Oh Boy Podcast Episode 9
Amelia Diamond
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At the time of this scripture, I have not yet listened to the newest episode of Man Repeller’s podcast, Oh Boy, wherein Jay sits down with universally familiar (at least by the rules of this website) Amelia to have her answer a string of provocative questions.

He probably starts with, “What was it like growing up?” to which I am sure she replies, “I was baptized because I wanted to fit in.” (I’m not making that up, ask her for the details if they’re not enlisted).

The conversation might then take a turn for the psychotherapeutic after Amelia confesses that she wears cable knits without irony and only when paired with pearls and Jay asks, “But why, Amelia Diamond, cool girl from San Francisco, have you resided yourself to a life of boat shoes and lobster bibs and men with first names that sound like last names or plural nouns?

While we might not hear a reply in the form of English words, the alarming and loud thump that transpires will indicate that she’s thrown something at Jay. He’s now on the floor. She has turned the progressive conversation into a one-man-monologue, detailing a horse jump at a ranch in Florida that is interesting to exactly nobody but the narrator.

Which I guess means, save yourself the effort of listening to this podcast and just rewind to last week’s conversation with Whitney Cummings.

Update: I retract my final sentence. I listened. It’s great.


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