Three Ways to Wear a Mini Skirt This Fall

No razor required


Fall is great. The sun shines. Amelia writes autumnal horoscopes. At Man Repeller, it’s even unofficially become home to a 31-day-long tribute to Sex and the City. Most importantly, though, the weather is still fairly warm. Pop cultural phenomenons are in full swing and so are we — philandering through the streets of our towns, sweaters on chest, pants on legs. Not yet forced to endure the prison that is a lockdown in our own domestic dwelling spaces due to the chatter of a snow storm, we hold no responsibilities save for those we impose upon ourselves. We can still wear sandals, for heaven’s sake! Stick our noses up at the tights that become second skin in later months. We wear short skirts, and with those skirts, show the world that, yes, we are those kinds of girls who only shave from June to August.

So what?


Only me?


That’s fine. And it certainly won’t stop me.

One of my favorite dressing cues to emerge from Halloween’s antecedent is pairing very short skirts with layers. Layers! Because the thing about a short skirt when it’s hot is that it is hot, so you don’t get to sartorially bartend and concoct weird visions. You just put on the skirt and tank and the sandals and you leave home. When it gets a little cooler, though, you get to get weirder. Allow me to demonstrate.


Here I am in a short sleeve knit by Miu Miu (any short sleeve knit will work — you can even make your own if you’ve got a pair of scissors) worn over an old men’s Steven Alan button down with a red skirt that thinks it is python but trust me, is not, from River Island. I’m wearing the slingbacks and a pair of Céline sunglasses. The necklace is by a Brazilian designer called Aracano. Could I have worn in July? Hell no! But in October, legs out and ankles exposed for all the world to bend and snap? Oh yeah. This is the kind of look I could *totally* see you wearing to work. Or to jury duty.


Here we have exhibit B (that Fiji bottle isn’t product placement, but it is mine. I was parched — parched, I tell ya! So thirsty). Which is the I’m Not Going to a Holiday Party Party Outfit and features the liquid metallic turtleneck I got from Topshop during the last round of Man on the Shops: The Best of What’s Around worn under a pinstriped vest by Edun. The jacket is Rosie Assoulin (flare sleeves for all!) and the skirt is from All Saints. The ankle socks are also from Topshop while the pumps, white and patent leather, are Manolo Blahnik.

And finally, there is exhibit C. Only it doesn’t exist yet because here is where I plan to crowdsource a request from you. Are there any particular mini skirts in your repertoire that you are trying to figure out how to style? Let me know in the comments below. Share a link to the skirt or a picture of it. We’re in this together, peeps.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.  Still not quite ready for the mini – how about the midi, as worn by A. Chung.hyperlink-gif-mini-skirt

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  • Emily Nichol
    • Carole Shields

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    • Leandra Medine

      iiiii…want to get that skirt. and like the polo worn with it on the site, actually. would you ever try an orange cotton turtleneck with a beige jacket and then black shoes and black socks? or how about a light blue button down?

      • Emma Nichols

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    • Brit

      Just bought this on my lunch break bc of you! I love the red but ended up with the black. 😀

  • Sanam

    Love those socks, I think that I will go to topshop tomorrow. 😉
    I have this little high waist gold skirt… Thank you! 🙂


    • This would be sooooooo perfect with white shirt, black blazer and black pumps… Drooling over here.

    • Leandra Medine

      i love that skirt so much. how about a denim shirt + a white turtleneck under it? or a heather grey sweatshirt-ish sweater (a la champion)?

  • Emmie

    Leandra, I have the bambi print skirt from Topshop – I saw you packed one a while ago on a trip away – I’m relatively OK with the top half (I find a bomber never fails) it’s just the shoes bit that throws me off.. HIT ME

    • Emmie

      that picture came up A LOT bigger than I had intended, sorry folks

    • Where is the bomber from? I need it.

      • Emmie

        Topshop! I wear it with *~everything~* I got it at the beginning of the year in the sale, but the must have something similar someplace. It’s the bomb-diggidy

        • Leandra Medine

          i have this skirt tooooooo. really like how you paired it. how about ankle socks and brogues? thats usually my move!?

          • Leandra Medine

            oooo, or mid heel pumps w socks?

    • I think this would work well with black or white sneakers, maybe white Adidas Stan Smiths or black something? The bomber is doing a great job at making the outfit more casual so it would work well with laid-back shoes, such as sneakers. Or Converse maybe? (if you’re a sneakers kinda gal, that is…)

  • Dawn

    A mini skirt-layering-shenanigan for those of us who don’t want to show our legs, above the knee.

  • Send help. This is my first skirt purchase since that one time I had an A&F mini in 7th grade. Things are not going well.

    So far I’ve worn it only once – with a long sleeve black crew neck and a leather vest. This is not a drill. SOS.

  • Hannah Cole

    So true. It’s a real bummer that summer is my favourite season but my wardrobe is drab – making that dress look different every time is a real battle, and I lose mostly. Long live layers.

  • Mellissa Coulter

    Would love the red mini layered overtop a camel coloured full length tutu/sheer skirt. Paired back with a bottoned up shirt.

  • claudia

    Love the red skirt and the Chanel shoes! The 2 look is just perfect!

  • Dani Heifetz
  • Leslie Hitchcock

    I’ve been haunted by the ‘No Miniskirts After 35’ sign from the What Not To Wear intro. Do we think that still applies?

    Anxious 36-Year-Old

    • 1zz1_937

      Girl rock those gams!

      • Leandra Medine

        so much love on this thread.

    • Adardame

      No, that does not apply. Just wear it to make yourself happy and not someone else.

    • smillipede

      no!! do you

  • Natalie Ast

    LOVE how you paired it with socks & pumps. almost passes for Canadian fall weather with the turtleneck layered under the coat! xo, natalie

  • I love that skirt. All saints always have cracking pieces. And adding the socks – nice touch!! I always freeze my “twinkies” but end up wearing sandals anyway. Must try. #win

  • PAAR

    I love the first look!

  • Sophie

    How about my olive-colored corduroy mini skirt?? SOS

    • Sophie

      here it is:

      • Sophie

        P.P.S. those slingbacks are my DREAM!! my american DREAM

        • Leandra Medine

          get a vintage pair on the realreal! good prices. I wanna tell you to wear an ivory crew neck knit with this + a gold choker

          • Sophie

            perfect–THX Leandra!!

  • The Frockstar

    Hi Leandra. Please help me style this glorious skirt.

    • Leandra Medine

      blue and white striped button down + green turtleneck under!?

  • Romina C

    Love the way you style it! You are always so inspiring.

    Romina |

  • Liza Anterpriza

    It’s so cool when October is still worm. Here in Russia we are already covered in coats, scarves, but still tights and mini skirts and boots are ok.

  • Kelsey O’Donnell
  • The second look is perfect! I want to wear that!

  • smillipede

    k so… is it possible to wear a plaid mini sans schoolgirl vibes? y or n

    • Sure it is! Plaid minis are my fave in cool months layering. I’ve tried wearing a red plaid mini with a chambray shirt and black cropped-sleeve sweater, black tights and red plaid scarf. As per dressing down, you might lose the shirt and the scarf. Plaid minis with black opaque tights and good sweaters are total winners.

      • Leandra Medine

        big yes! denim jacket, white t-shirt.

  • This was very helpful! <3

    xx, Daria

  • Emma St. Laurent

    Tweed postage stamp minis from J. Crew-trying not to look like I’m on the set of Gossip Girl…

  • Adardame

    Miniskirts look so good in pictures, and then I put one on only to feel way awkward. I really like to wear something in which I could sit indian style in the grass if the moment called.

    • Leandra Medine

      i kind of know what you mean! they are one dimensional in pics

  • Adardame

    2nd thought: Dress sandals and a skirt with those leg warmers that are supposed to pair with boots?

  • Karina
    • Leandra Medine

      oooo, that’s a cool one! how about sparkly ankle socks with red shoes (brogues? loafers?), a black crew neck sweater and cravat?

  • I will certainly be stealing these outfit ideas! I just wrote a blog post on mini skirts too 🙂

    Kat | Delirium Style

  • Sofia

    Oh no! Now I want to buy that river island skirt… Thanks for nothing Leandra. (But actually and seriously thank you , you’re phenomenal in every way)

  • Dena Stern

    I am dying to figure out how to style my beloved yellow banana skirt for fall – this is how I styled it for a VERY reform Shabbat service over the summer

  • Allison Cooke

    Help me!! I bought the camel one in August and haven’t worn it yet b/c I am still struggling to style it!

  • Megan Y

    This skirt? I’m still not sure if I should do a denim skirt again, it’s been soooo long.

  • Grace C

    what do you think about short legs with a mini skirt?? 🙁

  • Arya

    I want to wear mini skirts like hell but as it’s unofficially prohibited in my country,I cant.I think I’d have to layer up under skirt (with a pant) to wear it in winter,lol.who knows maybe I’m gonna post about it too

  • Aran

    Check out the amazing clutches by Aran By Shreya to with such lovely dresses.

  • I absolutely need to try this shoes and socks thing. This is priority.

  • Megan Werther

    Hey Leandra,
    I bought this skirt on a flea market abut two years ago and still haven’t figured out how to wear it. It’s an east-European costume and very feminine, so I guess combining it with something like a button-down and knit pullover could be an option? Or should I rather go for a skintight 90’s, silver, Carrie Bradshaw kinda tanktop? Thanks so much!

  • Lydia Frugé

    ✋? Recommendations on toning down the edge of this black faux-leather mini?

  • augusta

    leandra! i have this skirt — — and have worn it consistently with white/blue button-downs and popovers, primarily from madewell. these pairs work and are great, but i’m looking for something a little more fun to mix it up and keep it fresh on top (and with shoes). thank you!!

  • Toty Toty
  • Liz

    Help! I know this skirt seems basic but I’m having problemz with fabric (faux leather) and proportions!

  • That’s looking so dam cool! I will definitely add these styles of mini skirt to my store

  • Want one asap! fashion blog

  • Thank you for justifying the snake skin-effect skirt I just bought. I can now rub this article in my boyfriend’s face.

  • phoebe

    If people are still commenting on this thread, how should I style a green mini skirt? the cut is like the red one but not leather, and a forest green colour. thanks!

  • Talia Jan

    Hey Guys ! must see 🙂

  • Nice post.. Women look better with this new Colors!!!
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  • Love these looks! But hard for me to shave in October hahaha
    I will probably add tights so I don’t have to break my no-shaving-in-Oct tradition

  • 🙂 It’s a kind of out of the box mini skirt style and i love the freshness of it!

  • Shelagh Moore

    Reading this made me feel better about my outfit today (brown leather mini skirt, fitted open knit beige sweater, white faux fur vest, metal fringe necklace, and tan short booties) and the amount of hair on my legs (which i didnt notice until it was too late to turn back).
    but really, why shave at all this month? bare legs need that little bit of a fluff buffer for the wind.

  • Addie

    Ooh, I need help styling a skirt I bought at the end of the summer. It’s a nice heavy wool so it should be the perfect fall/winter miniskirt, I just can’t decide what to wear with it.

  • Ciara

    Hey Leandra, please help! Is there ANYWHERE I can get my hands on a pair of those Chanel Slingbacks that won’t cost me $1400000 (like they currently do on eBay). I had these (basically a perfect dupe) but they didn’t fit because I’m a size 10. Anyone know where I can get these shoes? I NEED THESE SHOES 🙁