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Video: Watch Leandra Ask People in the Park About Perfection

As they bolted to class with packs aboard their backs she asked, “What does perfect mean to you?”


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We’ve done a Round Table on perfection before — what it means, whether or not it’s attainable, whether it’s good or bad. The whole thing ended up clocking in around 2.5k words once edited down from its original 5k, which is a lot of thought on a single word. It says a great deal about how loaded it is.

To strive for perfection can be the momentum needed to push us forward. It can drive us to be better people, workers, head-standers, friends. It can also be harmful — if nothing or no one is every actually perfect, then how can the perfectionists within us ever feel satisfied? In two seconds that word can make a sane person go crazy.

But at its core, I think the word has value. Perfect is a reality to the individual; perfect is personal. It’s yours alone to hold. Consider your idea of the perfect day, the perfect meal, the perfect sunset, the perfect jeans. You may consider the ones you love to be perfect — noting their flaws and all. In fact, because it’s so individual, each definition flexible and dependent upon the moment and human at hand, we thought we’d take it to the streets and ask what perfect means to you. 

Enjoy the video, then give us your definition down in the comments below.

Shout out once again to the students we probably made late to class, and good on you guys for actually making a 12:30 p.m. class on such a sunny day.

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  • Jul Mara

    To your tweet (#ImPerfect = I’m perfect or imperfect): it makes me think both and I think that’s the point

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  • Annie Levinson

    I wasn’t late to class!!! I made it just in time (but actually ended up dropping the class the next week, so I guess I was rushing for no reason)

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Rachel

    Love the play on words and have always been a big fan of this brand. They dropped off for awhile but glad to see they’re back.

  • perfection is imperfection!

  • Ephram

    That man is perfect. How do I meet him?

  • Perfect is a scary word until your definition of it allows for flaws, grey areas, uncertainty, ambiguity. This freedom and feeling of contentment is what I call perfect and welcomes a lot of perfection in life.

  • Peta trendall

    Perfect schmerfect. Viva la imperfeccion!

  • Everything is relative, nothing is absolute, therefore being perfect is so relative as the absolute truth everyone holds inside, which is hard/easy to be shared.

  • Allie Fasanella

    when she’s comes out from behind the tree at the end >>>

    dude love this

  • Lutz Oppermann

    perfection is nonsense – but without perfection life would be dry – I’m fine, you’re fine …

  • Dawn

    Perfect is doing one’s best and being just enough. Leandra, you are so entertaining and just gotta say it, so darn cute in this forum.

  • Man !
    Leandra, I think (as everyone else suuuurely does) that you were definitely meant to do this !!
    So good ! Bravo !

  • Yes, beautiful man. I. Am. Listening. I see what you did there, Leandra.

    Also, I’d say perfection is defined as the last seven seconds of this video.

  • This Kyle Mooney x Fashion is almost too good to handle.

  • I don’t think I could ever use #ImPerfect in reference to myself. I love flaws, asymmetry, askewness. I don’t know, saying #ImPerfect seems kind of self-obsessed. Maybe #Flawsome? Probably can’t bring myself to use that one either.

  • Good subject to explore BUT I stopped reading upon the second paragraph because I disagree with the assumption: “to strive for perfection…CAN drive us to become better people, workers…” So what makes perfection? And why is it necessarily BETTER? I thought that’s what this article is going to discuss not already concluded.

  • side topic: I really love Leandra’s top, where is it from?

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  • Laura Beth

    Leandra, you are such a good enunciater. I am from the South, so your videos are really inspiring. I want to talk like you.

  • Mabel Tripp

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