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Video: How to Prepare for Holiday Party Season

Oh, it’s coming…


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Destiny’s Child did not intend “Survivor” to be a post-Holiday anthem (nor did Mariah Carey, I am almost sure, intend for her Christmas jingle to become the pinnacle of her career), but from the time you put away your last Halloween decoration until the morning after you shout “Happy New Year!,” The Holidays — especially the parties — can feel like something you endure rather than enjoy.

But it doesn’t have to feel so strenuous. In fact, the holidays can be downright easy so long as you have a general outline of best practices and avoid eating poinsettias if you’re a cat.

Here, I’ll start:

1) Use “The Holidays” as an excuse to get out of any social functions or work-related obligations. This allows for more You Time.

2) “Accidentally” leave shopping tabs open on your browser or phone when in the presence of friends and family so they know what to buy you. This eliminates awkward conversations and bad presents! (Suggestions for my own friends and family who may/may not be reading: These River Island shoes. This green trench, same brand. This skirt. This one too. Thank you in advance.)

3) “Conveniently” buy your sister’s gift in a size or style that better fits your body, then offer to take it off her hands if she doesn’t want it.

4) Gluten be damned; eat the carbs.

5) Watch the video above. It more or less tells you everything else you need to know.

In video, Leandra is wearing in order of appearance: black bodysuit, pom pom scarf, denim culottes, knee high lace-up boots, striped turtleneckred snake print skirt, patent leather ankle boot

In Partnership with River Island


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  • Krista Anna Lewis

    Still dreaming of those Oreos.

  • Whoever (whomever?) doesn’t do the up-nose check in every hallway mirror before entering a party is either an animal or a liar.

  • Lou

    WHAT what what brand is that black bodysuit you’re wearing in the beginning in bed??!!! I’ve been looking for that exact style everywhere!!!! (sorry for the enthusiasm, but when you see it, you know it)

    • Leandra Medine

      River island!

      • Alarive

        I can’t find it! Can anyone link to it?

        • Bertha Stollings

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        • Cristina Couri
        • Elizabeth Tamkin
    • Elizabeth Tamkin
  • Tess

    I like to see that Leandra is also afflicted by Toothpaste Rabies. Never can I ever get through brushing my teeth without looking rabid.

  • Lisa

    Hellllllp! I cannot find the metallic dress Leandra is wearing to the party in the video on River Island’s website </3

    • Lisa

      just kidding. found & bought.

  • Jamie Leland

    My grandma definitely abides by number 3. If we don’t like something, she’ll exchange it with us immediately for cash under the pretense that she’ll return it for us. Next family gathering, there she is in the clothing we passed on. Well played, Grandma.

  • Helllllp I’m dying, this is so good! Thank you for making me laugh every single day. Love you, Man Repellers!!

  • Greer Clarke

    Definitely expected Step 5 of the video (or at least sub-step 4) to be “wreck yourself”

    • muiringue

      Not just me then!

  • Sophie

    I can’t find that fabulous striped roll neck. Does anyone have a link to it?

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      that turtleneck isn’t out yet but here’s a similar style!

      • Helene

        Will it be available anytime soon? I really want it!

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      here’s the link! just went live :

      • Sophie

        Product not found 🙁

  • M Rae

    “nor did Mariah Carey, I am almost sure, intend for her Christmas jingle to become the pinnacle of her career”…the best

  • Lovey Fleming

    You are so perfect! Adoring everything on Man Repeller <3
    Happy Mollidays

  • Quinn

    yessss. The elliptical scene!

  • I love the video! I want that pom pom scarf!!

    Kat | Delirium Style

  • Alice Tye

    Is the pink jacket Leandra is wearing also RI? I can’t find it online?

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      It’s not out yet — I will reply to your comment once it is released!

  • Claire

    Can Leandra show up at my party with Oreos?? but you know, like stay and talk and pick up clothes for me??

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  • Kathie Mellors

    Love the Video!! You are so much fun with a style!!

    || URBAN CLUB || Designer Fashion Club ||

  • This was so good! More videos si vous plaît!

  • Catherine Wen Xi Xiang

    This was such a breath of fresh air. And I would love to have oreos as a gift…. Also love the skirt!

  • Giulia

    Anybody know where those amazing lace up shoes are from??? <3

  • Ash

    I am now going to conclude every holiday correspondence with “Jingle Bellz”

  • I dont say this to just anyone, so here it goes,,,I love you