Do I Like Him? A Helpful Guide

Confused after a kiss? Weirded out after a discovered-tic? This flowchart can help.


Date went well?  Consider these three words (they are not the ones you think they are).

For as decisive as we are in our list of significant other ideals, life has taught us that very rarely does anyone have a perfect résumé, nor does a perfect résumé mean he or she will be a perfect match. Attraction, like modern dating and Facebook’s most truthful status, is complicated.

We tend to know when we hate someone. And though the falling part is tricky, we know once we’re in love. It’s the in-between that’s tricky. The early stages of “like.” It is because of this that I’ve put together the below guide if you find yourself wondering, “Do I like this person, or did I just like their shoes?”

And if you’re already self-assured in your current romantic state? Turn it into a drinking game. Pluck the petals off a flower each time you answer one of these questions and put a modern spin on that old classic, “He loves me, he loves me not.” Instead: “I like him, I like him, shot.

Illustration by Katlyn D’Angelo; follow her on Instagram.


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