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Amelia Diamond
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At the time of this scripture, I have not yet listened to the newest episode of Man Repeller’s podcast, Oh Boy, wherein Jay sits down with universally familiar (at least by the rules of this website) Amelia to have her answer a string of provocative questions.

He probably starts with, “What was it like growing up?” to which I am sure she replies, “I was baptized because I wanted to fit in.” (I’m not making that up, ask her for the details if they’re not enlisted).

The conversation might then take a turn for the psychotherapeutic after Amelia confesses that she wears cable knits without irony and only when paired with pearls and Jay asks, “But why, Amelia Diamond, cool girl from San Francisco, have you resided yourself to a life of boat shoes and lobster bibs and men with first names that sound like last names or plural nouns?

While we might not hear a reply in the form of English words, the alarming and loud thump that transpires will indicate that she’s thrown something at Jay. He’s now on the floor. She has turned the progressive conversation into a one-man-monologue, detailing a horse jump at a ranch in Florida that is interesting to exactly nobody but the narrator.

Which I guess means, save yourself the effort of listening to this podcast and just rewind to last week’s conversation with Whitney Cummings.

Update: I retract my final sentence. I listened. It’s great.


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  • I’m hitting play like RIGHT NOW.
    Amelia you da best, girl. When i don’t know what to wear I’m always like #wwaw as in what would amelia wear and i always end up wearing a cute navy blazer HAHA ok you’re my fave playing now bye

    • Amelia Diamond

      Well Pamella next time I don’t know what to wear I’m going to #wwPw

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  • kelleylynn

    Yo I loved this. It’s really encouraging for me to hear about where you (and Leandra) have ended up after studying journalism. I’m currently finishing my journalism degree now (after taking several years off of school) and am realizing that being a news reporter definitely isn’t what I want, either. Just good to know it’s not a closed-off road.

    Anyway, great podcast. I was also a young girl with a dad bod who loved video games but was very bad at them.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I really believe NOTHING is a closed off road, but if you’re a writer unsure of the “path” you want to take, journalism helps build strong basics that you’ll use for the rest of your life. truly. this cheese is brought to you by a glass of wine!

  • Tricia

    #indoorchicken #jonathannuggets

  • Sara

    just throwing it out there that amelia is really gorgeous in addition to being super fashionable and a great writer. love this blog! p.s. leandra’s not too bad either ;p

    • Amelia Diamond


      • Leandra Medine


  • Katie

    Is this a jay buim interview or an amelia diamond one?? we wanna know about the interviewee not the intervieweeer!! sorry not sorry you guys

  • This was very worth staying up past my new bedtime for. Your statement about not knowing how you’ll keep writing more stories after your first month at MR reminded me of an Ina Garten interview- after she published her first cookbook, she was unsure if she would ever be able to come up with another recipients again. Now she is on her idk 10th cookbook or something right now. you guys are the barefoot contessa of the Internet. I am your Jeffery devouring each delicious piece of writing. For the record, I didn’t get into Yale so FUCK IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS. I think a chimpanzee could have applied to colleges in a more reasonable way than I did, so I feel your pain.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Being compared to Ina Garten in any way at all is just. Idk. I might cry and die of joy.

  • I only recently got into podcasts (thanks, Serial), but I have to admit that I’m not very good at keeping up with most of them — EXCEPT THIS ONE. I listen to “Oh Boy” EVERY Tuesday, and I haven’t been disappointed yet! Love every episode. Thank you, Team MR, for an interesting conversation in which I learn something new each week!

    Amelia — thanks for a great listen, and plenty of laughs, this week! <3

    • Amelia Diamond

      Madison we are so happy to HEAR THAT.

      • This podcast makes me all excited. Hence, the use of all caps… 🙂

  • Katie

    Amelia! I’m from San Francisco too! Where did you go to middle school/high school!?

    • Amelia Diamond

      St Phillip then SCHP! You??

      • Katie

        Hamlin and then Urban!

        • Amelia Diamond


  • omg Amelia you need to share some of your drawings! Do you draw horses? 😉
    It sounds like we have the same relationship with it. I’m “naturally” good at drawing but also didn’t want to go to art school. Ironically now I essentially draw all day on a Wacom tablet as a photo processor/retoucher

    I relate with just wanting to finish college and work asap. People thought I was crazy.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I can draw horses haha. Share some of yours here!!

  • Oh yeah, Jay’s interpretation of the Sopranos finale BLEW. MY. MIND.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • kline, mara r.

    ummmmm hellloooooo like half of everyone i know went to bonaventure !!!

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Arielle Shiri

    “I”m not mad, i’m just disappointed” – the worst saying to ever be said.
    also amelia, can we see a pic of your punk phase pls???

    • Amelia Diamond

      It’s hard to find really good ones but I will hunt

  • Bob Cut Mag

    Amelia, this is such a great talk! You’ve got me inspired ~
    You’re a wonderful human being.

    – Anthony!

    • Amelia Diamond

      That is such a nice thing to say Anthony Bob Cut Mag!

      • Bob Cut Mag

        Of course! Keep on doin’ you~

  • Mia

    I really enjoy listening to this podcast. Great job!

  • Jessica Amento

    Amelia, you’re amazing! I’ve always been a fan of your stories, so it was exciting to get to know you better. Especially because we have so many similarities. I grew up between Nebraska and Anaheim, spending my summers and alternate holidays with my dad. I also started a career in fashion without really knowing about it… or what that looked like exactly… And I hate getting in trouble! Lol. Anyway, thank you dearly for sharing your journey. And in the most non-Single White Female way, I hope circumstances will align for us to meet in the future! x

    • Amelia Diamond

      Hey Jessica!! Those are weird similarities but Nebraska sounds way cooler than NJ. Thank you so much and I hope so too!!

  • Liv Kilponen

    Hey guys! I fully left you a DM on Instagram like a month ago because I realised how much I would LOVE a MR podcast. I didn’t even realise you guys had Oh Boy going, and coming from a self-proclaimed podcast aficionado, it’s so great! You guys are now on my regular listening roster. Keep it up! X

  • Zyanya Cruz

    do ya’ll love each other? a lil bit?

    • Amelia Diamond

      Of course I love Jay! I literally say in the interview that I am telling him these things to manipulate him into feeling closer to me!!

  • Katherine Sargeant


  • Rachel Alexandria

    I know this is old. Hopefully you see it! But I wanted to share how much I related when you spoke about being delayed and knowing you weren’t ready for big jobs when you came to the city. I’m from NC and came to the city right after graduation, got an internship at Black Frame, Zac Posen and worked some other places but felt so behind and discouraged the entire time. Honestly at age 26 I feel like I am just now ready to intern. I recently moved back home because I felt NY wasn’t working out but I’m kind of realizing (thanks to you) that I may just be a bit delayed in finding my groove in NYC!

    • Amelia Diamond

      Hey Rachel! Sometimes you need to leave for a while in order to want to come back. Or you don’t have to move back. There’s a billion cool jobs everywhere. Also NC is super pretty so I GET IT.

  • CarlotaLMorais


  • allison fargo

    2 years late but i’ve finally listened to this and UGH this was mad reassuring. the line about filming the movie without a script is my life rn. much love.