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Kiran Gandhi
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Kiran Gandhi has been shaking shit up since she was a child. At age three she pissed off her best friends — two boys — for showing up to a Halloween playdate dressed as the Red Ranger. They were mad at her for not choosing the Pink Ranger, but Gandhi knew: the Red Ranger ran the show.

From that moment on, she hasn’t stopped running the show. Gandhi completed the April 2015 London Marathon on her period without a tampon to break the stigma of menstruation and bring awareness to the reality that not all women have access to the kinds of feminine products many of us take for granted. During college, rather than apply for an internship at the White House per her parents’ wish, she focused on her music career because it’s what made her feel most complete. (Listen to her description of what it was like discovering the D.C. music scene — you will immediately want what she’s having.) And it payed off: she then went on to play drums for MIA and Thievery Corporation.

Thanks to a unique upbringing that encouraged activism and helped her develop a strong, personal hold of feminism, Kiran Gandhi has always believed in the younger generation’s ability to change the world. “The time is now,” she told Jay in her interview. “Not when you’re 60 or 70, it’s when your 10, it’s when you’re 15, it’s when you’re posting something on Snapchat when you’re 18.”

That can sound scary and overwhelming, for sure. But not knowing your path and messing up are okay, she explains. That’s all a part of it. My favorite quote: “You have to be brave enough to fuck up.”

Listen to this episode, and at the end, you will be. So with that, Kiran Gandhi (and host Jay Buim), take it away.


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