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Six Days of Outfits, Fashion Week Edition

Leandra tickles her narcissism bone


Written in partnership with our fashion week buddies and simultaneous enablers, Cadillac

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For allowing me


Indulge my narcissism twice yearly at the end of New York Fashion Week when I get to do my favorite activity — google myself! — very thoroughly, with no remorse, without needing to explain myself and most importantly, while drinking a cappuccino in a hotel breakfast room with a bowl of granola to my left and a small cup of scrambled eggs (that taste like truffles or something!) to my right. There is also a plate with tomatoes and fruit and one pastry that looks kind of Jewish (there is jelly in the middle of it) right in front of me but that seemed irrelevant to share until just now when I shared it.

So anyway, welcome to this season’s episode of The What I Wores, now called Six Days of Outfits. If the week in dressing was a runway collection and I was scrambling to call it something in order to convey its cohesiveness, I’d call it FernGully: The Lost Denim. Because even though I did wear jeans twice, that is a pale number in comparison to how frequently I usually wear them. Could it be that I am finally sick of denim?

Hold on.

Am I having an epiphany?

Could it be that I am trying so hard to put off the end of summer (sandals in 50-degree London, mini dresses at Synagogue) because I don’t want to return to the pants I have previously called home? Have sequins and surf pants and cotton twill tops that create the illusion that I don’t have fingertips finally eclipsed ripped denim as the wears of a casual dresser? Because there I am, in Exhibit A, wearing a Peter Pilotto dress that is arguably formal but paired with a striped shirt fastened around my waist. Let’s skip Exhibit B for a second and consider the jumpsuit of C. It’s a one stop shop — a single sartorial sentence that says the same thing every time you wear it. Then there is the knit set of option D. Pajamas disguised as day wear and per that starry dress (it is Magda Butrym, by the way!), that’s practically Exhibit A revisited but with America (pre-Marc Jacobs!) more literally on the mind.

Anyway, I’ll shut up. I can see how this prose might be distracting from what’s important here, which is ultimately what I wore and why I wore it and how I wore it so follow the black cursor-laden road to the slideshow where credits and comments flow like salmon in Norwegian waters.

Speaking of which, update: The Jewish pastry was weird. I am now eating a piece of braided dough with raisins sprinkled throughout.


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  • V

    Oh Leandra, I LIVE for these! One thing though, why don’t you ever do an International Edition of what you where to LFW and PFW? I love seeing those outfit details too! Particularly, I am obsessing over EVERYTHING that is happening here, so far:

    • amalieilund

      I second this!!

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    • Hudson Berry

      Oo0o0o0oo this outfit !!!!!

    • Especially London! Would love to see what you wear here!

  • Ellen

    Love the Catherine Baba review, I also find her fascinating and terribly old world glamorous!

  • Wriggles

    That Magda Butrym slays me. It’s perfection.

    Speaking of FernGully: Feel like Magi Lune could be Early Leandra’s spirit animal…

  • Allie Fasanella

    gloria steinam look is actually my fave. that marni top and your t swifty dress are on point. and as always, everything by rosie is delicious

  • erin

    i LOVE the gloria steinem look! i also love my pants the way the military loves haircuts.

  • Ayşe Betül Tekeli

    I like Rosie Assoulin designs and that suits you perfectly

  • when I saw that rosie boiler suit get up on the street style (or best dressed list or whatever) I thought I had DIED and GONE TO HEAVEN!!!!

    Final look is my fave. All love for these posts.

  • Lou

    Yes! Would love this!

  • Hedgesauce

    where’s that necklace from on the 7th slide??

    • Leandra Medine

      Tassels? It’s Aurelie Bidermann!

      • Danica Zivkovic

        where is the white lace skirt with zip detailing from? I’m sure I saw it somewhere online, but can’t remember now??

  • BK

    Love how dedicated you are to the Il Sandalos. I wanted them but had already blown the frivolity section of my monthly budget on beads (shut up, I’m DIY-ing an Olympia Le Tan clutch) so I got these ASOS imposters instead

  • Guest

    What a perfect white tee! Where is it from?!

    • Leandra Medine

      This company based out of the UK called Rebel and Crown!

  • Lua Jane

    It’s all fine and dandy, but I’d just wear that Rosie Assoulin boiler suit all day every day, with different footwear and arm party. It’s the sartorial equivalent of the bread. Necessary. Also Marni top and Rosie shorts in the last look are delicious. Like french orange marmalade and butter on a very crispy bread. Now I go eat so I can stop comparing clothes to food.

  • I’m in love with that star dress! xo

  • Susan

    Again You add a new dimension to my world! Trank You so much for inspiration and encouragement! Ps: LOVE the orange boardshorts – just for case the You don’t like them anymore….

  • Hannah Finnigan-Walsh

    I need one income for regular life and one add-to-cart income

  • su

    This is BRLLIANT! And to tell You again and again: YOU ADDED A NEW DIMENSION TO MY (FASHION)-COSMOS! Thanks for inspiration and encouragement! su
    Ps: I love the orange boardshorts….just in case You don’t like them anymore.

    • su

      …better twice than never…..???

  • Brett

    laughing at the reference but definitely getting clockwork orange vibes. loving the pilotto dress and everything rosie. keep it up, ya?

  • pASHionateLEY

    Miu Miu set looking so good. Fantastic!

  • thebalancingunicorn

    that last outfit killed me and took me to heaven

  • Sarah

    Love and just so much pinteresting happening.. which for me is basically 15.74 times better than a like.. maybe equivalent to that of 53.9 double taps! Hearts a flying!

  • That boiler suit is absolutely gorgeous! omg. And you’re wearing makeup! 🙂

  • So inspired from your outfits that felt again on your trap, to draw you! What do you think Leandra?