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Stacy London
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This week’s episode of Oh Boy is a little different: it’s the extended version of The Chatroom featuring Stacy London, all for your ears’ listening pleasure.

A former Vogue editor, television veteran (What Not to Wear), author of The Truth About Style and boob tape extraordinaire, this over-achieving 20th century philosophy double major will delight your brain as she talks about the psychology of fashion, dating in New York and being single in New York, the latter of which brings up a really interesting point: there’s a James Bond, sure, but what about a Jane Bond?

Plug your in headphones, hit play, pretend you’re working and enjoy the freakin’ weekend, 007s.

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Feature Photograph by Tom Newton via Into the Gloss.


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  • ultracookie

    This was one of the most intelligent conversations I have heard on a podcast…or really anywhere. I felt smarter and more validated just listening to it, plus I can’t even deal with Stacy’s jumpsuit. Loved every inch of this and love every inch of you ladies.

  • Merillionaire

    Stacy speaks with such elevated diction in this episode…it’s really a delight for the language nerds out there.

  • Patrick Henderson

    I love the dialogue about fashion the team at Man Repeller put forward for us to read, watch and listen to. I look forward to reading your content each and every day. It’s so smart, so funny and just so damn true. Please never stop. You’ve inspired me to write more myself.

  • Putting Stacy’s book on hold at the library right now!

  • Anna

    i love this! there’s so much here to think about and comment on.

    i think marriage as a set of rules that people say yes to is out-dated. it’s an agreement between two people – why can’t they just decide what works for them and promise each other that?! it doesn’t have to be “live together, only have sex with each other, make babies and pretend you love it”. you could commit to something with a completely different set of rules.

    loved all the stuff about authenticity and personal style.

  • Sarah

    enjoyed that podcast a tremendous amount. Thank you!

  • Sarah Shoemaker

    After listening to this, all I want is to see Stacy in her own MR photo spread in her most favorite, more repellent outfits! Pleases please please?