The Chatroom: Diane von Furstenberg Interview

Leandra sits down with the iconic designer who considers herself of the millennial mindset


Diane von Furstenberg is the ultimate household name when it comes to fashion. She’s a style icon no matter your definition of the word, an industry legend among the old and new guard and a true power player in the world of business. But do you know what she’s most known for?

Three things.

1) The ever-flattering, simplistically genius (not to mention timeless) wrap dress.

2) Rather than a stoic half-bow, she dances on the runway at the end of her shows’ finales — it’s her way of saying thank you to the audience.

3) Her fantastic advice.

And advice is exactly what she gives in this very special episode of The Chatroom, spanning every topic from romance to self-love to career. (Not to mention the tweets of yours that she answered.) Why you’re still reading this is beyond me, however. Scroll back up and watch what the inimitable Diane von Furstenberg has to say!

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis


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  • A most beautiful interview – sorry I got distracted by hair envy so much.

    • I am now in a frenzy of Diane vids. I need to watch her talk. She’s so incredibly beautiful!!!

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  • Andie Kinzler

    As one of the only 18 year-olds who doesn’t wear make up 24/7, thank you Leandra! I thought I was the only one.

  • Stephanie

    Another great interview! She is one of my favorite people!

  • She’s such an inspiration!

  • Wow, amazing! <3

    xx, Daria

  • Vienna

    This was beautiful, she can just talk and talk and talk and I’ll never stop listening. Leandra – if I had your complexion I would swear off makeup too. You’re #blessed.

  • Alessia

    You’re both super inspiring! Thanks so much for this X

  • Alex Frasca

    You’re amazing, Leandra and I love love these interviews but please, please stop with the background music! It’s not okay.

    • Aydan

      it is a bit distracting…

  • Savannah

    Love her! ‘There are no shortcuts’

  • Allie Fasanella

    dvf is forever the queen. leandra you’re succeeding bc ya’ll for sure make women feel empowered and strong. this site consistently feeds my soul

  • ferrisienne

    Love this.

    • Julie Shelton

      Have you read “Diane Van Furstenberg: A Life Unwrapped” for the full scoop on DVF? It’s ALL in there!

  • victoria tom

    This interview makes me so happy!

  • Maia Binhammer

    Wonderful interview!

  • Gonna go get all of her quotes tattooed on my thigh brb

  • e

    Just gotta say, didn’t even notice Leandra isn’t wearing make up. Looking good girl!