make-up on.

  • I love makeup, from the no make up look to a dramatic evening out. But I do always have a small feeling like I’m false advertising. I don’t take compliments on my face from anyone until the person has seen me with absolutely no makeup on, which is what I prefer, simply because I’m too lazy to get up early and spend the time on it. However, overall I think makeup = pressure and it’s bad enough that women feel it so I’m worried about a world in which both sexes feel it. That said, I appreciate this post simply because I lived in South Korea for three years where male celebrities wear heavy makeup and watching TV made it impossible for me to distinguish males from females. I went to a wedding once where the groom had on noticeable foundation, lip gloss and subtle glitter in his hair. People should be who they want to be, but I also fear a society of complete androgyny. I like being feminine. What’s most unfair though is that it makes more fashion sense for ladies to borrow menswear motifs, but it just doesn’t work so easily the other way around for men.

    • hUGO

      It’s not necessarily false advertising, it’s presenting a better version of yourself.

  • He looks perfect 😀

  • Pierro

    I’m totally a Makeup No-makeup convert haha! It helps a lot as far it is well done!

  • which one is which?

  • Sarah Orlando

    before shot o_o
    after shot o_o

  • Anna Diane

    i kinda like man with rough skin, dark circles and slight wrinkles… it makes them look more tough and (oldschool) manly 🙂

  • MadeiraDarling

    Everyone looks better with makeup on (I probably just believe this because I have face blindness and emphasizing your features makes it easier for me to see you)

  • hUGO

    I absolutely love this! This is amazing. And not only does his face look more attractive, it draws your attention to it! You’ve given me a reason to wear makeup.

    • hUGO

      Thank you

  • PCastillon

    Isaac is a good looking man, even without the make-up. Although I must admit his skin looked better with make-up on. I wouldn’t mind seeing men wearing make-up to look like their best self. While I don’t encourage my husband to wear make-up, I do encourage him to moisturize, tone, and scrub his face on a daily basis so he’d look better.

  • Polly Daszkiewicz

    I feel like I might be the only one to say this… but after a solid minute of going between the before/after pictures… I actually prefer him before. I don’t know how to feel right now… Maybe my husband wasn’t lying when he said he prefers my natural look 😱


  • lemondrops+honeybees

    So handsome (before AND after).

  • karl

    Very interesting, I had a friend of mine using guyliner, manscara, and concealer for men Mens Makeup from Differio. Now I see more men using Makeup for men

  • Elizabeth Sankey

    He looks so good.

  • Emily

    Hang on, this is the no makeup look? This is what I do everyday! I really have no clue.